Plz Upvote - Remaster ALL cinamatics not intro only!

Plz don’t remaster the intro cinematic only. My hype died so hard after the announcement" only the first one cinematic remastered; rest upscaled.

We need especially Arthas Vs. Illidan remastered cinamatic completely.

What about World Tree and Fall of Dalaran?

It will look bad to have old cinematics with new graphics.

PLZ Reforged is " More than a remaster"
Blizzard said tht so we expect and deserve remastered cinematics.

We better get more refined cinematics like Archimonde in 4k with retcon .


Hope they remake these cinematics as well, I was dissapointed by the announcement. But I still have hope that they change their minds. Or they just say that to not get our hopes up. But the Illidan vs arthas fight is a MUST in my opinion


If I don’t get this “Arthas Vs. Illidan remastered cinamatic” . I might not buy reforged at all.

Also I completely agree with this “It will look bad to have old cinematics with new graphics.”


A few bullets about this issue:

  • Everyone knows we’d love to have all cinematics reforged like the trailer/intro.
  • However, it’s very costly, and I seriously doubt it to be cost-efficient at the current price.
  • The original cinematics came compressed, Reforged will at least bring us the original cinematics with better resolution.
  • About Arthas vs. Illidan: That cinematic is an in-game cutscene, of course it will get the Reforged treatment, there is no discussion there.

They are already doing this, just not building them up from scratch. Stop complaining.

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In-game cut scenes are being remastered. Pre-rendered movies are not.

So Arthas Vs. Illidan is getting the love it never got, but Archimond destroying Dalaran is just because upscaled for modern monitors.

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Petition threads are frowned upon here. That being said, having a cooler Arthas vs Illidan fight would be good.

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It’s all being remasterd. Remastering the game doesn’t mean they have to do everything again from scratch. They still have the 3d assets from the original cinematics from all we know they can switch out textures and create new lighting not just change the composition. It has enormous potential of improvement with a fraction of the work.

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I’m all for all the cinematics being redone but at the same time I think what they should do is release one of the upscaled old ones so that we can see what they’ll look like. Could raise the hype again.


Arhas vs İllidan scene was supposed to be a cinematic but devs claimed they had few resources to make it back then. Now they are a gaming giant it’s a shame if they won’t do it for the fans now.


Look man, I really want them too. But do understand that if they did, it would be an incredibly costly affair.

Think of how often WoW gets CGI cinematics, and how massive that game is financially. And now remember that Warcraft 3 has 9 of them.

I would love for Blizzard to make the investment for the sake of Warcraft’s history. But it’s not surprising that they’re choosing not too.


Its a waste of money to remaster every cinematic. I can understand the intro for marketing purposes, but Blizzard’s classic games team does not have an unlimited budget.

Remastered cinematics are the last priority. Tons of other improvements and features are a priority. Use the money on developers for them.


Seriously guys, stop complaining. Have you any idea how much money it would cost to redo all the cinematics from scratch? It would most likely take several millions and talk about the time they would take. I think it was like 9 months that they used for one (1) cinematic for Diablo 3. Are you seriously ready to push back the release for like 5 years just because you want all the cinematics redone?

They make like 1 to 3 cinematics per WoW expansion, and now they should suddenly come up with 9 cinematics for a remaster of a game that costs 30 bucks? I say it again: seriously, get some perspective. Blizzard is not some wizard, that can just puff out these kind of things out of thin air. Also, is it really going to ruin the game if the cinematics aren’t 100% new? They will still look awesome after remastering.

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I dunno - the cinematics in WC3 look fine - at the very least for me. It’s not like in SC when the CGI was clearly showing it’s age. Aside of some compression artifacts and “noise” in sun rays and smoke, CGI in WC actually holds up - sure, it’s not on the level of BfA WoW cutscenes, but I don’t think it’s gonna look bad upscaled.

I agree that it’s extremaly costly and resource intensive to remaster all the cinematics. And there is also another thing that should be taken into account - player nostalgia. And a possibility of accidently messing up a perfectly servicable cutscene with some unnecessary changes.

Imagine what would happen if the small changes made to the very memorable cutscene fall flat. It would only require to slightly change the music or use a different sound effect for a cutscene to lose an “oomph”.
To some extent you can observe it in the remastered teaser - the orc face looks a bit derpy, the infernal roar isn’t powerful enough, the “woman wail” is a bit too loud, the thunder is a bit too muted - small stuff. But when you have the cutscene memorized - as I suspect most WC3 players have - it starts to be noticable.

So while I would like to see how the cinematics would look like remastered, I’m not that concerned with this announcement. If they only polish the existing cutscenes - remove the graphical artifacts, improve the color saturation and bump the resolution, I think it’s going to look really good.

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They are being remastered. The word you are looking for is remake.

I don’t think they should remake them. I think the originals hold up fine. I would rather they, instead of using all those resources on what are already cinematics, make the Illidan and Arthas fight into an actual cinematic.


one of the first things i thought about with reforged was the illidan vs arthas fight being remade. i didnt particularly hate it back then but i remember a lot of people being real disappointed in it

no, because this would give them too much freedom at retconning. They managed to butcher the first cinematic with it already and much more than you most likely actually saw. I did see a lot of detail and it got changed for retcon reasons. Completely ignoring the old stuff even where it was better.

I agree. This fight was a big deal and doesn’t really show that it’s a big deal :smiley:

Take that time and money and put it into something more worth while than a few cinematics that we will only watch a few more times after finishing the campaign. It’s nice to have but honestly the cost isn’t worth it, and I’d rather it go into something bigger like… ORCHESTRATING THE SOUNDTRACK!


take that time and put it into mobile gaming… pff yeah right, i rather them make warcraft 3 “reforged” as perfect as it can be, i rather them spend the money on CG cinematics then put it towards the “Dont you all have phones” mobile games