Pre-purchase Access to Classic


same think to me.
cant enter in wc3 battlenet. cant download and install the new patch.
wake up!!!


where do you check if you got the keys sent out to you ?


Here is the client, both for Windows and Mac

Quote from there:


  • Installation now supports verification of Reforged pre-purchase or legacy keys


Hey i have pre-order and i dont have w3 classic why?


Yes you already have, check your email. Wc3 won’t appear on battlenet launcher for now.


You have to download the Warcraft 3 installer by clicking on the link in this forum post:

Then in the installer you’ll have to verify your pre-purchase by logging into bnet on it.


I just pre-purchased Reforged and got confirmation e-mail! Expecting legacy keys to arrive shortly, keeping an eye on mailbox…


You don’t get Warcraft keys if you purchase Reforged, they are now using the “keyless system” that doesn’t require a CD key for you to play.


it works, i pre purchase and this version allows u to either put in the cdkey or to log in and download the pre purchase version, ive already played one game on bnet 2v2 and currently loading another 1v1 game IT WORKKKKKSSS THANKSSS BNET


pre-purchased. own both original games still cant install in bnet app sad panda


I didn’t get anything like this. It just installed as if I downloaded the client from Battle. net. Same as always.


I contacted them again after this post, they issued a replacement key.


Is there anyone else having problems when logging into i cant make it work, although i tried admin and compatibility mode, deactivated firewall, port 6112-6119… :frowning:

edit: just downloaded the test-server. no problems there


JUST click windows or mac I suggest uninstall previous versions it will promt to either put a cdkey or login thru battlenet… its working at my office and at my house same loggin GL


yeah, i did that and it installed the game. when i create a account ingame and try to login it says there is a problem while processing my login.


Would love to but cant even download the client. It runs at like 3km and then fails after about 3 minutes…


i have pre-order w3 remastered 1 monath and i have him in laucher and i dont see him in battlenet acc did not send me an verification email and i want to play w3 classic and do not


It would be nice if you updated the launcher to have a download for the classic game once you have pre-purchased. It was frustrating to have to locate a link for the download by scrolling though this thread, thank you for posting the link though.


When I try to enter on battlenet I got error message ’ we cannot handle your request’ and I cant log in ?

I got both digitals WC3 keys and pre-purchased WC3 reforged too what is going on?


Does this include TFT expansion? Its only launching ROC…