Thank You Very Much For Testing the PTR With Us

Yeah NE lategame and POTM rework for next patch plz blizzard. I think I like what they did with mirrorimage now immolation need some love.

nerf the keeper - its a joke

Well it’s always been 400 ping vs Euro for as long as I can remember, while 200 vs. US. It became a lottery ticket of vsing 70% Euros at night which was high loss rate, but since the ping’s dropped, it’s becoming a stomp. The pings became 200 vs. Euros recently for me so they fixed something whether they knew it or not lol.

One thing we have noticed last night was that after a couple of ppl dropping, our ping changed, the EU for the worse and the US for the better. Is it probably that the routing changes dinamically if ppl leave game from different zones?

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It shouldn’t be like that otherwise my pings would be going up and down regardless time of day and nationality, but it seems to remain at consistent 180-200 ping despite players logging off or on during certain times of the days.

Also to answer the 144 fps, it’s what makes the game look new. Stutter stepping, microing alot more easier, and obviously beautiful smooth game-play. Try to imagine the current up-to-date games of how smooth it is and apply it to WC 3 fighting animations. Also to those that invest in their PC’s, it does allow you to see 30-40 frame-rates ahead of your opponents and giving you the ability to act on it if you got the reflex and keen eye for it. Finally, be sure to follow it up with new mouse or keyboard, or take really good care of your current ones.

However there’s a few things at play to achieve such a 144 fps state:

  1. The game and its graphics need to be coded to actually be 144 fps.
  2. The configurations and hardware of your PC must not be able to bottle-neck it, so above average or good GPU, memory and processors required.
  3. You need a monitor that can show 144 fps and have a 144 hz monitor with Gsync. Vsyncs usually default with most monitors.
  4. good Internet/good ping!!! This one’s obvious.

These 4 things bottle-neck each other if you’re playing any game so it’s important to know what’s going on when updating your PC. For example, imagine spending $1400 on a PC and you got an average monitor? Hell internet’s can be the worse as that’s out of your control. They do detract skill and quality.

I’d like to believe upgrading the animation on WC 3 Reforged fps requires a bit of work, but it shouldn’t be too hard nor company level expensive. The pay-out would be huge! It’d be an art form within an art form. Surely they could speed up the frame-rates on each animation to make it move faster without increasing the speed on the unit, so it looks so smooth, no-one would notice the choppiness. If it doesn’t work like that, maybe copy and paste the unit’s frame by frames lol.

I had a recent experience where I got top tier GPU, intel processors and motherboard, but my monitor broke, so I had to borrow a lesser older monitor. Let me put it this way, I couldn’t micro properly and went on a losing streak. The deceptive thing about that is, it makes it feel like it’s you that’s lacking in skill, it makes it feel like you literally can’t do more and that’s how it “normally” is- however I knew that wasn’t the case and was aware of it. Recently I got the LG 27 inch Ultra Gear monitor, and now I can use 5 hotkeys instantly in battle, taking revenge stomps on players that smacked me around, going on winning-express, micro much more while the game-play feels smoother. This applies to Heroes of the Storm especially. It’s a world of a difference. So because my theory’s correct, this then connects to another theory. If I can get 20-100 ping and after some practice with low ping, I’d be able to rival top tier players easy. :d

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Goblin Tinker?

Not to crash your expectations… but did you clearly understand how the following things work?
1 Network connections. (partially in your power to change it, but depending on your zone/service/routing)
2 Game commands latency. (Original WC3 was limited to 4 actions per second on non-lan/single player games)
3 Interval calls to the render engine. (Hardcoded, you can’t change it)
4 Peripheral IO. (Just buy a better mouse or keyboard, the usb port is the same)
5 Monitor “frequency”. (60 is more than enough, the famous 120 was implemented for stereoscopic vision, it actually alternated 2 different 60 frames flows)
6 Human eye. (average frequency in average area of 27 frames per second unless you are an owl or something like that^^)
Because I see a mass of mixed things in your post that lead to you spending a lot of money in things you most probably don’t need to be good^^
So, if the games goes on 10 fps and you got a 200 ping and can’t give 6-7 commands at the same time on a clutched monitor it’s ok, but for WC3 that used to play perfectly smoothly on a 1280x1024 monitor with a P3, 1gb of ram and 128mb graphic card (that was already a lot back then) it’s a waste of money to spend $1400 just for speeding up the menu.
My suggestion is to invest on connection as much as you are allowed and maybe buy a more precise mouse.
(Other games can be different obviously, a proper flight simulator or a massive FPS would require more resources just for rendering in a standard way…)

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Man I’m not even sure where you’re going with this? Half the things you say is jargon to me, so unless I’ve broken logic and somehow my own personal skills broken through whatever limitations that I had overnight, which is not the case since it was bottle-necked by crappy configurations/monitor. My point is, I knew I had the potential and felt trapped, yet I couldn’t do anything about it. Once I upgraded my configurations, I was able to do things that was impossible for me then when I had the older settings/configurations. It’s that simple.

When I say buy a better keyboard or mouse, I meant a brand new one, or take care of the current ones. Old Key boards and mouse in deteriorated conditions are a cause of low-key slow/poor responses in gameplays, not USB ports.

Are you kidding me? There’s legit you-tube videos of comparison’s between 60, 120 and 144 fps. You can see a difference, and the smoother it is, the easier it is to see ahead which aligns with the game-play and quality. If you also play it on low FPS, you can legit see and feel a world of a difference. I’m literally on Heroes of the Storm right now going between 60 fps and 144, and I can see a subtle difference. 144 fps looks smoother and “real” while 60 fps looks almost normal but choppy-smooth. It even FEELS weird moving around and casting abilities with low fps. So why is it that the player-base is calling out on the poor fps and being tortured with 30 fps on Reforged? We want the movements to be as smooth as possible in this day and age at least. Everyone can see the slight choppy movements on the units. If they can fix that, the game will feel and look more modern, and I think it might naturally take game-play to the next level as well.

I like how he says “players with 144 hertz monitors tend to have higher win-rates” as that correlation is true, as I’m seeing it slowly unravel for me before my eyes. :wink:

Here, you can legit SEE the difference. Maybe your eyes are just slow.

Well there’s no other way to prove it to you. I literally brought the monitor 2 days ago and if I can show you some of the replays between the old monitor and the new, you’ll see a major change in my game-play and the way I do things. My win rate sky-rocketed to being almost unbeatable since I got the new monitor. The only thing that holds me back is vsing good players that know what they’re doing while having the advantage of having insane low ping down their end (Koreans) vs. my 200 ping. The final barrier for me is 200 ping latency servers, which is down Blizzard’s end, that’s it.

Well you should try to decrypt the jargon first maybe^^
Beside that, is the fps the only difference between the two monitors?
What about resolution and response time?
As for the mouse and the keyboard there is also a huge difference in how many different keys and buttons you can click at the same time.
You cannot see the difference from youtube videos after the compression. You have to actually look at the monitor itself.
If you have 200 ping forget about it. You are on the edge of unplayability. In 2003 any ping below 100 was acceptable. Of course competitive games had a ping of around 10, which was impossible to reach for 90% of players, especially in technologically underdeveloped countries. This year before reforged I had a ping of 10-15 more or less, depending on the host. Now it is never less than 25.
Around 170-200 cross zone.

Anyway, since you like slow motion, I’m not even going to explain how the human eye creates the interleave between 2 frames and why in some very particular situation having a better frame rate can improve the perception of the movement.
But I can leave you with this so maybe you try to upgrade your hardware even more^^
https ://

If your winning rate skyrocket with a better fps monitor still having a ping of 200 it means that the whole world gaming community got it wrong since beginning^^
It’s true, there is always something new to learn^^

What do you mean if I got 200 ping that I’m on the edge of unplayability? Are you saying that I shouldn’t be able to win or that it shouldn’t be possible to micro? In my matches I can hit around 230 apm on average. I got the replays to back up my wins.

lol? I’m IN the gaming community and Ping is the biggest obstacle yet. What I’m trying to say is, people can increase their chances of winning if they have the skills and potential by getting the right gear. It’s like upgrading cars and tuning it just so you can get that 2.07 seconds at the finish-line. If I’m on a winning-spree with 200 ping, that just means I’ll break my 65% win-rate plateau and get stuck around the 75% plateau where ping levels matter even more. All I’ve done is hit a higher plateau. The reason why I broke the 65% plateau was getting a new monitor that allows my skills and reflexes to align even more with the game as close as possible. If I was to have 20-100 ping, my win-rate should sky-rocket even more and break that 75% win-rate plateau and so on.

Edit: Oh just to clarify, it’s obvious the 144fps hasn’t made Reforged FPS smoother, but it’s made micro, casting Tri-nukes and everything else easier along with faster responses etc. It also allows me to either see slightly ahead of my opponents in a fight or react much faster/accordingly as well. There’s hidden benefits that goes beyond the eye candy as well :d

1: you can hit 230 apm (are they single actions or double-triple clicks?) and with that you are fine since probably the game itself still doesn’t allow more than 4 actions per second on bnet.
2: Ye we both know that the ping is the main obstacle, just consider that probably your adversaries have ping that are worse than yours.
3: You upgrade your car with better mirrors, it gives you 2(±0.5) seconds less on a 10km track. Fine. You upgrade your car with better engine (connection), it gives you 100(±5) seconds less on the same track. Do you understand the difference now of what I told you? Stop playing on bnet and go play on some network in which you get at most 30-40 pings. You can win everything there so, but just forget about bnet, it seems they don’t intend to go back to the old peer to peer connections.

Same as with dreadlord…needs follow up unit support. Solo tinker can’t completely creep the camp with no help

I asked for proof of your claim with the solo cryptlord clearing a expo on his own. You have yet to respond back but respond to others. Do you not have proof of your claims?

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balance doesnt matter as long as the mmr match make system in random 2on2 team is so terrifying. and no i dont wanna play vs at teams if my ally is beginner 2on2 plaeyr

Grubby literally did it on his stream. I tried going back through a few VODs to find exactly when but there’s a lot of hours to sort through and it’s not my job to be your crutch for ignorance. Or a crutch for your laziness. PTR hasn’t been taken down yet, go try it out for yourself.

your whole post reeks of being defensive, I countered your statement and u gave me a blank response with no proof. ok boomer go away

Go do it yourself, there’s the proof.

Well, then give the bears +2 attacks and + 40 HP. the next units are archers + 20 HP and + 10 movement speeds
dryads + 50 HP
The next unit is Glaive Thrower I believe that they are very much cut they are not particularly used except in the mirror and it depends on the cards so give ti buff + 50 HP raise the armor +1 give them speed + 50
Next, the Faerie Dragon gives them + 30 HP and attacks + 10-15
Rework Mountain giants so that they can’t be eaten by kodo before the magic class resists.
Now about heroes demon hunter is main hero, like the undead DK/Lich. Hum has am MK Pala or like the orcs warrior far seer TS, so the demon Hunter needs a small buff in the form of burning mana 60/110/160 and evading payment of 15%/25%/35% and burning mana costs of 15 and 30 mana to be able to activate it and give.

Also please make the Panda more adequate give him back the breath of fire a little more damage and on the drunk haze and misses and crit a little buff because we elves don’t take except the mirror from the heroes tavern so we either take the alchemist or the Panda basically.

Strengthening the night elves? Everyone has their favorite race. Everyone would like to strengthen their race. One could add. It should be fair. It is not such reinforcements. The elves are strong enough. This is shown by Moon, Lawliet, COLORFUL, Sonik

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He creeps the expansion with just beetles and lvl 1 CL with dagger at about 5:30ish into the video.