Poor Grubby :(

Anyone else feel bad for Grubby? If you watch his stream he’s very entertaining and seems like a good dude. Unfortunately, the game he dedicated most of his life to just got revived only to die a quick embarrassing death.


He seems to be having fun and isn’t addressing any of the controversy whatsoever, so it doesn’t seem like he’s bothered. He’s still putting out videos on youtube of just him playing through the campaigns.

So if he’s having fun, why would I feel bad about him specifically? His attitude has always been “if there’s one person playing a game, it’s not dead.” He literally said this about HotS.


Grubby is a paid Shill.
He knew that the game would suck from the very start, yet he said/ did nothing.


Grubby will be perfectly fine and is perfectly fine and even if everything was twenty thousand times worse, he would be fine. He’s basically Keemstar/DSP of warcraft games.


He is very bothered, he just hides it now because if he would be honest it would be a crushing critique. When he saw the classic graphics in reforged engine, he said they looked really off/different. So much so that he said he would quit the game if not improved.

He is terribly disspointed.


You should take that back. This is exactly what Activision wants. Us players turning against each other. Grubby is a professional player whose job is to excel at the game. You dishonor him by using him as an outlet for your dissatisfaction towards Reforged and the evil corporates behind its failure


I mean, if he wants improvement shouldn’t he pull the trigger on that crushing critique?

I dunno, I’ve been watching his gameplay through the Beta process and it feels like he’s always discussed WC3R with a very light touch.

I mean, hell, when they announced at Blizzcon that they were cutting about half of what was promised, I remember his response to the community was “why do you want changes? You had no idea if those changes were good.”


Grubby is a paid shill . He will get his paycheck from Blizzard (hes giving free War 3 reforged keys) and then he will laught at us with his money to the bank. Wake up Grubby and dont be such a sellout


While some might take that to some unwarranted extreme and while “shill” is a derogatory term, he’s not wrong. Grubby has very firm connections to Blizzard and is doing and has done more than just playing their games, including official commentary, casting etc.
I am not holding that against him and I know what you mean, some people will, but I think that’s their right, no?


IDK if he’s paid or its just wiling to praise almost everything blizzard is doing. Something seems fishy.
What is his opinion on the Release fiasco ? i bet he did not commented yet, just playing campaigns. He is definitely in touch with Pete or some1 from the team.


Its too late already. Classic in refoged will never look like the orginal classic (its now a washed out mess), since it needs to be compatible with reforged. And reforged is beyond saving, its a testament to the lack of taste by the developers team.


Dude, Grubby promoted that EA’s mobile C&C game, I think that’s his most downvoted video on youtube.
Now, I personally don’t care as I am not his friend or wife or anything like that, so I am not bothered by him doing whatever he wants - I underline this, because I am not going to shout “shill!”, whether he is one or not. BUT, my point to you is your last sentence. He should wake up from what? He’s not asleep, he always functioned that way. He is a very mercantile person. Some think that’s fine, some dislike that type of personality, but Grubby in particular and your call for him to “wake up” and “not be a sellout”, I don’t think it makes sense in his case.


Okay. How does any of this preclude him voicing displeasure if displeasure is what he actually feels?

I dunno, it just seems like you’re trying to ascribe a very generous interpretation of how someone you don’t know personally actually feels. I’m going specifically by what he has and has not said, and I don’t think that’s an unreasonable standard to use when judging a person.

So what is the point of making reforged with the same old engine and bnet if they were planing to change classic as well… ITS LOSE to both purist and new players.


He definitely is using a light touch but he’s affiliated with Blizz and this game has made him what he is. Do you expect different? I would not say he’s been disingenuous - as others said, he has stated openly that there is a possibility that we would be left with “less than we had before” since classic gfx may not match up to classic itself, and Reforged graphics are subjective (i.e. cannot be seriously used for competitive multi).

A “crushing critique” will do nothing at this point. We all know what happened - Blizz pulled the plug on the funding (or didn’t provide much to begin with), and you had a skeleton team of devs, QA and outsourced art department to create this game. Now that its a public company, they are hesitant to delay the game longer so they released this unfinished mess.

Personally, I don’t see Blizzard fixing this fast enough. Grubby will move onto something else eventually. Blizz messed up because they can’t piggyback off Twitch popularity at release since all the casuals will tune out due to buggy/unfinished features. The people who watched Grubby pre-Reforged will also tune out because too many months of crappy implementation means they lose interest.

The only hope is B2W to keep the competitive/stream scene alive for another 1-2 years until the game is fixed.


Of course he could voice his displeasure with the fact that classic looks like garbage in reforged client and that reforged is a tasteless pile of garbage. But he knows that it wont change anything, since its beyond saving already.

Why upset his relationship with blizzard over something that cant be changed anymore? :smiley:

Also if he is too tough on reforged he would literally be cutting off the tree branch he is sitting on.


Because he already left HotS and SC2. I guess, were I in his position and I honestly believed WC3 had been ruined, I would voice my criticism regardless of the potential ramifications.

I mean, if he leaves WC3 what other Blizzard game would he play anyway? Hearthstone? He hates Hearthstone.

I remember when he was playing the culling demo at blizzcon and was telling his chat he’d relay a lot of the critique he was seeing directly to blizzard. Speaks a lot about blizzard that they didn’t listen to him. Grubby’s not really a sellout, he actually just doesn’t have the same issues with Reforged that you or I do. He doesn’t care about being on classic TFT, he didn’t play custom games, he doesn’t really care about the campaign, and he especially doesn’t care about the custom campaigns. He wanted new graphics and he got them. I’m sure he’s annoyed there is no ranked ladder right now but his stream is essentially just show matches these days so even that isn’t a big deal for him. I mean hell, he can actually play games on reforged and wanted reforged. A lot of us here didn’t pay for it and didn’t want it and still got forced it. We’re missing features we had two days ago and for some(like me) the new system is unusable garbage. The few discords I’m on to follow some of the custom map scene are bleak at best right now. Some are joking to just taking their custom map and making a standalone. But none of this affects Grubby, so why would he complain?

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I think Grubby was the messenger aka the only 1 to say what he wanted from reforged what is good what is not, not the community , ONLY HIM. Thats what i think. Pete listened to him and made all the changes. Also the scrapped things were perfect for not spending time + no time no money from activision.