Pre-purchase Access to Classic



I just pre-purchased the Warcraft III: Reforged to play the instant access games and I am not able to find them. Can anyone help? I thought this was supposed to be fixed by December 1st? Who should I contact?

Thank you so much!


I do! Have you figured it out?


I just purchased Reforge and I cannot download the classic game !
Why is this happening ? Thats why I pre-ordered to play the classic !!


click WIN or MAC to download the client


These download links for only downloading Frozen Throne. Is there not a link for Classic download? Or is that through because if it is, it’s not letting me download anything.


Both RoC and TFT are in the same .exe now, so it’s just the one installer. You will use that installer and then use the login to option. Some people have said it’s showing on their launcher and others have said it can be found in the classic games download section in their account, but neither are showing for me.


Hey guys, my brother and I both prepurchased wc3 reforged, but I accidentally signed in to my account on both of our computers and now it won’t let us both go into Bnet at the same time because it thinks we are using the same cd key. Is there a way to sign out of one so we can sign in with the other and play together?


You could try uninstalling the game and reusing the installer to see if that would help.


can you please stop releasing broken patches and hire a professional to work with the game instead of you?


I’ve got the same problem. Hope they’ll fix it soon.


SO I pre-purchased Warcraft: III Reforged, downloaded the game client, open said game, don’t have CD keys so obviously i click login to BNET to play, tells me that I have not pre-purchased WC:III Reforged. What to do now?


Has this thing been resolved yet? Would love to crush some Classic. Thats the only reason why I actually pre-ordered hah.


lol. You think people work for free?


Hi I have pre puchased the wc3 reforged, was told in the details it comes with access to classic wc3 and TFT version? where can i download these? nowhere to be found…

I bought because i really wanted to start playing those custom games again, can blizzard fix it? so long already…


Are you for reals? you’ve been able to install wc3 with reforged prepurchase for a while already, just download the wc3 installed and authenticate with your reforged stuff


I recently pre-purchased the game and it said it came with the classic which i been wanting to re-experience, yet it doesn’t appear in my downloadable games for classics. I see my previous purchases of Diablo 2 and expansion, but no Warcraft 3?


Have you tried to open a ticket and contact a gm? What you can also do is log in to your account on then go to your classic games and see if it lets you download it or if it asks for you to buy it.

It is from my understanding that when you download the game it will ask for a code (for physical copy users) or for you to login under your bnet account. If you did pre-purchase it should let you play. If not then again, contact a GM via the ticket system.


The installer is in the top post of the thread below. Just download and install, and then you have to log in to BattleDotNet to register. Or you can click the WIN or MAC links below.

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