Rexxar campaign is BROKEN!

Hi, the Rexxar campaign is broken for a couple of months now, everytime you leave a dungeon the game crashes. Please help.


not news, its been known for a while.

If you want the achievements and don’t want to wait for them to probably not fix it, you can use the “win the game” cheat, which will still grant the achievements.

I mean achievements isn’t necessarily the point. I, personally, would like to, you know, play the game? It would be neat if they could fix the damn game, cause that entire campaign is useless as is.


It’s broken since mid-August. There are multiple reports. Blizzard don’t care.

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holaaaa Blizarddddd por favor aregla el problema de la campaña de REXXAR. llevas meses sin responder nada


We are certainly aware of a few issues that popped up with the campaign after the last major patch. These are being investigated by our team for a fix in a future update. Until that point it is best to restart the mission and use the cheat code: AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs
That will allow you to get past the missions impacted by this issue and still play most of the campaign.

To clarify our team is already aware of this issue and is on the case to get it resolved.

Thank you.


Would you agree with the estimate stated or predicted by users elsewhere on this forum that it will not be until next year, if ever, that you would ever fix these parts of the campaign?

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I’m afraid that cheat is not relevant in the Rexxar campaign. The maps are a RPG style game linked together that create zones.

Please tell whoever you are speaking with the fix the game cache.

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How is this acceptable? Are you issuing refunds for the game? This is not a “few issues” -this is a large portion of the core game not being playable. Absolutely outrageous, I will not be buying a blizzard title ever again.

Well, I wouldn’t say a “large portion of the game”…

Also, why will this topic close a month after the last reply?

Do you have a cheat code to refund the money for this broken game?

That would be awesome. Kind of starting to regret buying this “crashes every 5mins” game and it feels like Blizzard doesn’t care about this broken game anymore. It IS our fault for buying a broken bicycle because it is NOT the maker’s fault. Oh and by the way

  • Be kind to your fellow community members. (We are all standing together to ask for a game fix. You are the problem now)
  • Does your reply improve the conversation? (No, but every customer deserves the rights to criticize and whine their purchase)
  • Constructive criticism is welcome, but criticize ideas, not people. (Not when the people are not coming up with ideas to fix their problem. Also, criticism helps people improve, but it seems like Blizzard has no need for improvement.)

Hope you’re still working on a fix for this as it’s still crashing when exiting an area in the Rexxar campaign.

To all in this thread:

Fixed with PTR 1.35.

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No, not all. There is a new one. After victory sceen during the p3 missin, before Theramor City you will stuck. After you press continou it will instantly drop you to defeat screen. So you will not able to complete the whole compaign.

I can not reproduce the issue described by the poster above. For me it is working correctly.

I see that a lot of player experiencing this.
PTR Bug - Campaign instant defeat - PTR Discussion and Bug Report - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums (
I do not know what can cause it for some and not for others. Hope it will be solved until the patch go to live.

And me and others also reported it at some thread, but no reply from blizzard. As usual. :frowning:

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