PTR Bug - Campaign instant defeat

Dear Blizzard Devs,

I was happy to see that youo are working on campaign bugs. Glad to see it, however I faced another issue.

PTR - Issue:

  1. after completing a mission you go to victory sceen
  2. Click Continoue
  3. It navigate you back to the campaign mission list menu, not to the next mission
  4. Icons of next map is black, but can be started
  5. After click on start mission, it instantly drop you to a defeat screen
  6. Mouse cursor disapper (it exist just not visible)

(sames issue on any mission - even on Rexxard part3 after the blockade, where the Theremore city mission is a new map/mission, but on any other normal campaign mission aswell)

What I tried: deleted/uninstalled the game and PTR, deleted everything from docs.
Issue is still exist. Tried on Live, but it works properly there. Only PTR is effected.

Any suggestion?


(meanwhile I tried some thing - change graphic to windowed fullscreen, turned off onedrive totally and deleted all the old folder after it, but did not helped)