Stop overreacting- Wc3 Reforged is quite good

Set all graphics settings to high and get a good CPU and monitor. The units look amazing. The main menu could look better (it would be hard to beat the old one). Bit laggy at the moment. The ranking and ladder will return soon. Didn’t look at campaign because preference is multiplayer. Stop encouraging people to refund for a measly $30. That’s the price of 3 lunches. We want a lot of people to come back to Warcraft.


No, it isn’t, and I don’t give a rat’s behind how much of a fanboy you are, this game is absolute garbage.


Ladder coming soon ? That’s what they said for SC:R and there’s still no team matchmaking 3 years later :rofl:

Reforged is worth if you’re interested in the multiplayer experience (even though it’s worse than classic). If your main interest comes from the campaign oh boy you’ll be disappointed.

The terrain and trees in particular still look quite terrible compared to the unit models.


Even with anti-aliasing on and high graphics the outlines are extremely janky.


Units look god awful m8. Especially when they move. 30 fps animations in a game that runs at around 80 triggers my motion sickness.


I’m on highest and it still looks bad.

Ryzen 7 1700x


So when a company lies and blatantly false advertises the consumer should just sit there and do nothing?
Yeah no, I requested my refund, the support guy was super helpful and got myself sorted out.
I care for the single player btw, that’s what I was looking forward to with this “remake” and I also want people to come back to warcraft, but I want them to come back to a good game, not some reskin.
Also just fyi $30 might be measly to you in your country or it might be the price of 3 lunches, but some countries don’t have the luxury of a first world economy. I can feed myself for 2 weeks with $30 and I ain’t lying or trying to inflate numbers, I legit did the math once when I was bored.


The style of the units is partially aweful, e.g the human paladin with his haircut looks like Kurt Russell in Stargate but not like a medieval guy.


The omni light rendering is horrible with Thrall, it looks like he’s in a dark closet with light shined against his cheek


Don’t be patronizing lol

I play at highest settings, I get 200-300fps, I have 144 gsync monitor.

Units don’t look good.

Unit portraits don’t look good.

The game is bare bones, EVEN compared to the original which it should “remaster” upon.

Units freaking animate at 20-30fps regardless of anything else. Sure, they glide around and skate at 300fps, but they themselves animate at 30. That’s what South Park does when they want to make something look wonky on purpose.

The in-game bottom GUI bar guy didn’t even have the decency to restructure it to fit the contemporary format and resolution. We have this “nostalgic” giant rectangle in the middle of the screen instead.

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Menus can stutter. They look the same as they did and they stutter on transition.

Input delay in menus is like you’re trying to play a maximized window flash game on a 486.

Price? The price you’re talking about is $10 (so, by your calculation, one lunch) less than Overwatch was at release. You know, a new AAA game that’s not a remaster. And anyway, what’s the point of that comparison? Should the fact that because I ate that lunch and it’s a single use purchase be some kind of weird apples and oranges argument for Reforged being three lunches?
Can we deepen that comparison? For example, if that lunch is $10, how much is a repackaged lunch that’s moldy and doesn’t contain fries that you ordered and you got small sprite instead of large coke?
This is the most ridiculous attempt at downplaying of this blunder through forced price comparison I’ve ever seen.


Once people get over the day 1 issues, things will calm down some. Once the first update happens and ladder play is back, most people will will be calmed- The biggest problem right now (after day 1 has passed) is the missing features that existed in the original game (clans, ladder, custom game saves).

This is actually for balance reasons as Reforged is compatible with Classic, and a bigger UI for Reforged users would be a gameplay advantage. They can’t just stretch it either because that would look horrible. Thus I’d rather keep it the way it is and have the extra game screen space- which is still a slight gameplay advantage but not as much as expanding the UI just for the sake of filling space on the screen.

This is true as well, but our local-centric friend is unaware of that. Not only that’s true, but it’s also an irrelevant information and to add to that, there are more countries where you can do what you described with $30 than those where you can’t.
Not that it matters, because Reforged should be compared to other video games, not food.
I mean, the comparison is completely nonsensical. I know what he’s trying to imply, but it just doesn’t work that way. I can probably buy 20 000 toothpicks or a pair of off-brand shoes for the price of Reforged, but that information is completely irrelevant.


It all looks like blizzard itself trying to reassure players with ‘fake people’.
Seriously, who’s ever played classic, how does anyone think “this game is quite good” in this form?


I know that’s the reason for it, but that reason adds to the list of unsuccessful part of “remastered”, regardless of whether it has a strong point on another end (backwards competitive fairness compatibility, in the lack of a better term).

But, even with that, it could have been restructured, which wouldn’t end up being a strong case for balance disruption. Now we have a rhinoceros-sized unit portrait over there that doesn’t even look good.

In the end, we can have it the same, but things like having a “go make a cfg in the game’s folder” option in settings is nothing short of a parody (inb4 “don’t be lazy, it’s easy to make” - that’s besides the point).

I loved the campaign and the original warcraft III. Used to play it on Dial up internet on a old windows 98 with 256mb graphics card ect. God it took ages to load.

The problem i find now is companies are rushing to release their games. So many things that should’ve been here or done simply aren’t. Some people say it’s a great game, it was when it first released, don’t forget this is an HD remake of the game that came out in 2002! That game was one of a kind back then. The Reforged version is out now but it really doesn’t feel like a Gold disc version, it feels like it is still in BETA and even after the delay they were probably forced to release it in the state it was.

Sure some progress was made and certain qualities were made better, but overall i feel like what was mentioned and was was delivered were two separate things.

They will most probably fix most of the bugs out there, i just hope what was promised will be implemented soon. I hope, because after seeing the track record of Blizzard these last 2 years, the future doesn’t look too good.

Honestly the real problem is mismanagement by parent company Activision. There is higher pressure for blizzard to make deadlines to please shareholders that didn’t exist before Blizzard was aquired by Activision.

If it weren’t for Activision and the funding they provide and the need to please shareholders etc., blizzard probably wouldn’t be rushing things as badly.

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The units and textures are different, and waaay different at that.
The main menu is absolute trash in comparison to the old one, i’m not even sure how to approach defending that small chatbox that somehow overlaps half your screen and disappears instantly when not hovering.
The menus are also lagging (although less than in the beta), still pretty bad with a 1 sec delay on every click and clunky animations.

$30 for this is an outrageous price. you’re paying half of an AAA but getting your old game bricked while getting a new shi* client filled with problems and a lack of features. You will get the shi* features regardless of whether you pay the 30$ or not, the only thing you get from paying is updated textures.

So ye, you’re a shill.


This game is straight up downgrade, what pile of ^%$#. This is worse than Fallout 76


its not good, the prolong is broke “you cant finish it” about misson 3 for humans is broke “wont load the map” so the story elements are out the window, as far as online stuff goes, ranked matchs arnt working, friends cant be invited to custom games, and custom games are being subjected to bla bla bla we’re still butt hurt about DOTA bla bla bla we o u no credit for anything you make, so I guess they don’t want custom maps, lets not even address the cut sceans that were cut and still falsely advertise, the chat channel looks like a mess “cuse u know why would we keep the simplified version of the classic wc3, lets make it more like wow” your correct in one aspect lad, fans did want a breath of fresh air to be breath back into Warcraft 3, to bad blizzard ACTIVISION was more concern about the dollar and not about the game, this game and more importantly BLIZZARD ACTIVISON deservers as much hate and probably more, than what it is getting, and we wont even address that some of the models in the game look like no work has put into them, let alone the terrain, blizzard will need to call its shells to fight this dumpster fire, when u release a game that is not ready in any amount of the word, then you deserve as much backlash as fall out 76, this will make me pause and think weather or not I wanta preorder shadowlands, great example on how the company has change, dumb arses.


Don’t want to be a bearer of bad news but… The graphics are barely improved. maybe some lighting / shadow quality but it still looks fairly close. When you say get a good monitor what classification are you referring to? 144hz monitors make the animations look like utter stutter garbage.