The real reason why people on these forums can't stop complaining

And in WHAT ways exactly? Cause honestly aside from few small tweaks that were made later on in WoW, Warcraft III’s storyline has stayed 99% EXACTLY the same over these years…so no its NOT outdated in that aspect when it comes to WoW’s retcons. The one major thing that Reforged team ofc mostly focused on was how some of the locations in WoW looked compared to WC3…but in terms of actual story and characters, its not really outdated, but again feel free to prove me wrong…

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And look the result. Nobody like this situation. Why I buy reforged if is only a reskin that didn’t even give me something and instead in ladder gaming give me more problem.

And even if the great change are not put it you don’t have the same campaign of Classic. You still have something of WoW.


Sometimes. Warcraft fans like Warcraft things.

Aspects of Warcraft 3 were retconned as early as 2004.

Got a source on that statistic?


Warcraft III story is a bit outdated cause it misses many details from the novels. The fact that Kel’tuzad was once a part of Kirin-tor (Dalaran) and that’s the reason how he helped Arthas take over the magic city. In Warcraft III Kel’tuzad mentioned that Arthas was chosen one far before the Scourge even exsist (Which totally a lie,he did not knew who would pick up his sword).The fact that Kael’s father was killed by Arthas in the middle of Frozen lake next to Silvermoon.How did Sylvanas returned her body.The fact that Arthas almost loses the battle against Uther,but Ner’zul saves him by giving him more power.When a piece of ice “killed” Muradin,Arthas completely forgot about the blade and ran to him,begging the Light for Mercy to heal and save his old friend.But when he sees Frostmourne - he no longer cares about the light or Muradin - he thinks that Muradin itself was a prise he paid for this Blade. When Arthas Atacking Mal’ganis - there’s a short fight between them. At Stratholme - Many people starts atacking Arthas for revenge. At Dalaran - Jaina was with Antonidas when Death Knight Arrived

There’s a small part of what’s missing


Well got source that would prove otherwise? Honestly we are talking about two ENTIRELY different game genres here…and RTS games in particular are something that many people just have no interest whatsoever in. To me the fact that there are so many WoW players out there who never had any idea about Warcraft RTS games is proof enough that the interest among WoW players towards Warcraft III: Reforged is just not there…

But ye of the millions of people who played WoW, millions likely never cared about the story/lore in the first place, they played the game for entirely other reasons…and from those who did care, how many do you think ever played the RTS games or would even care to play them…

I say its quite safe to assume that most WoW players who care about the story, just want to experience it through MMO game and do not care at all about RTS gameplay.

Lemme plug in my new post for this one

I should add these ones

Is this in WC3 manual or post-WC3 novels? Either way, can we expect some new dialogue if this gets reforged (or retconned)?

Like you said “small” part, and thats all about the fine little details that the books added in, not something that would have changed the story vastly in one way or another. Overall you are just nitpicking about details that would be missing, that doesnt remove the fact that the story is still and has always remained 99% of the same and WoW nor the books never retconned Warcraft III the way the first two games were retconned, cause those games were really missing on lot of the fine little details and they were still building the lore/story.

So ye NONE of the things you mentioned really changed the outcome of the story, its just small bits that you mainly took from Christie Golden’s book that dont really matter in the grand scheme of things…yes I can understand if you say that they would add even more to the story/characters, but I honestly dont think any of them are the kind of things that need to be changed or added in.

Especially when it comes to Ner’zhul choosing Arthas as his champion, I personally like the idea that Ner’zhul was this very powerful being as Lich King who could plan his escape for years and even able to see into the future somewhat.

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In the official canon novel “Rise of the Lich King” - There was a LOT extended dialogues which closes a lot of plot holes and helps us to understand the characters better. The Dialogue between Antonidas and Jaina before the Antonidas was Killed. The Dialogue between Kael and Jaina when Kael express how he feels and what he thinks about the scourge,how he’s seeking for vengence. Jaina and Uther talking about why Uther not only didn’t help Arthas - But also did nothing to stop him from carnage and many other cool Dialogues


Still - They’re helping to understand the characters.They didn’t change the whole story but they’re making it deep and emotional,so why not just add it? That wouldn’t change the whole plot - the story will be the same,but these details will be a great character development and Bridge to modern canon

Well again while Reforged team claims that it was because fans did not want new voice acting to replace original (because new added scenes would have required new voice acting ofc and as result the whole game would have been require to be re-acted), I think the real reason is simply budget/time restrictions reasons…

But like said to your original comment that its so “outdated”, let me remind you that books in most franchises are just supposed to work as additional lore expansions, not something that would get added in to the game’s/movies lore necessarily…

And in this case all your updates would have basicly come from one single novel, so it doesnt really set the case here that Warcraft III’s story and lore would be “oudated”.

And again here we come to the debate again what people wanted Reforged to be. Many people just wanted it to be fateful visual remaster to the original, while other ppl wanted bigger addons/changes to the campaign and basicly wanted a remake rather than remaster.

Unfortunately for you Reforged is going to be more of remaster and there is nothing now that is going to change that.

I’m not asking for a big changes - It’s not so hard to change the voice over and put some extended dialogues in the game - Even Russian localization of this game has absolutely new VO made from scratch with some WoW voices z

No because I definitely don’t have a source for active players for an unreleased game that also have a World of Warcraft game key attached to their account.

Ye I understand that…but while re-recoding voice lines might not have been big of a deal, adding in cutscenes however is entirely different matter…so when they decided to scrap the entirely remade ingame cutscenes, I think that decision was also then linked into decision of scrapping all the possible extra scenes and as result they also scrapped the redone English voice acting as it was not really needed anymore with the scrapping of the extra cutscene bits.

Thats how Im seeing it anyway. Anyhow its not something that is gonna change anymore, as far as story goes, you are gonna get more or less 100% exact same experience as with original WC3, although addition of Anasterian Sunstrider as killable character in Silvermoon map might slightly please you. His character model is already confirmed to be in the game, so while he might not have much written dialogue or any extra cutscene involving him, atleast he will be there when Arthas goes to resurrect Kel’thuzad and likely the Silvermoon map will reflect quite well the current lore as well.

I’m not hating, I never played wow, and I know nothing about the storyline for wow or wc3. I bought the game for 1x1 multiplayer.
My argument was why they probably scrapped the additional content and the toxicity of the few who continue to insult others for simply asking for what was originally advertised.

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iqra Nobody is insulting anyone for “simply asking”, they’re insulting them for spending 6 weeks posting the same rants nearly 200 times, attempting to flood the board with narratives that only 5 or 6 people are talking about, in some attempt to “trick” Blizzard into thinking it’s a bigger issue than it really is.

You can ask about these things… but when someone look at a posters history, and 175 of their posts are repetitive spam of the exact same comment. That’s no longer “simply asking” is it?

Then you have the dog pilers who bolster this spam, despite the fact it’s been noted like 600 times already… as if anyone is missing the DAILY rants of 30 or so posts about these issues. lol…


If you look at every other WC3 discussion board and at reddit, it’s completely different than what’s happening here.

There are people who are that petty.

Even pro player s3xytime was on here spamming the boards every day with his proposal for balance changes. His accounts kept getting banned daily though since he kept trolling blizz employees in his threads. This went on for months.

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Yea… good job kid… Maybe you should watch Jack Nicholson Batman and say… “oh well… i wish it had more special effects, similar to DKR”

I am fine with game as it is… nor perfect surely, but much closer to it than WoW trash is…

I agree with you.

I think everyone who genuinely cares about the game cares… The very same people that kept the community alive. We don’t need you, and don’t buy it if you don’t like it. You ain’t getting sh*t from WoW implemented into wc3.

Still doesn’t make it good or logical :slight_smile:

The fact they listened to community is my source.

This is the only part that i am not ok with… Since it the books is stated that Arthas tried to use power of the light one last time to save and revive Muradin, and he almost did it, but meanwhile the blade fell in front of him and started to whisper him and taunted him away from Muradin.

So for the credibility of the story it would be best that Muradin is actually dead and a first victim of the Frostmourne (along with Arthases soul), since if he was only wounded, it would make no sense for Paladin to make that kind of mistake and try to revive him.

Anyone who cares about the lore did play wc3, I guarantee you that. I have a lot of brain damaged friends who explained it to me from their point of view, not even them are into butchering main characters for loot.

Then they can buy Shadowlands and knock themselves up all they like. This is an RTS game and will remain to be so. If they do not care about RTS, they have no place among us here.
When i wanna talk about MMORPG, i go to WoW site and i comment…
I do not go to CS:GO forums and talk crap to people that actually care about CS:GO.

Either you’re in, or you’re not… You don’t get to vote into wc3 while you try to convert it into MMORPG

I never said i don’t wanna see new campaign added… God knows i do… But i do not want it as it is in WoW as i consider it an insult to peoples intelligence.
Most of us will be more than fine with them adding more missions, campaigns and everything, as long as it is 180 degrees away from what happened in World of Trashcraft.

My friend… Trust me, most of us original wc3 fans are cool with it, more than we are with ruining lore.

You will have that, you will have option to choose new voices (from WoW universe) to listen… But you will also have option to keep old ones.
(At least i think they didn’t cancel that, if they did and i failed to notice, my apologies).

Lets be honest. Whoever really cared about the lore and wc3 in any way, will buy the game and be highly appreciative as long as we finally get a cinematic we have been expecting for decades now.

Arthas vs. Illidan.

It’s on b*tch… it’s on!

Can’t wait to witness 2019 CGI coming into play in one of most important battles in wc3 universe!

If you like the lack of comunication good for you. I still play reforged and wait for campaign, custom and the rest. For now is a simple Reskin of the model. If is only this good for me. If we get something new, better. If this project gonna sink, perfect.

In every situation I still like the outcome.


How do i not care about communication exactly? I would highly appreciate if you can clarify that and argument where exactly did you take that from, since i preety much reply any comment which is not complete nonsense.