1.33 World Editor - object data field cause crash

I have experienced, in PTR 1.33, seemingly random crashes when loading map involving certain custom object data fields, like scale and height. I think these issues are related to the issues presented here and are related to the new caching system implemented in the World Editor.

These kind of crashes are very hard to debug and reproduce consistently but their overall presence means that 1.33 should not be shipped live without solving these issues first.


Developers please take this into big consideration as this is very problematic for custom content creators as World Editor is a well beloved program in the WC3 community


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Devs take note please!


These fixes are very important for the health of Re-Reforged and Chronicles of the Second War mods.

RRF is WC3 expanded & improved following on the lines of the 2018 Blizzcon trailer for WarCraft 3 Reforged.

CSW is a WC2 & WC1 remake in WC3R.


You mean the health of every custom map ever ? :stuck_out_tongue:


yes fix them they are important for the game’s future


Bliizard, pay attention! If you would not fix this it will disaster!

Up this needs to be heard blizz

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Please fix this issue!

This new 1.33 patch kick people out of game, when i try to type something if someone join, leave the game, I can’t continue typing, and during typing cursor disappear and game automatically start or quit, game ALWAYs crash after game over or much more.

Same here, I tried to open the w3m file with the custom models, but it crashed within seconds.