PTR 1.33 World Editor - invalid object id error crash

I have experienced some issues with an error thrown by the World Editor in PTR 1.33 patch: invalid object id. This error happens sometimes with default HD units that have no counterparts in SD mode.
In the new editor under the PTR patch this error crashes the editor preventing the user from accessing the map that is plagued by it, and it could de facto break existing maps

Since the error is not always thrown (it is already thrown randomly in the 1.32 World Editor but in that case it doesn’t crash the editor), it’s very hard to prevent the issue from occurring and I personally recommend fixing this before shipping the editor in the 1.33 patch.

Some example of units that may cause this error are:

  • Kelen the Seeker [Haah]
  • Blood Wizard [nwzw]

Hssa nwc3 nwc4 Hjnd - other IDs that can cause that


Please have this looked at before public release


We need this fixed before the patch is pushed to live


Sadly this is a new issue introduced with this latest patch, never noticed this before, please Blizzard fix this!


This is an important fix for the health of Re-Reforged and Chronicles of the Second War mods.

RRF is WC3 expanded & improved following on the lines of the 2018 Blizzcon trailer for WarCraft 3 Reforged.

CSW is a WC2 & WC1 remake in WC3R.


yes give them SD counterparts, they are important for the game’s future


Please solve this problem.

Please fix this issue before 1.33 goes live!

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Can you please specify a test map and steps we might take to reproduce this error?

Thank you!


Hey there,

  1. Open the map by opening the editor and then loading it with the interface
  2. Check the placed unit object id
  3. Close the editor and open the map by double clicking on it
  4. Check the error message and the removal of the affected units

Please note that opening the map in the wrong way could break it or even cause fatal corruption. I strongly suspect this issue also affects other issues and fixing this might lead to fix other important issues.
You can download an example map to reproduce here:

Finally, we would like to know where we should direct 1.32 issues. As opposed to PTR 1.33.
Is it ok if we report 1.32 issues in the PTR or should we go in regular bug section.