Reforged getting roasted on award show

Everyone in the game industry knows , yet somehow blizzard does not, unfathomable a decade ago, now well deserved and much needed, for honor!


this is brutal


Another case of hating something because it is “cool” to do so.

From a technical point of view there is little wrong with Reforged. A lot of the performance issues were driver level problems which should now have been fixed. Sure art wise it is nothing amazing like an AAA game, but Warcraft III never had an AAA game budget and there are plenty of more ugly games out there.

The main thing wrong with Reforged is the value proposition for someone who already owns Warcraft III Classic. Most of the price of a new game for most of the content one already has access to. It really should have been offered at a discount to such people. If they did I am sure the number of Refunds would have been much lower.


If you have been reading or paying attention to things since launch you would understand there are valid reasons. People aren’t hating it to be “cool”.


This is like rotten meat.
We all know it’s bad and it’s not why it’s cool. You want to cool by denying reality.

if W3R had at least all the things of W3 it could be discussed. but it has fewer things and that is not an opinion.


I agree with you that the price for those already owning the game is ridiculous and that it’s fair to those that does not.
Already having ROC and TFT, If the price was something like 10$, I would most certainly have bought it. But 30 ??? For the few improvements they did and all the features they REMOVED ? That’s clearly their greed talking.

That price may have been more acceptable if they had made all the modifications they promised and not just she few visual improvements they managed to make in 3 years of development if not more.

Some studio releases complete new AAA games in that kind of time, and they only manage to improve some graphics and move the multi-player to new servers. It’s hard for me to believe that there was more than a team of 4 dudes to do that kind of work in that kind of time.

The Blizzard from 15 years ago would never have released a game in this state. NEVER!!! They were always expensive but the quality of their releases deserved it.
Now the price policy stayed the same but they quality is gone. That still see themselves at what they were, and not what they have become. What preveil now is just a money corporation that only see the money they can make.

They won’t even acknowledge their obvious lies and mistakes in order to avoid any prove of guilt in any legal repercussions they know they may have to face in the futur. They probably have a bunch of lawyers teaching them how to put the blame on the customers and how to never admit any wrong doing…

And I’m pretty sure that Activision put much more money on good lawyers than in the quality of their releases…


the award show hosts also made fun of the blitzchung thing…you realize the u.s. congress and some senators from both parties sent blizzard a letter and made a public statement about that, right?

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old lady gave me a laugh and a b0ner 10/10

Yet they released Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III The Frozen Throne. Both were bug riddled messes which has taken the classic team 2-3 years to fix up and even still Reforged was the result…

People need to look at Reforged as the DLC and separate from patch 1.32. Technically patch 1.32 is not much worse than some of the previous patches. Yes some stuff is broken, but other stuff got fixed.

It was just a $30 DLC that broke the game guys. That somehow makes it better.



Nah, DLCs at least are optional, not forced upon you. Unlike Reforged. Reforged is just bloatware.


Bloatware that has effectively removed the original game from existence.


It’s cool because they deserve it, in the majority of the consumers opinion.

From YOUR technical point of view, you mean.

I’m not gonna argue with you why I desagree because you can look it up, there’s a huge list of things that has been downgraded, taken away or straight up false advertised.

There are things they still haven’t fixed and will never fix even in the next 10 patches.


You couldn’t be more wrong, having map taking 10-15 min to load if you have reforged graphics is not acceptable, being dsync on customs is not ok, having other players dsync is not ok, losing versus matches because you’re facing AT is not ok adding that people disconnects from every game mode…

Reforged is not even playable for some people, my pc can handle that but what can I do about dsyncs? what can I do if the other players also dissconnect randomly, there’s so many issues right now that the player base is rapidly declining, and also most customs maps are forcing classic graphics because reforged is causing many issues.


Sounds like a virus to me when realize that it removed goodies in my computer, antivirus softwares should block it (blizzard) in the future.


Really??? A DLC ??? You call something that should be a simple visual improvement, a DLC? No new units, no new features, no new campain, race or anything, and you dare compare that to a DLC?

I remember ROC and TFT to have some bugs when they came out, but nothing like what we are facing now. And they were new games, not graphical improvements.

Some “beginners” where able to make MODS on other games (like Skyrim for example) with better visual improvement, in less time, no money, almost no bugs and for free…

So please stop trying to defend them with those kind of lame excuses. And if you don’t see that, well, no one can help a blind man not willing to open his eyes to see…


except that there is little right with Warcraft 3 and little at all Reforged.

We can technically call it a cancelled release, and for Warcraft 3 - we can call it end-of-life of many features.



Broken triggers, missing features, unstable online, disconnects, black loading screens, are all “technical” problems.


Well, sure, IGN wouldn’t dare criticize a AAA studio under any normal circumstances, but be real: Reforged is a mediocre product at best. They managed to create a remaster that was worse than the original in several ways. They screwed up big-time.

Maybe the game doesn’t deserve a 1/10 (It’s a 3/10 in my opinion), but this will go down as an example of just how far Blizzard has fallen.


I wish gaming world will burn and punish blizzard for what they did to our beloved game. I wish somebody who could not stand that pressure will speaks loudly and reveals to everybody what happenned with this project. Empty words, false promises and lies. That letter from manager is an insult to the players.