PTR pushes with no notes

I appreciate that the PTR is being updated frequently, but it’d really help if we had notes for all of the PTR releases so that we can properly test things.

it’s to test a fix for the performance issues everyone’s been complaining about:

yeah this info should be coming from blizz rather than left for us to figure out

… It did come from them? Just because it isn’t in this section doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

really? because the last ptr update post is from may 3rd and the most recent ptr update was pushed the day I posted this

Just because it isn’t in this section doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I repeat. That’s an official blue post I linked to above, in which blizzard itself said “A potential fix has been pushed to the PTR.”

There’s your patch notes. There is nothing else to test other than said fix for the issue that literally everyone has been discussing.

feel free to link to the post then :slightly_smiling_face:

You have eyes? I already linked it above.

wild, didn’t show up under the blizz tracker

what a fun place to post a ptr update

It’s also a tech support issue because the thread was started by someone seeking tech support. So it’s relevant.

yeh it’s also relevant to PTR Discussion and Bug Report, yet no thread here

but also there have been plenty of ptr pushes in the past without notes so :man_shrugging:

I mean really, what’s the big deal? You know, and the people who care about and are affected by the issue know, and it’s pretty clear it’s literally the only thing the PTR was updated for. Clearly it was done with some haste, as they pushed the PTR fix rather quickly after asking for data from users.

Just because they don’t formally put a patch notes thread here with a single line:

  • Fixed the issue with frame rates and hitching.

in this forum section, it doesn’t mean they’re trying to hide anything. This is a high priority issue as basically everyone has been affected by it to varying degrees. I’d say its more important that they quickly deploy and test a fix for a widespread issue than adhere to formalities.

The big deal is that we have very little communication from the team outside of patch notes for live releases. Maybe you’re fine with that, idk, but a lot of us aren’t.

Different studios and different companies communicate differently.

The PTR is not the live game and they aren’t in any way obligated to provide the same level of communication for it. It’s not a big deal, most people don’t use the PTR at all anyway.

I’m not saying they SHOULDN’T provide more information, but ultimately the impact of this is small. The people who were having the issues knew it was being fixed and knew what the update on the PTR was for, and that was the most important thing.

To an extent I don’t necessairly like the fac that there were other fixes as well, but really, I’m happy things are getting fixed in general. And despite your comments, the fact is we’ve gotten more communication lately than we got way back when, or basically none.

We haven’t really though. Up until the classic team got disbanded, there was actual community outreach. Devs were going out of their way to talk to people. I could report a bug to Kam over discord and it’d get fixed. What we’re getting now is crumbs.

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