Subject to Penalty Under 15 U.S. Code § 54 (False Advertisement Law)

It was shown at the demo.

It was advertised as “an in-game cutscene using the in-game engine”

That was showcased and advertised, as part of the game.

I am fully aware that CGI trailers are not equivalent to actual gameplay, obviously, but in this particular occasion the cutscenes, not the cinematics, were advertised and shown as such.

When the product was delivered, that was no longer true, it was no longer in-game and the cutscenes were no longer to the same standard this one in the demo was.

It is not my fault for having flawed expectactions on a company that gave us false promises.


You had 4 months for that. This game is not reskin just as you imagine. This is REFORGED, new wind into w3…

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You are just troll who doesn’t even have $ 30 and you argue with people who are disappointed with the purchase. Think about your behavior


Ladder is broken and the vast majority of players can’t join any games but campaign. Chat and menus are way less intuitive than before. Last but not least, the classics graphics are just not the same anymore, so it’s not the classics experience we were promised. Reforged might be cool if you desired new graphics or gimmicks like skins. In all other regards, I don’t think it can be seen as an improvement from what we had


Look, I don’t want to repeat myself again so listen carefully, that demo is from 2018, since then, the devs made a lot of changes, and openly stated they remove this cut-scene from the game, that demo is no longer up to date with the final product, there are no grounds you can sue them for that, thats what I keep telling you, what you see is what YOU GET, document yourself more before you buy something, otherwise refund the game if you are not happy with it.

No, they are still, at this very moment, advertising that there are 4h+ of completely overhauled cutscenes, which isn’t the case, along with a handful more features.

I bought something on the information I was given, which, as I received the product, proved false.

What I saw is not what I got.

It’s not what any of us got. Since you are also looking to buy the game, what you will see is not what you will get.

Point proven in the videos sent.

It is why we are upset. I wanted to like this game, I wanted to love it like I did the original.


Say for yoursefl! This is the day one Launch!
I’m getting BSOD trying to record the game, but this doesn’t make me a butthurt and trow s*** on Blizzard!
I will wait for an updates within a week, for the performance issues!

And yes, cinematics/cut-scenes deal with it!

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Mate, have you, by any chance browsed the battlenet shop warcraft 3 reforged section and at least looked 2 seconds on the page before you clicked buy?

Have you bought my brush yet?

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when you want to buy w3 reforged today


Yup, looks like someone hasn’t looked at the Warcraft 3 reforged section hard enough.

As a note on that, the voiceovers are also not in the game, while they are still advertised on the shop page.



I don’t buy from thickheads


These are all the cut-scenes from warcraft 3, as far as blizzard is concerned if all this footage is updated with the new models and shaders, they have indeed “reshot cutscenes and upated etc…”

Cawed the crow to the magpie.

Keep being disingenuous.

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please, stop discredit yourself

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I made my case, if you fail to see the reality, it’s your problem, if you can actually prove with facts that the game was falsely advertised, good job otherwise, enjoy your game, or not

It’s not my failure if you ignore what you’re shown.

I have, you’re just not checking the links people are sending on this thread.

You have taken your stance and you refuse any concession, even when it’s entirely backed by proof.



Nah just fanboys I think. Paid staff wouldnt argue I think they would just talk about features they were proud of and ask to be given time to fix buggyness.

You are wrong. false advertisement is a thing.


Guys? I still didn’t seen ANY solid cryings except that some camera angles are “ugly”, same for UI and that… somehow you don’t like the cut scenes which you expected to be “movie mini clips”.

Anything else? Am I missing something here? Anything regarding the game play WHICH is the most important part? Yes/No ?

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Regardless of its legal status, its immoral, and it is not what I have come to expect of blizzard. But maybe its time to lower my expectations for blizzard and move on to new game designers.