Rexxar campaign missing

So did u solve your problem? Because i have the same issue :<

Same. I repeat 20x and nothing.

Patch hit and the same missions are still missing.

The way the Reforged patch notes read, the three restored prologue missions are in Reforged only.

It’s nestled in with other items that are Reforged only.

Still unable to play either the missing prologue missions or the entire final campaign. Main menu background art is also fully devoid of colours for some reason and so are the other campaign cards (they used to highlight on mouseover).

As for the missing prologue missions, don’t confuse this with being a new kind of addition for the Reforged version. Those missions were not included in the base version of the game on release but they were shortly made available for download and functioned like a custom-campaign. There is no valid reason it should not be in the classic version as well.

See the post above yours.

That’s part of today’s patch. It’s temporary.

What’s the logic behind this? Why can’t this be more subtle. Do I need a constant reminder to buy the new version of the game?

Thus it functioned the old way, pre-reforged. It wasn’t built into the campaign interface.

If it is only part of Reforged, then of course there’s a valid reason: to entice the purchase of Reforged. They did something similar in SCR. In the beta, both the SD and HD versions had wide screen support. In the release, they took it out of SD as part of the incentive to by Remastered.

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The logic is explained in the note. Maybe it can be more subtle, perhaps that’s why it’s only temporary. And advertising, in any form, is crucial for selling product.

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It must have been a bullet point of great importance when it was prioritised over more crucial matters that that prevent users from playing key features of the game.

What are more crucial matters that prevent play of key features?

Oh I don’t know, maybe one of the hundred items mentioned on the first scroll of the bug report forum that are present in both versions, or one of the many missing features within the “modern” game client.

You don’t have to be snide.

Again, if it’s true, you’re comparing a design decision with bugs. The former is intentionally made that way, it was by conscious design, something that doesn’t need fixing. The latter is unintended, unforeseen effects that need to by changed.

As for modern features, again, those are future plans to be released at a later date, by design. The inaccessible missions were planned to be so at release.

So for something that isn’t broke and implemented as intended, it doesn’t need to be prioritized at all.

Surely I have every right to be. What I don’t need is another forum user telling me not to exercise my consumer rights. Since they’re offering no questions asked refunds on Reforged, should I just do the same for my ROC+TFT purchases? Both versions are running in the same client and the newer one is basically a face-lift on existing foundations, yet why are only Classic users unable to play key story missions?

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The right? Of course. Need to be with me? No. I’m not fighting with you, but you can’t seem to separate that fact from your issues with Bliz.

Seeing that they’ve never refunded older versions of the game when it’s been updated, that’s not likely to happen.

The likely answer to that has been provided. It’s not simply a face lift. There’s other content included in the Reforged edition. SCR was the same way: yes it was an uprezing of the graphics, but if one want’s to play on the ladder, they have to buy Remastered. If one wants widescreen, they have to buy Remastered. That’s the reality of incentivizing.

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Be so kind and remove yourself from this thread, obviously there is nothing of value you can add to it nor will your opinions help in getting it fixed any sooner.

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There you go again. You have no idea who the enemy is here.

Assuming it’s broke. And as the Bliz SFA’s in the Customer Support forum often say, just because you don’t like the way something works doesn’t mean it’s broken.

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Hey GriM, this issue should have been fixed with this patch. I would try beating the last mission again (or using allyourbase cheat) and you should unlock Rexxar campaign! Let me know if that works for you.

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Rexxar Campaign didn’t unlock by replaying the final Undead expansion mission but it did after resetting the entire campaign process and by starting fresh.

Final three Orc prologue missions (out of five) are still unavailable.

The final two Orc prologue missions are Reforged Mode only. I’m glad we were able to resolve the Rexxar mission issue!