Stop Activision from Encouraging Piracy

Hi, I think it is better if there is not piracy for this game.

I was on a modding forum where someone asked how to use World Editor of the Reforged and the reply someone gave is that now after 2 years where basic features worked, now ever since August 17th, 2022 new patch the basic features don’t work. So, the response was that although that modding forum was anti piracy, the guy asking should “just Google it” in order to get some pirate version OF REFORGED in order to have its basic features like the map editor to work.

Could we please not? Could Activision please not encourage piracy, actually? Could you guys give a stable version and an experimental version of game or something, so that basic features of Reforged like the map editor would remain fully functional?

I am just a user here asking that you would solve this problem at large… It’s just demoralizing to be honest. Don’t you guys want a little bit of brand loyalty, maybe for Arclight Rumble sales or something?


Maybe not imposing $40 on a $1.5 game could have been a good start…


If you’ve already paid for the game before, you’re legally allowed to download earlier versions. It’s not piracy at that point.

Toe Jam & Earl is 80% off rn on a certain platform. $2.99 can’t beat that.

Activision existing is already encouraging piracy.


It depends. Sometimes they explicitly say that you can’t.
It really depends of what the latest writer of WC3 eula smoked…

Unless microsoft decides to do something about this game (I don’t expect too much) I don’t see how it can become a good game. Games don’t just start getting regular updates after being abandoned for 2 years. This game has been a mess since day 1 and will probably always remain a mess, I do hope to be wrong about this though.

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Yeah sometimes they say that explicitly.

I then respond that consumer law says “No, I am entitled to any version of the software I purchased a license for.”

That actually raises an interesting question. If you agreed to the original Warcraft 3 EULA (or, at least, the latest EULA before Reforged hit), are you bound by subsequent EULAs that you did not agree to?

Like other people said too, if in the original one you agree to unilateral changes, so you are bound to subsequent scams…