Remaking warcrafts 1&2 as dlc later on

As the title says how do you guys feel about this? Much of the campaigns of the original 2 have been retconned. Most of the foundations have already been set with reforged. They could completely remake the first 2 in this engine and redesign the story to be in line with how Wc 3 plays. Have the factions switch back and forth as the story progresses instead of the humans winning in their campaign and the orcs in theirs. They could even add in addition missions such as after the fall of stormwind the orcs marching on ironforge and the dwarves making a desperate stand to hold them back while ironforge is fortified and preparing for a long siege.

What are your thoughts on this idea? any of suggestions for additional campaigns and factions that could be added later?


Obviously it would be awesome, but I’m not expecting Blizzard to make it. These kind of projects have been 99% of the time fan-made.


I’d love that, I feel like there are plenty of awesome moments that could be recreated using this. Maybe even clever content creators using the Map Maker to recreate WoW moments. Just as a cute example Garrosh’s escape from prison in War Crimes. A map recreating the Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel? Maybe a Story playing as the Iron Horde and taking over Draenor (Just as an example. No one remembers that Xpac fondly). Or relive ancient lore like the rebellion against Aszhara?

As for whole new Factions that is harder said than done. What I think would be a nice idea is maybe skins for the existing factions? Or create factions based on the design philosophy of the already existing ones.
I could see some interesting factions looking at how the world is. The Forsaken could be a variant of how the undead currently are, or maybe make a Pandaren faction using them, Jinyu, and Hozen? Maybe complete that Naga faction they started but didn’t finish? One I wouldn’t think they’d do but I have always LOVED Blood Elves and always will, I’d love to see them as a fully fleshed out force.


dwarves would definitely be an easy faction for a reskin. Dwarves have paladins and all the other units for the alliance faction.


Make the Archmages into Dark Iron Pyromancers riding core hounds? Summon Fire Elementals? BURN THE WORLD FOR RAGNAROS!? I mean yeah a Dwarf reskin sounds awesome.


I think reddit user superfuels hit the nail on the head:

“My personal thoughts are that they are trying to create a platform where they can create mini-campaigns to sell for micro transactions, provide skins, and give people the tools to create new custom maps and campaigns so that Wc3 is much more than simply melee games or the same handful of custom games that are currently being played. There will be a new ladder system, new social system on bnet 2.0. I am very excited as people who want to can buy the skins and campaigns/whatever else they come up with, and others can simply play melee and enjoy the new ladder and modern bnet.”

It’s likely going to happen.


Oh yes. They won’t need to make warcraft 4 if they can just add on to reforged. At some point they might add entirely new factions with new heroes and units but otherwise they can make mini campaigns that explore characters. Perhaps tie into the modern WoW story. They could even make entire WoW expansions into new campaigns.


I also want War1 & 2 campaigns at a later point.

But I’m also interested in WoW stories as War3 campaigns, BC, Wotlk, Cata etc.


Yes. especially with the whole story for the current expansion essentially being the 4th war. Add in campaigns showing what the actual armies are doing out in the world.

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I would love for a retelling of the first two warcrafts with hero units like orgrim doomhammer and anduin lothar. make it more than just a remaster please blizz.


That sounds like a fantastic idea , I would pay for that


My mouth are actually watering from these thoughts… :smiley:


WC1 is not a fun game in anyway, even if it were to be upgraded

WC2 is a fun game, but I would say wc2 is much better for its multiplayer, the campaign isnt very good… and wc2 doesnt deserve to be changed in anyway, its artstyle is perfect as it is and any sort of changes would be horrible

I want an all new, modern, campaign for wc3 reforged, and it needs to be co-op, I am so not interested in another single player RTS campaign

However, it would be cool to see the original WC2 unit models and artstyle added to the wc3 world editor (similar to what they did with sc2)

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There is a lot of potential here, surely they can see it.


I personally whould periodically release campaigns the same way they do with SC2; and also add the assets to the world editor for anybone to create custom games later on.


Agree with this, having these campaigns released periodically will be great based on the books and older games we can really have a good history plus new content like units or even new factions that will be awesome.


I wish they would of reforged WC2. That game was so much fun.


Lots of amazing ideas in here. Read this thread Devs!


I typically dislike DLC, but I’d buy these in a heartbeat.


[quote=“Nutcrackit-1217, post:1, topic:229, full:true”]
They could completely remake the first 2 in this engine and redesign the story to be in line with how Wc 3 plays.[/quote]

100% this. That would sell like nuts and I think most fans want this.

But we could still have a “what if” versions of the campaign as well such as the humans winning or the orcs taking over Lordaeron.

More official campaigns the better! I just wish the SC2 team would do the same.