Stating all cut scenes will look like Stratholme

this comes from Blizzcon 2018 where Warcraft 3 Reforged Developer says that they will remake all cut scenes to look like the Stratholme cut scene.

It is said at 7 mins.

This is here to squash the argument of

“Well blizzard never said all the cut scenes were going to be updated. They just meant it was going to be done with better graphics”


they remake all cutscenes, but in a way you didnt want to.
cutscenes are shιt and we cant do nothing…
thats really sad


They also revealed in interviews later that that style of cutscene had been cut.

As much as I will agree that this is kind of a disastrous launch, the one thing I hate about most of the screamers is that they cling to things that were part of the initial announcement, and scream false advertisement because they’re not there.

Features get cut between announcement and release all the damn time in the gaming industry, this is not new. If people had been watching for coverage on the game, they would have heard this months before even Blizzcon.

Am I disappointed that those features got cut? Of course! But I’m not going to scream at the top of my lungs over it. We were told things were getting cut - the problem is you weren’t listening.


only 1 interview on a small channel. during blizzcon. They could have said at the Blizzcon 2019 panel but they chose not to.

They also still promote the cut scene on the wc3 website.

I was listening the problem is they weren’t talking. Also in the interview the don’t actually say it was cut that they changed it.


It’s funny cause I always see people argue till someone points out the website still promoting non existent content


The way they adverstised it is straight out criminal.
They could have relayed the informations on multiple website at this very specific time, and could have talked about it on the stage like one said. They didn’t. Nearly all communication was cut.
Something happened during the dev of this game. 0 professionals review before the game came out, nearly 0 ads everywhere. The day 1 of this game was more silent than some indie games. It tells alot. Something went wrong, but they couldn’t go backward (I guess).

And let’s be honest one second here. If the ONLY problem was the cinematics, this game would be a damn success. There are some majors others problems that impact the game right now, and will affect severly the game health future.
Let’s remember to the young community that when you buy a game, you don’t buy future patches, those are cherry on the cake.

As it stands right now, W3R is a graphic mod overhaul. Had blizzard sold it for 10 or 15$, no one would have felt like this. Upset, maybe. But here it’s straight betrayal.

For 30$, it’s just a shame to release a game in this state, considering the income of the Studio.

Again, there was a time when Blizzard litterally cancelled game instead of release unfinished/under their standards products, but hey, I guess it’s too oldschool of a vision.


The Blizzard employee in that clip said “We’re planning to remaster all of the cutscenes”. He didn’t say all of the cutscenes would look like the one shown for the Culling.

wrong. He literally says you can expect more of what you saw in the demo here today.


He sounded like he was talking about the gameplay, and not the cinematic. And again, they later mentioned that such cinematics would be cut.

no it doesn’t he is clearly talking about the cinematic.

Also what sense does that make you are claiming they should expect the gameplay to be the same as the rest of the game? Yeah… of course it would be why woudln’t it?

Can you link to the interview where they said they would remove all the cut scenes?

The funniest thing is they never directly respond to what’s currently advertised on the website. They always answer by pointing to an interview and deliberately ignore the fact that they are still advertising (not past tense) what people are currently asking for.


We can argue all day about how they made it clear that they won’t be doing the cutscenes and cinematics like the ones shown in blizzcon 18, in some small interview, hidden in some dank corner of the internet but tell me if it doesn’t seem weird and scummy to you that they redid the intro of RoC with updated models, better quality etc and just recycled the rest of the cinematics to their original HD form. Why did they even bother to reforge the intro in the first place? Besides, the very selling factor of this game a year ago were those specific cinematic and cutscenes and the updated models. I mean it’s fine if this seems like a small thing to you.


Except it’s not a year ago if it’s still used as of today. Most will purchase it based on what’s being advertised and would take their word for it.


It is utterly ridiculous that we should get all this information through random interviews at Blizzcon. Use your website to convey information, write posts on the forums and tweet about it. Why does getting the ‘accurate’ information have to turn into an easter egg hunt? Many consumers go to Blizzard’s official channels to get their information, as surely they have the correct information right? Guess that is now out of the window too.


also look at the comments, poor people if only they knew :frowning:

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Such a shame to see what this game really could have been… I hope they at least patch it up in the future… How disappointing.


You shouldn’t be a bootlicking conformist about one of the worst industries in the entertainment industry.

Games and animation are some of the worst industries in terms of their practices and treatment of employees.

This says something about the state of games as a whole that this is an issue; this is just another reason things need to change and why we should raise our voices louder, not a reason to be quiet and shut up about it.

Did we all forget about Anthem? Do we all not understand the implication that game carries? They made the trailer by scratch to sell the game. THEY DIDN’T HAVE A GAME! And yet we are supposed to just trust Blizzard that this was ‘cut content beyond our capability of delivering’? Hell no! Screw corporations, they literally lie all the time, so why are we gonna conform to it?

May I also remind people that this is the same company that’s fired over 800 employees. There should be no excuse for cut content; these companies are making record sales.


You’re 100 percent on point. The game industry has become a corporatist hell hole. The days of a group if passionate nerds leading the charge in this industry, getting together and creating something amazing is over.

Whether people see it or not, it’s all the end game of late stage capitalism. Take something amazing and originally made with passion and then let the MBA’s and bean counters take the reins, who then squeeze the product until there’s nothing left but a husk of its former self.


and of course the most annoythign they still advertise the culling of stratholme cinematic on official page for the game.

Even if you did hear the interview that they “redcude” all the cut scenes and then saw it was still on the website would you come to the conclsuion that it’s in game or they removed it?

Exactly. What makes a random Youtuber or streamer more trustworthy than the official source? It is called media literacy, being critical of media.

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