Things we NEED in the new EDITOR

1: An easier method of positioning where our custom abilities are located in the “spellbook ui” in game. Not everyone is a CNC programmer that is familiar with X and Y.

2: A function that remembers where a unit was at the start of the game, so we can do respawn triggers and have packs spawn in the same location as opposed to where they died.

3: An easier method to to add lets say +100 healing to holy light on items (to manipulate the power of hero abilities with items).

4: If you want to take RPG maps to another level, add elemental damage types, but I can live without that. The other 3 are a must imo.


i suggested something similar to the first suggestion a while ago. as for number 2: you can save a unit`s position i believe and the recall it later through a trigger. i have no comments on the other 2,

More things to improve the potential of World Editor is welcome! <3


I can get 150% behind any and all things added to the world editor. I hope they put the best people on this.


I would like to see the ability for added textures to a model. I mentioned this before with different grunts but it’s from something I pulled off years ago.

So there are three different colored dragonspawn in the game before. A blue, green, and purple. Now what if I wanted to make a map that also had red, bronze and black ones? I was able to do that but in order to I needed to extract the model from the game files, modify the texture path and import into the map. Anyone get what I’m trying to say?

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  1. Y is 0-2, X is 0-3.
  2. Unit of type enters region -> set variable to that location -> turn off trigger
  3. Unit acquires item of type -> add 100 variable and set unit target of spell of type +100 to units current hp
  4. Armor types and damage types in game constants. Rename them, adjust values.

I’ll test these things, but it would take much much longer to customize 50 abilities with those methods.

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I’d like armor types to be able to be changed through spell abilities.

If I wanted to make a ‘Stone armor’ spell that gives a unit Fortified armor type, I would need to do a unit swap. I’d like this to be opened up so that we can swap it.

Also for custom maps, let us create our own armor type values, with room for resistance/weakness to new variables. Like one custom armor type might be ‘Massive’ and you take more damage from ‘Giantslaying’. It works just like elemental resistances that you can custom design. This would open up a lot more complexity.

Also, is there anything in the editor that is similar to ‘Unstoppable’ in Heroes? Immunity to CC and Slows, but not a blanket ‘Spell resist’


Would have to make the spells resistible all triggers with a variable check.

But we already have all of these into the current editor.

  1. I don’t really understand what you mean by that, but x is from 0 to 3 and Y is from 0 to 2. 0:0 is top left, 3:2 is bottom right. It’s not that difficult.
  2. You can either group up all units on the map and remember their location during map initialization (or after 0,00 seconds game time), either you can save it only for the units that you want by making sub-regions, or by manually choosing them.
  3. Easiest way I can think of right now is to make a trigger “A unit starts casting an ability” (or whichever even you like), condition “ability being cast equal to holy light” and actions: Loop trough the unit’s inventory and if it has the said item, heal the target for additional 100 HP (increase their current HP by 100).
    I don’t really remember if there was a boolean that checks if a unit has a specific item, without looping trough their inventory. Think there was such, but I was forced to manually loop to also check the positioning of the said item…
  4. You can now use the now native Generic Unit event “A unit takes damage” (although you need to write it in Jass, as GUI doens’t support it yet), and check the type of the damage via the new function. I don’t remember if there was a function to check unit’s armor type, but I suppose you can manually save the armor type of each unit in a variable/hashtable. Or you can use some other flags instead (f. ex make all night elves water, all orcs fire, all humans lightning, all undead earth, and all the rest air, and just check their race instead). And when you get both the damage and armor type, adjust the damage dealt accordingly, using the new native BlzSetEventDamage()

All of your suggestions are too minor and already easily doable.


They are? including elemental damages? how?

I’d also like F11 have the possibility of listing dooads with double-click for immediate zoom to the selected one.

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Not the Elemental damages, but that one is the only valid request you can make. as they are already in the editor if you paid close attention when choosing damage type in a trigger. but they don’t do anything.


and my dude, please spend more time with the editor before commenting. no offenses.

anyway, press F11 to see everything in your map. or just click on the object manager icon, displayed by a grey box.

idk about the beta editor but current one in classic works like this.

The lua and jass api. All functions and variables avaiable for use in the world editor. Actually, the entire warcraft 3 api that is avaiable for use, network, ui, scripts, etc…

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You know what the problem is, o genie who should get back in the lamp?

the F11 box does NOT allow for double click and selection in the map. So you have a list of what’s there, but have still to find it manually.

X and Y is pretty simple. I don’t know why you would need another interface on that. I personally love all the information of a unit/ability/item on one screen in the world editor instead of ten like starcraft’s.

More customization for both items and abilities would be welcome though. I know a lot of people say to just use triggers, but if i want to, for example, make an Unholy Armor spell in the style of WC 1 and 2 for a mod, I would love to simply export the ability, rather than hassle with triggers between each and every map I want the spell in. So any more customability to both items and spells would be welcomed.

I like the elemental damage idea. While perhaps not directly implemented as ‘fire’, ‘water’, ect., perhaps just a system to create new types of attacks and armor. It sounds pretty simple, honesty, just have a screen with each attack and defense type, what they have bonuses to and what they have weaknesses to, then tooltip data, an image, and any other minor details you could add on top of it.

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Lol what? so you’re literally soo lazy you don’t even want to look around on your own map that has things placed on it and would rather have resources be spent on making something like that?

shoot me.

-Need any and all of the ‘if keyboard button pressed’ events like sc2 trigger Editor.

-Need the camera locking to cursor option and hiding ui options, also like sc2 trigger editor.

-Fix the server lag with the Wait actions so we can do third person wsad movement properly and easily for custom multiplayer games.

-Some sort of integrated model / skin editor would be great, thought i saw this mentioned back in december.

-Would also be great if some animation swapping utility was incorporated. I know i’m gonna want to alpha out a footman’s weapons and replace it with a two-hand sword; it would be nice if i could give him a blademaster’s or paladin’ animation set quickly and easily. I swear somebody made a utility like this for wc3 back in the day.

wait, can’t you just modify the ability?

it’s a basic feature FFS - list + click/zoom. When you have 9000 trees and have to look for the one that isn’t in the same style that’s when the zoom gets handy. Fool. The fact the menu is there makes this flaw more evident.

EDIT: after all, you CAN zoom on critters/units/buildings. It doesn’t make sense you can’t zoom on Dooads.