PTR Patch Notes -- Version 1.32.10 -- Updated March 16

Warcraft III Reforged
Version 1.32.10 PTR Patch Notes

Lok’Tar everyone!

First, we’d like to give you a quick update on where we are on ranked play, leaderboards, and player profiles. The Warcraft team is committed to delivering you these features, however, due to the nature of the world today, it’s taking longer than we planned. We thank you, our passionate community, for your understanding and continuing to support Warcraft III.

Today we’ve begun publicly testing patch 1.32.10, which addresses a critical bugfix that allowed players to exploit information from the opposing players by using rally points in the fog of war. Thank you to all of the players who reached out to inform us about this issue. Additionally, with the ESL Pro League wrapping up for 2020, we’ve decided to make some balance updates to address some key community feedback about item balance, item pricing, and some pain points for both Human and Undead. We also revisited previous changes.

Once again, thank you to all of the community contributors who continue to put out content and send us great feedback. Please test these changes via the PTR, as we will be monitoring it and calibrating throughout the PTR phase. Please remember these changes are a work in progress and subject to change, so please continue to provide feedback. We hope to release this patch sometime in mid-April, depending on how feedback and testing goes.

 -- The Warcraft III Team


  • Human

    • Improved Lumber tech requirement removed.
    • Advanced Lumber tech requirement changed from Castle to Keep.
      • Developers’ notes: In a Human vs Undead matchup, the Human player is generally expected to lose some peasants throughout the early- to mid-game. The Human player also must invest in a lot of wood for early defense, and use militia quite frequently to defend, which causes them to have gold to wood ration imbalances. This change should help Human players balance their economy and make it slightly easier to transition into the later part of the game and unlock key units against Undead.
    • Knights now have Sundering Blades by default.
      • Developers’ notes: With the addition of the Sundering Blade passive, we’ve really seen a lot more Knight usage and we like that a lot. However, it takes a long time for Knights to come online with their multiple upgrades. We feel that allowing Sundering Blades to be on Knights by default allows them to have an immediate impact when built, while giving them some uniqueness as a heavy late game unit.
    • Priest dispel range increased from 600 to 700.
      • Developers’ notes: Changes to the overall meta have moved players toward favoring range units in certain matchups. We noticed that whenever a priest would try to cast dispel, they would immediately get focused down by piercing damage and be killed immediately. This slight increase in range should improve the usability and quality life for the priest.
    • Scout Tower / Guard Tower / Cannon Tower / Arcane Tower repair rate is now 5 seconds faster.
      • Developers’ notes: This was a change we tested in a previous PTR, but pulled away from to see how the previous patch performed. Since then, we’ve seen players shift to more ranged units, and we feel this change is needed to help Humans defend against certain pushes. Currently, even if a Human reacts immediately to a threat with a handful of peasants, it is still not enough to prevent their towers from going down.
    • Siege Engine tank experience bounty reduced from 85 to 60.
      • Developers’ notes: While we wanted to reduce the overall effectiveness of certain siege engine strategies, we realized that due to the inflexibility of our experience leveling system, setting the bounty at 85 was too high. There has been some ongoing community sentiment that tanks were in a good place previously, so we’ve reduced the experience bounty. We will continue to monitor this and may test additional changes in lieu of this one.
  • Night Elf

    • Druid of the Claw starting mana increased from 100 to 125.
      • Developers’ notes: A small quality of life change that was requested by the community, which also helps master bears have slightly more utility right away.
  • Undead

    • Acolyte hit point Regeneration while on Blight reduced from 4 to 3 HP per second.
      • Developers’ notes: In a previous patch we saw the regen rate on Blight double. This was to address the vulnerability of the unit being exposed and stationary while mining gold. As the overall spirit of the change was heading in the right direction, we’re reducing the number slightly to allow for more harassment opportunities from the opposing player.
    • Rod of Necromancy cooldown reduced from 26 to 24 seconds.
      • Developers’ notes: Slight calibration of the previous change. We’ve noticed that this change has more effect on UD creeping than intended, so we’re reducing this number slightly.
    • Ritual Dagger gold cost reduced from 125 to 100.
      • Developers’ notes: We’re reducing the cost of the Ritual Dagger to promote its use more and to bring its cost in line with its healing performance.
    • Cryptlord impale Stun Hero duration reduced from 1/2/3 to 1/1.5/2, and Cryptlord damage reduced from 75/120/165 to 60/110/150.
      • Developers’ notes: We’re bringing the overall hero stun duration in line with other hero stun abilities. Please note- its overall stun duration against units remains unchanged. While looking at impale and potentially changing other units in other factions, we noticed that the threat of impale damage is the main reason that certain strategies are not viable against an Undead player that goes Cryptlord first and levels fast.
    • Frost Armor duration is now scaled per level.
      • Level 1: Frost duration 2 seconds.
      • Level 2: Frost duration 4 seconds.
      • Level 3: Frost duration 6 seconds.
      • Developers’ notes: This was something that the community has been requesting for some time, and it addresses the early power spike against melee units, while still allowing the ability to scale up as the Lich levels up. This tuning makes the ability slightly worse at level 1, the same as it is currently at level 2, and better at level 3.
    • Boneyard no longer requires sacrificial pit.
      • Developers’ notes: We currently believe it takes too long for Frost Wyrms to see play. This change should allow players to find strategies to use Frost Wyrms and should also help in conjunction to the Knight change in this patch.
  • Items

    • Alleria’s Flute of Accuracy bonus reduced from 0.1 to 0.075.
    • Ancient Janggo of Endurance bonuses reduced from 0.05/0.1 to 0.03/0.075.
    • Khadgar’s Pipe of Insight bonus reduced from 0.75 to 0.5.
    • Legion Doom-Horn bonuses reduced from 0.5/1.0 to 0.3/0.75.
    • Scourge Bone Chimes bonus reduced from 0.2 to 0.15.
    • Warsong Battle Drums bonus reduced from 0.1 to 0.075.
    • The Lion Horn of Stormwind bonus reduced from 2 to 1.5.
    • All items’ re-sell percentage increased from 50% to 75% of the item’s original cost.
      • Developers’ notes: These are probably the biggest changes in this patch. We’re making some changes to all the Aura items to reduce their effectiveness. We believe that these aura items do have a place in the game but should not have parity in power to the actual hero ability. Also, due to the nature of some items being more impactful than others, we’re increasing the sell rate of items to help mitigate some potential “bad item luck” that players may experience, which can ultimately determine the outcome of some games.


  • Fixed an issue of inconsistent rally flag behavior on Goldmines which could reveal player locations in the Fog of War.

Great to hear from you guys again!

Edit: The Druid of the Claw change is in the Humans changelog


Hm… missing some zeroes here

Got excited thinking it was a bigger update, oh well I guess it’s fine for ESL related changes


Thanks for the update!
Please try to keep the communication with the community active with regular updates even if there is very little to say.

A very small news is better than radio silence.


Congratulations on another patch. We hope for future patches with custom campaigns and fixes to modding.

Hive Workshop


A human tower rush against NE is imba again.
You can’t cancel a tower with 3 archers anymore while 4-5 footies are attacking the archers.

Power repair will work by 100% now in a tower rush.


Did HU get some insane buffs for no reason?

Blizzard… what?
Blizzard… you do know Human destroys Elf in this MU currently in ladder?

And you are buffing HU more?
Sundering blades already has no counter for Elf.
Priests already hard counter everything Elf has.
HU towers guarantee free expansion already while Elf can never pull up an expansion itself.
And HU don’t need wood at all with rifles being only 30 wood and able to compete head to head (sometimes even better) vs tier 3 bears with all its upgrades.

And we are now seeing more HU buffs?
If you haven’t noticed blizzard, HU has a 54.2% winrate Elf at Grandmaster level in w3champions. A WHOPPING 54.2% winrate.

This patch ought to be some joke.


Finally! Thanks you for update


Very happy to see new PTR patch.

(1) NE and UD changes look reasonable.

(2) A bit too many HU buffs. For example, repairing rate for human helps tower rushes as well. I don’t think it is a good idea to buff it. If Sundering blades are for free, maybe reduce them from 15% to 10% to decrease knights’ impact when they are being massed?

(3) I would not tweak aura items. It is easy to remember that they match the first level for heroes’ auras. They are powerful and introduce some rng beauty into the game. Also reselling value 75% is too high, I’d say at most 60% is ok … Still, items that have been already regularly sold now will be sold right away.


Is buffing human expansion/tower/seige tank play really the direction we want to take the meta?

Night elf is overall performing the worst in tournaments right now, closely followed by human. Bears need to have their damage back, with this change to knights human will dismantle elf even harder than before.

I suggest bears have +4 damage.
Chimera roost moved to T2 with faeirie dragons coming out of it instead of an ancient of wind (this buffs chimera the same way Tauren got buffed by increasing accessibility).


glad you guys are back and up & running, any hints of when you can implement Custom Campaign feature ?

  • Shadi from Chronicles of the second War team.

To the patch balancers:
Try to actually follow the stats of this game.

Go to w3champions -> Statistics -> Winrates -> 1.32.9 -> > 2200 Grandmaster (asia plays too now)

Night Elf vs Human: 45.8%
Night Elf vs Orc: 44.8%
Night Elf vs UD: 42.6%

And NOW we are BUFFING Human to this level?


Some of these buffs to human are absurd. Making towering expos the default again is going to make for many autowins by human. Making Siege Tanks OP again is also no fun. Priests are already the best caster there is no need to buff them. With the same logic Blademaster and Demon Hunter should get their agility nerfs reverted, which nobody wants to see.


Sure, with the absolute pros and even a small fraction of them. The problem with your way of looking at things is that Blizzard has all the data, not just that of W3Champions. If you look at the "Master" players, for example, HU vs. NE has only 48.4%. HU currently has problems against UD and this has been addressed. But I also think that NE could use a few buffs in general.

Please also consider adding new maps to the mappool with the update going live.
Autumn Leaves, Tidehunters and Ruins of Aszhara are proven in the W3C ladder already and should also be featured in the official ladder since they got picked up by some cups and tournaments. You find them all on Hiveworkshop.
If you want to keep the mappool at the same size, consider removing Swamped Temple, Nomad Isles, Twisted Meadows


I agree that NE needs a buff but Humans only have a lead on NE but are behind against the other two races so buffing them isn’t the issue here.


I’ll cover over these changes in a video soon, for now…

*Addressing the Rally “maphack” issue is a worthy priority.
*I agree with almost all of the balance changes except there should be a small cost to some of the Human buffs & I dislike nerfing the items power levels.
*The Ranked play/Leaderboards & Player Profiles are your priority since that’s all the work you currently have done since the ahem … exit of a certain team HOWEVER they aren’t desperately needed since W3Champions has done a great job filling that gap.

What about Custom Campaigns? A search function for Custom Games?


Wow, GREAT changes!! However, slightly disappointed MGs still not been nerfed, but alot of TREMENDOUS balance updates in the right direction, thank you!!