Public Test Realm 1.31.1

(Pete Stilwell) #1

Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

Please join us over the weekend to help vet these fixes on the test servers:
(look for Warcraft® III Public Test Realm toward the bottom of the page)


  • All natives are now zero-indexed


  • The game successfully regains focus to fullscreen after minimizing during download or lobby transitions
  • Custom maps appear on the game creation list
  • Browsing the game creation list no longer causes a crash
  • Lua maps no longer crash on save
  • Map data no longer corrupts on save
  • Illusion no longer deals 1 damage
  • Elf units set to patrol or follow during the night cycle no longer remain in Shadowmeld
  • Using Staff of Teleport on a possessed worker followed by casting Scroll of Teleport no longer causes a desync
  • Video options are saved when switching between windowed and fullscreen mode with Alt+Enter
  • Units\Creeps\Medivh\GenericGlow2_mip1.blp no longer missing
  • Objects\InventoryItems\PotofGold\GOLDCoin.blp no longer missing
  • (2)Terenas Stand LV - Each Dark Wizard replaced with a Renegade Wizard and a Rogue


  • Mac not supported for this PTR

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Pete any news on possible Beta release or plans?


… I never said it but even tho it caused some trouble and I personaly don’t like a handfull of balance changes, I want to say, thank you for your effort, pete and classical team.


This better fix the problems with custom games at the moment


just roll it out, no need for public test realm since major bugs and fckup’s happen with every patch, no point testing. lets see what brakes now. costume games are crippled anyway, cant go worse then it is now. no BANs, no kick options, maps broken. OH WELL. great server to play at.


Buff Undead please T.T


Is fix working people?


I hope 1.31.1 will properly take care of every issue 1.31 introduced.
Make sure it works! Thanks for the update.


55% winrate race if you check every match up. But y let’s buff the most op race at the moment.
Otherwise u can get gud too.


I still cannot play Warcraft III on both Mac and Windows because you guys took away the right click command key on the keyboard almost a year ago since patch 1.29 and up. Any ideas on how to fix this? I want to play Warcraft III again like I used to with that keyboard button, so please fix this issue immediately.


still the bug where ai heroes wont level up and use any ability


Thank you for your work, but please reconsider a different approach when overhauling undead. Players would like options for a different strategy besides DK, Lich, Fiends and t3 rush with statues every game but cannot do this as all other options are sub-par.

To do this, consider giving all UD units a low amount of base hitpoint generation, change cannibalize so it regenerates hitpoints over time so that units can be moved around. Otherwise it will never be useful in competitive play.

Give UD the option to unlock dispel on t2 instead of t3 to not force them into t3 rush every game and open up new strategies. Consider making Abominations available on t2 so that UD has access to a sturdy melee frontline unit which can make use of vampiric aura and promotes more dreadlord play. Or instead, introduce a new t2 melee unit with around 600 hp and heavy armor which can fill this role.

The Necromancer and dagger changes turned out to be extremely underwhelming. However buffing the Dagger will not allow for more diverse strategies, as it would most likely be used together with the prevalent strategy.

If you ever want to give Undead players what they want - more diverse unit choices and strategies - you will have to overhaul their less used units and introduce new options like those I have suggested.


with the player base what it is, i agree that testing it does not do much. here is what you should do: invite all players to participate instead of just expecting them to join.


Ai not learning spells is not a priority issue.

Just focus on balance feedback.

Ritual dagger buff and unholy frenzy no sacrifice.


All imported sounds that aren’t 44 HZ 128 kb/s is now corrupted (or just unreadable) by World Editor and Warcraft 3. Can we expect a fix or should I start converting 100+ sounds in my map? Tnx for fixes.


Could we get some balance hotfixes for the new skills/items from 1.3.0 that are still clunky? Sacrificial dagger and incite unholy frenzy aren’t working out. People aren’t using them, and they don’t have any place in the metagame. While a mostly non-function new item doesn’t remove anything from the game, since you can simply choose not to buy it, the change to unholy frenzy has effectively killed off UD hero-buffing caster strategies like the old AMS+UF cleaving Pit Lord

Classic games team should be smart enough to figure out how to fix the problems, but I can at least identify the problems for you:

  • Sacrificial dagger is too cost inefficient when including the sacrificed unit even with rod skeletons, for its low and slow heal. Needing a corpse and two items and staying outside combat is already very restrictive, and sacrificing non-skeletons is counterproductive- you want to heal low hp units

  • Incite unholy frenzy is too clunky to aim and cast, requiring more sacrificeable units, which leads to it being even more vulnerable to AoE dispel than before because recasting it requires not just more mana but another unit in range, and aoe dispel destroys any skeletons in range. Being moved from T2 to T3 and being so expensive and clunky to cast has also effectively ended its utility at buffing heroes for such strategies.


This isn’t universally true; I use a lot of 22.5kHz 16-bit 56kb/s sound files and so far they all still work.


Ye seems like other combinations are working too, like 22kHz 48kb/s. Well, too sad that 95% of my sounds are 22kHz 40kb/s that doesnt work. Guess I gotta do convertion anyway.