Thank You Very Much For Testing the PTR With Us

Well, then give the bears +2 attacks and + 40 HP. the next units are archers + 20 HP and + 10 speeds
dryads + 50 HP
The next unit is Glaive Thrower I believe that they are very much cut they are not particularly used except in the mirror and it depends on the cards so give ti buff + 50 HP raise the armor +1 give them speed + 50
The magic Dragon gives them + 30 HP and attacks + 10-15
Go back to the giants so that they can’t eat kodoi before the magic class resists.
Now about heroes demon hunter this main character, like the undead DC Lich has Hum am MK Pala or like the orcs warrior far seer TS, so the demon Hunter needs a small buf in the form of burning mana 60/110/160 and evading payment of 15%/25%/35% and burning mana costs of 15 and 30 mana to be able to activate it and give. Also please make the Panda more adequate give him back the breath of fire a little more damage and on the drunk haze and misses and crit a little buff because we elves don’t take except the mirror from the heroes tavern so we either take the alchemist or the Panda basically.

Fix the lag in mutiplayer.
Fix low fps …


while i havent held back when i felt it was time to have some clear words, i certainly am happy to see this happening.

blizzard team is not qualified to work on balance. they should be fixing bugs and restoring features that have been butchered from the original


Oh yeah now that the beetle count has been changed but yet developers remain uncertain even about how it’s mechanics work, we can rest assured that the quality of this trash fire has improved.

Balance adjustment is not a high priority.
(From the perspective of blizz and War3 as a whole.)

First of all, we have to make War3:refoeged a more attractive game.


W3R has to finish first. They are still halfway there.

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Wow, they changed Pendant of Energy. That’s cool, but i think 100 is too much right off the bat. I would’ve made it 125 and Pendant of Mana 225 or 200, then go from there. For Beetles I would’ve gone for 7.5.

Still, cool. I hope they make frost wyrms more viable and buff the POTM.

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So then a balance pass patch isn’t for you. Move along until a content patch comes out.

This same line was being said since the release back in winter. You do realize that? We didn’t have a proper content patch since then.


Yeah this has been an exciting ride and the patches are astounding! I’m not sure on your side, but I now have 200 pings vs. Europeans as opposed to 380-400 ping, which gives me a huge fighting edge. I had to ask maybe 10-20 games met with some silence, but most games players tell me they’re from Europe or US, and well most of the players I vs like Germany or France gets me 200 ping now! It’s a huge change! Thanks for that! If only we can get 20-100 ping so I can take on top tier players.

Also I hope there’ll be a 144fps change down the track! The fighting would be amazing and if you can pull that off with that major overhaul, WC 3 could pass off as WC 4. It’d be epic watching micro wars and fights in that smooth game-play. :drooling_face:

Can’t wait to see this new cl! Hope Potm gets some buffs later. The fact I never see her in even 4v4 is crazy.


She’s pretty stronk though, so I’m surprised she isn’t utilized much. Her auras give insane buffs since this game relies on ranged dps, so it gets touchy with that one. She needs something to make her a viable hero in 1 vs 1 as well, like a bit of a lock-down.

Nerf khadgars pipe to match lvl 1 brillance

I meant “content patch” as a non-balance patch. But even if I use it how you are, what does that have to do with what I said to Commander? All upset about a balance pass which have happened since the game’s release. So, How does that change the meaning of balance passes are not for them; to save the vitriol for the non-balance patches?

You can’t creep the entire expansion with just the dreadlord and sleep. You need units for follow up. CL needs just himself and the beetles

I really think that NE needs some buffs with T3 units. In early game NE is pretty good maybe even too good but In late game NE has no chance agains HUM and UD.
Bears needs buff for sure as main T3 unit.
Potm as well.


Does it occur to you that the drop in pings is related to the lower general internet traffic due to the reverting of online work and the fact that there are like half of the players than 2 months ago? Around 2 AM the custom game lobby in EU server is practically dead. 2 months ago it lasted until 4AM. Same happens if you try to look for normal games.
So it’s not an improvement of servers. It’s just the lack of players and traffic…
By the way, why do you need 144 fps? oO


thats obvious, i never said i did it with no units

Proof? do you have yt of this? because 1 more beetle wont make a diff when creeping the expo, you still need units like any other hero.

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totally agree for a proportional nerf similar as for the pendant of energy.

The druid of the claws are a spell caster/heavy armor tanky unit, both attributes are effectively countered by Destroyer by design. Besides, Elf already has one of the best anti-air fire power including hippo, archer, and dyad (magic-immune against destro?)

I thought the rework of the rod of fireball, and the buff on knights with bonus damage to fiends addressed the late game of hu vs ud, which are pretty effective against fiend army and UD tri-hero combo.