Thank You Very Much For Testing the PTR With Us

thank you someone with a brain who can back up claims for once, ill check it out

so i watched it sure it can be done. I wont argue that then. However I wouldnt suggest doing it with no units as the cl takes too much damage and a bm harrass can easily kill him in that state.

Speaking of main heroes, has anyone tried running Illidan and Warden combo together only? Warden has slow or aoe with good Auto Attack damage and sets it up nicely for Illidan. Warden can easily blink out after she tanks enough damage, whether they focus Illidan first or her. Imagine getting them both to 6. Those 2 have carry ults alone.

A blademaster won’t be able to harass with the pressure you can put on his main base or creeping with the units you’re not using to creep the expansion with. That’s the whole point. Glad someone was nice enough to track down the video for you though so your denial by ignorance argument doesn’t hold up anymore.

To be fair in the video grubby never used any of his RoN charges. The extra 2-4 skeletons would have allowed him to creep the camp more efficiently and keep the CL healthier.

I dont know if I would consider the CL ability to FE solo op or not as I would need to see it play out a few times at the pro level to properly evaluate it. However CL most certainly can solo creep an expo effectively and fairly safely using beetles and RoN.

Plz nerf Undead ,

Nova + Coil is Op…

This army have speed, damage, healing and mana sustain.

They should be nerfed ._.

should i start flagging all ur post i dont agree with ?
since your doing that to me

ummm lol did not do that ok champ? Pretty sure you can’t even view who flagged you so idek why you’re fake quoting something saying I flagged you. If you think I’m a sheep who follows things without proof for saying something is possible THAT I SAW BE DONE and then not care enough to track down the Twitch VOD for someone in denial, that’s your own issue. You’re seriously overestimating my investment into whoever tf you are. To me you are just some stupid kid who wanted to deny reality, someone kindly clued you in, and now you’re mad that I said, yes the thing I told you is true is in fact true, so now you gotta make a fake quote about me flagging you. I literally don’t care enough to have flagged you. As far as I’m concerned you’re allowed to call me a sheep for being right and not caring enough to prove it to some random kid. It’s such a ridiculous position to hold I’d rather it not be flagged so anyone reading this post can see what a deluded mindset you have.

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