Reforged Czech Dubbing

So this post is primary aiming on developers or localisation section of the game. I was “sent” here from official Blizzard support because there is apparently no official way to contact devs.
Shortly after Blizzcon, I started a petition for Czech dubbing, that apparently won’t be included in Reforged. Trust me, lot of Czech and Slovak people considering old WC3 dubbing legendary. Why did I start this petition? Well, I didn’t really think I could get more than 1000 signs, and now, I have 17000. That is huge fanbase from Czech and Slovak people. You can look on a petition here: (I can’t write post with links, so just search "Warcraft 3 Reforged Czech dubbing on change . org).
I am no fool and I know it may be just a blindshot, but I will give it a try and speak for the community. I will leave my e-mail here just for any support or future talks: com.
Thank you from the whole CZ/SK community.


The same can be told for Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece. They are bigger than Czech Republic and they have big amount of players so why not add their language on the game as well?

The only problem is with resent company cost cutting and I doubt there is enough people to do voice casting on these languages including your country language and it is why its not added to the game.


The difference, Lúcio, is that Czech dubbing already exists for Warcraft 3. It just won’t be included in the official Reforged release.


that’s shame but now you share the disappointment that other countries have when they doesn’t even have dubbed version added to the game.


Its quite a big difference here, Lúcio, our (Czech) dubbing was phenomenal so to speak, and for Warcraft fans in Czech Republic and Slovakia would be a huge let down to be forced to play Warcraft 3 Reforged without it (hopefully some non agressive modding would be possible to port it from old game to a new one? I highly doubt that will be possible).

Majority od countries havent got their own dubbing. We did. We love it. We want it again. Easy as that, really.


Yes we want it. Work was already put into dub years ago we don’T want anything else than just having it ported to the Reforged. Game is technicalyl remaster and as such it should come with same options when it comes to languages etc. Even thouhg apparantly there might be soem changes to the dialogand what not honestly we wouldnt mind having slapped czech dub on new cutscenes even if dialog was supposed to be different.

I’d love to show my kids how awesome warcraft 3 was but young kids don’T speak english and so I have choice to either try and show them the old WC3 which they might not like because even though it’S still beautiful it aged. Or I might try and talk over the english version which would’nt be great. Or simply they won’T have a chance to experience it and that would be just sad.

Personally I have great memories of playing czech version. Workers - “Zase práce?!” is simply legendary. Hell even my grandmother used to laught at that and loved it. Come on. for the sake of younger generations!


Exactly. Czech dubbing already exists for Warcraft 3. I think, that it is not so big problem added it into Reforge. We have to believe and make a noise!


I would like to have a dabing in Czech.


and you’re sure they not add it to the game? Basically there’s no reason to to remove unless it makes it complicated with the new progression


The Czech and Slovak community is accustomed to Czech dubbing. We have it in W3, we love it and we want it in W3 reforged AGAIN.


It would be awesome to have our czech dubbing in Reforged! Hurá do práce!


Hey there from Czech! I speak English rather fluently and, alike many other Czechs, have no problem understanding it or playing a game that is entirely in English. The point here is that the original Czech dubbing was great, funny, honoring the funny/serious Blizzard style and deepening the game experience for a common czech gamer who was too lazy at school to learn English… :smiley:
You know… Things like pop-culture (that cannot even be translated) were transcripted into our pop-culture. It made sense, was funny, everyone understood that AND most of all it created a huge Blizzard fandom in Czech. I believe that if it weren’t for this Czech dub, there would be much fewer Czech WoW players today.
So… hope it’s not too long for darling developers to read and wish everyone a great day! :slight_smile:
(We are 17.000 out there who would pay for the option of Czech dubbing, just count if it’s not worth your little effort. :wink:


I also think it would not be a problem to add the Czech dabing to the game. When not dubbing, at least Czech subtitles and Czech Interface


I also think it would not be a problem to add the Czech dabing to the game. When not dubbing, at least Czech subtitles and Czech Interface


Yea, czech dubbing would be fine in W3:Reforged. Warcraft 3 is the game of my childhood and it is strongly associated with some czech phrases such as: “Zase práce?!?”, “Brnkal jste?”…


I don’t play games in Czech language and almost never did but Warcraft 3 was an exception. To this day we among friend use some of the phrases used in the phenomenal Czech dubbing and it would be a big reason why to buy reforged and revise these memories.


Please blizzard make czech dubbing like before in classic w3 !


Japan DAB first, then all others.

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I must dissapoint you. W3 have only few official voiceovers. The rest was initiative of local distributors. Czech dubbing actualy rewrites english one - when you install the game, you can not chose what language it will have, it will be czech only. But for official blizzard releases, installer allows you to chose between multiple languages.
What does this mean? If they left original sound files intact, you can just copy czech ones and replace english ones to get czech voiceover. However, it will be too difficult for blizzard to implement it as separate language. Each map of campaign has all sounds and texts included in it (aside from default unit sounds) and czech dubbing and texts replaced english in those map files.
Another problem may be licences. As I remember, original distributor lost his licence to publish W3 years ago, but czech voiceovers are his property. CD project that was selling the game for last several years somehow got licence from blizzard to distribute W3 and from original distributor for czech voiceover.

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I do not see why they could not add Czech dubbing …
I do not know if it’s about money or time … or if it’s a that would have to have a Czech language and a Czech support forum … we do not need czech or forum … just want our old dubbing back