Replay Viewer needs improvements

Please improve the replay viewer, I would like to see the following improvements:

  • Watch replay online with other players in chat

  • Ability to pick any spot in a replay, and begin playing from that spot in the game

  • Better organization format for auto-saves (such as putting them in folders based on month/year)

  • Option to Rewind Replays (without restarting from beginning)

  • Improve “Auto-Camera” for more accurate display without touching the mouse, maybe even a way to see the players original mouse actions and/or clicks

  • Other options for Auto-Camera such as; Lock view on selected Unit without holding down button, or Auto-focus view on major Attacks/Deaths?

  • Display resources for all players (whether we click on buildings or not)

  • Display all hero levels along with Hero kill/death ratio (would be nice in game too)

  • Option to force Red/Blue (would also be nice in game)

  • Option to Disable or Hide the Chat

  • Option to always be observer, so that we can see all players without having to disable fog of war

  • Option to enable some sort of marker/outline highlighting each players field of view

  • It would also be amazing if there was a fully featured replay “Editor” where we can set specific options such as, camera placement, speed, custom text/chat log, or even cut/shorten the replay, etc, then save those settings for when sharing the replay with others, of course “edited” replays would have to be labelled separately from originals

  • Maybe we could even include our own audio commentaries with a save file?

  • We should have the ability to easily share/send replays to other players on Bnet

  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY it would be soooo awesome if we could host a custom game/lobby with a replay, allowing other players to join said game/lobby to watch the replay together with chat, and possibly allow players to join/leave at any point (not just in the beginning)

  • Maybe we could even choose to play a replay from a various point in the game?

  • Fix the minimap glitch that doesnt remove destroyed buildings

  • Any other ideas I missed??


I really hope improvements are planned for the replay viewer!


Some ideas of marginal quality.

  1. What about a stats preview of a replay (so you can easily find the one you want). The replay would need to have the stats stored directly. You could also search.

  2. Jump to selected time from stats graphs.

  3. Mark important events on the timebar/seekbar (eg: hero/townhall x spawn/death/level).

  4. Seek to birth/death of selected unit/structure.

  5. Fine control of replay speed, with maximum limited only by PC power.

  6. Precognition - replay reads ahead and finds interesting events to focus on before they happen (useful for auto-camera).

  7. Stats aggregation from multiple replays (also, seeking and sorting).

  • display icons for buildings/upgrades/units that are currently in production

I’d really like to watch replays with friends in a custom game lobby!

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Just having a way to access replays via bnet so we don’t have to go all the way to single player to access them, and being able to seek during replays would be the best improvements in the current replay system.

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Just copy what SC2 does.

SC2 has both of these. Though no one ever uses the features.

The last feature sounds super cool, but no one ever uses it. That’s because there’s not many pro replays, and no one can be bothered organizing them so that there’s an interesting point to play from, or finding players to play this.

There are things they should do that improves on SC2:

  1. Display summary stats when the replay is selected (date, matchup, winner, etc.)
  2. Storing and sharing replays online.
  3. Better promotion of a play from replay feature. E.g. a weekly queue that features a new weekly replay (possibly a pro replay) that you replay from a pivotal point.

that would be great!

Could you add “be able to watch nwg (netease) format natively via w3 replay viewer” please?
It is insanely unwieldy to watch chinese pro matches right now.

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I know they will updated the replay viewer in Reforged, so if I had to pick just 1 thing to improve, I really hope they add the ability to watch replays with other people in a game lobby with chat!

Or how about if we could load up a replay, and then pick any point to stop the replay, and begin playing the game from that spot we chose in the replay?