Please go live

Can we please go live with this patch now? I understand there may still be some bugs/kinks to work out, but most people are done trying out the PTR. Just go live with what you have and things can be hotfixed along the way.

What’s with the rush?


i guess they could go live and then still work on a patch on the test realm. not that it matters to me when i only have the test realm client installed.

I don’t think so - if they will patch out in recent days, I think that many custom maps will be broken and it will hurt remaining community more than non-releasing patch.

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It’s been a while, but wasn’t Mamak one of the users asking Blizzard to fix the game 1-2 years ago back when Blizzard was doing nothing? Honestly it would probably be natural if most of us who remain wanted Blizzard to release the patch and shoot themselves in the foot. It could be like a way to troll in plain sight such that if Blizzard takes you seriously and had so little of an idea what’s going on that they do shoot themselves in the foot, you would feel justified for being annoyed at them.

Who knows? Maybe I’m reading too much into it.

i would personally prefer that they keep the test realm going until it is ready for live. it saves me the trouble of reinstalling the normal version right away.

god no
bad idea

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Ah yes, go live with a broken patch full of literally game breaking errors for no reason at all…? imagine if there’s an undiscovered editor corruption bug on LIVE game, people edit their maps and it breaks them when they try to reopen them, yeah good one dude…

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ptr takes almost no disk size compared to regular wc3 ever since they added the shared container stuff, you can have both installed and it’s almost the same size

Don’t listen to him, please dont go live and keep making PTR patches!

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agreed. going live now would be a catastrophe.

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There is zero reason for the PTR to be rushed.

The PTR exists to be updated, and they can keep updating it, going live would make it difficult for the community to draw points of comparison between 1.32.10 and 1.33.+

We have people working to stress test the game and report bugs.

Its fine, keep updating the PTR.

Also no there isn’t “some” issues on the PTR, it actually adds more issues then 1.32 had compared to what it fixes. and also, it fixes a very tiny portion of the MOUNTAIN of issues on 1.32 so uh… bad move to release it now.


As if this entire game hasn’t been a catastrophe since day 1? Go live.

lol I was right about you Mamak! Thanks for confirming my point.

Not as if I don’t sometimes share the same sentiment, though.

bad take, pls sit down

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Only a troll would ask for something to be released before it’s ready.

i would not call somebody a troll based on just a few posts. going live with a patch that is a mess is never wise however.


Well maybe they should hire some people actually capable of PUTTING OUT THE PRODUCT THAT THEY KEEP PROMISING US?

One of the wealthiest, most successful gaming companies on the planet and the blatant disdain they have for their playerbase is utterly insane.

Two years ago they said this patch was a “high priority.”

Indie game companies consisting of a whopping 2-3 staff members are able to patch games every week or two for games that are considerably more complex than warcraft3 is (and 20 years newer!) and yet over two years post launch we are still left wondering if the game will ever receive the treatment it was supposed to have gotten by the time the game launched.

Seriously, release the bloody patch already. You said it would be 2-3 weeks of testing. We are into week 5.


they are not going to rush it. they likely know that the game`s chances rests on this one patch. many of the developers was taken off warcraft 3 and not able to work on it until recently. there was a long time where warcraft 3 did not have developers at all.

Yes I would say that it still doesnt. Hire some capable people Blizzard, you can afford it.

And yes, they SHOULD RUSH THIS. Hire or transfer as many people as needed over to the war3 team and get it done.

Its not rocket science.