PTR 1.30.2 Holiday Weekend Edition

(Pete Stilwell) #1

Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

Thanks to everyone exposing issues with the PTR build. Here’s another for your critique over the upcoming US holiday weekend.

Please invite your friends that purchased Reforged to come test the new installer that allows them access to classic Warcraft III:


  • Players can install by verifying Reforged pre-purchase or with legacy keys (Windows only for PTR - we’ll have Mac ready for the live service)


  • Ban menu option working as intended again
  • Hosts can no longer be banned
  • Players can join game the last slot reserved slot
  • Menus no longer pause on lobby exit
  • Closed lobbies no longer show as full
  • Computer team number no longer increases on every change
  • Full lobbies won’t appear grayed out on loading of the game list
  • Music volume during sound fade in tune
  • Aborting during count down no longer closes the lobby
  • Map file won’t lock after lobby exit
  • Players can swap to observer slots
  • LAN observers no longer create extra player slots
  • Reserved colors no longer have duplicates
  • Player pings no longer appear next to open slots
  • Player slots sort correctly
  • Start button disabled when players are downloading the map file
  • Joining lobbies too quickly no longer causes unexpected behavior


  • In rare instances map files will be corrupted when leaving a lobby during download
  • Peer-to-peer transfer can fail under high latency
  • Mac players may desync from matched games

(Pete Stilwell) #6


Ohh that’s pretty cool so that installer doesn’t require the keys?


It will ask you to login with your Battle-net account or to insert your old cd-key, whatever you prefer.


Yeah thanks I just installed it, however I logged into battle. Net and there was nobody in it… How do you guys usually play online in war3? It’s been quite a while


it is messy. trying to access the options cause a slight lockup. resolution is still locked and exiting the options menu causes a black screen for a few seconds.


Yeah PTR is usually less populated but during the next days hopefully it can get some more players :slight_smile: Also public chats are always sort of dead, but that doesn’t mean there’s no one online! Usually the “Play Game” button or the Quick Search eventually matches you with other players.


Ohh ok thanks! I had never played the game online before lol…


I been searching for a game for 20 minutes on the PTR server…


Once the Reforged game releases and is fully based on Battlenet account, and not on CD keys, will I be able to test multiplayer games by using two computers that I own when they usually use the same Battlenet account? Would that be a case where I could get two Battlenet accounts and buy two copies of Reforged? This might become more significant when developing maps on Reforged. Lately I really enjoyed having a spare CD key on my second computer. However, sometimes it’s just a gimmick


now 55 mins waiting time for a game… and theres no way to turn off music once you are on bnet. wtf?


Colors can get duplicated if you add computers.
https:// i.imgur .com/yVV21ap.png
https:// i.imgur .com/rJ6H46O.png


Swapping player with empty slot doesn’t work in some cases
https:// i.imgur .com/2r3ngwG.png


Nice, big amount of fixes!


[Mac Bug Report]

  • Press F11 in-game will still minimise the game to the top of the desktop on Mac system. F1, F2, F11, F12 does not work properly in game for Mac user which means we cannot adjust the screen brightness and volume when playing the game. (MacBook Pro, OS 10.12.6)

  • In the main menu (title screen), the game title ‘Warcraft III Frozen Throne’ was not displayed correctly–it was displayed as few empty blocks.

Please fix those two issues for Mac users, they have been existed since 1.30.1. Thank you Classic Team.


!owner command is needed, so when the host leaves, there’s still someone that can execute commands.
!votekick, !ping, !from would also help.

Any news about the bot API? :slight_smile:


Pete, can you add an option to host lobbies with the old way (port forwarding). My friends and I get 200ms to EU Battle .net server (which is the closest server to us). They used to get 30ms when we play a game hosted by me.


Yes!! Thank you so much for this! :smiley:


How are you playing on mac with a .exe installer?


Previous 1.30.2 PTR can update to this version using Warcraft launcher on Mac.