Things we NEED in the new EDITOR


1: An easier method of positioning where our custom abilities are located in the “spellbook ui” in game. Not everyone is a CNC programmer that is familiar with X and Y.

2: A function that remembers where a unit was at the start of the game, so we can do respawn triggers and have packs spawn in the same location as opposed to where they died.

3: An easier method to to add lets say +100 healing to holy light on items (to manipulate the power of hero abilities with items).

4: If you want to take RPG maps to another level, add elemental damage types, but I can live without that. The other 3 are a must imo.


i suggested something similar to the first suggestion a while ago. as for number 2: you can save a unit`s position i believe and the recall it later through a trigger. i have no comments on the other 2,