Please don't scrap reworking the campaign

I assume most people here don’t want the latest cringey WoW lore developments to seep into the campaign, but that doesn’t mean there should be no changes to it.

The old campaign is old and outdated and, to most of us, already seen several times. The perspective of a new, revamped, expanded campaign was probably the game best selling points among most og the fans.

By leaving the campaign untouched you are only listening to a vocal crowd of people who probably don’t even want reforge at all and view warcraft 3 as their old personal toy.

I beg you to reconsider this as well as many other unchanged aspects of the game which will bar it from being trurly succesful among the new generations of players (e.g. selection limit, clunky unit collision)


By all means please keep your opinion as yours… Don’t include a community which you don’t really know… You call a few vocal people who doesn’t want the old campaign reforged… Are you not also few? Where’s the statistics saying you are more?..

That being said… I would have also liked seeing the old campaign expanded… Rather than retcon it… I wanted it to be added more plot lines and cinematics and all that…

But can you be really sure they didn’t change the campaign because of the fans…?

There’s many possibilities…by how the game looks now, that includes that perhaps the game is not getting enough support and everything they wanted to do is being scrapped… At the end of the day reforged could be only cool models on top of an old game… :older_woman::joy:


By scrapping something that was part of the initial pitch to the public, they’re liable to lose even more support than what they’d have if they kept to their word.


100% agree here #NOnochanges


That’s almost comically wrong. I spent hundreds if not thousands of hours porting the Brood War campaign into Starcraft 2, that is, re-creating a campaign with better graphics. Reading that I might not even want Reforged makes me laugh out loud.

I don’t want the story to change, because I love it as it is. That’s the long and short of it. I can live with Arthas’ base being to the south of Stratholme instead of to the east, or cosmetic changes that can be handwaved as looking at the scene from a different angle. Just don’t touch the plot, the lore or the dialogs.


Reforged was meant to give the opportunity to relive the old campaign with either old or new graphics as well as a new one that people who started with WoW would find lining up with what they’ve come to accept as canon over the years. The original campaign was always going to be there.


I don’t think that’s correct. The “new” campaign was going to be the old one, plus or minus a few lines of dialogs, or perhaps a cutscene or two. That’s what I understood from the interviews, at any rate.

Please continue with the retrofit of the campaign I was looking forward to it and am highly disappointed that it’s been scraped


They said no retcons will be incorporated… Whoever that doesn’t mean we won’t get a new campaign…

Perhaps we getting new campaign… Without wow retcons

I’ll propose a reasonable solution: Keep wc3 campaign as is and make a new campaign expansion after reforged is done to please the wow players.

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Reasonable solution would be to keep the original campaign and make a Reforged campaign to go alongside it, with the reworked maps, dialogue, the works.

But I honestly believe that’s what Blizzard’s original intention always was.


I don’t think the story “retcons” will be fully abandoned. I think the WoW Stratholme will stay, Anasterian will stay, Thalorien will stay, and the ice bridge Arthas created towards Quel’danas Isle will stay

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They did a long time ago already, Reforged would just be a demonstration of it.

You mean without Warcraft retcons.

One of your few posts I actually agree with and echoed in another thread. I hope that at the very least they just release Reforged in two major stages. First, here’s all the new art and online functionality and editor. Second, here’s the Reforged campaign.

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They did that in WoW, and it is the main reason I stopped playing WoW during Lich King. I am now playing Classic because the story still followes the Warcraft 3 lore closely. To me the argument sounds like “they did awful things elsewhere, so it’s OK if they do awful things here”.

What does that mean? The devs explicitely said that the retcons would have been to make the Warcraft 3 story closer to WoW.


These games don’t exist in a bubble and never did. They’re part of what’s now a 25 year old series with only a few entries that are explicitly not canon rather than just heavily retconned.

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They’re likely not scrapping it entirely. They’re not doing any dialogue re-writes that’d require new voice acting, but I’m pretty sure the Reforged campaign will still include the map changes and lore character cameos.

Actually I would bet you that the best-selling point for ‘most of the fans’ (certainly for myself) was the perspective of being able to play the game in the new Battle Net with, hopefully, a replenished player base, at least for a time.

Being able to replay the original campaigns with updated graphics was just gravy. Like many, I rather hope that changes to it will be kept to a bare minimum.

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People really need to read what is being said. They never said no changes would be made, and if you look up screenshots, you can already see that areas like Ashenvale looks like it does in WoW, not just a big forest- that’s a change right there.

What they are saying is that they are dialing back some of the changes they had planned - probably more Jaina and Sylvanas - which I, for one, am very glad for.



Map changes and lore character cameos are in all likelihood still in, but anything that would have required them to completely re-voice the whole campaign got scrapped.

So - promised reworking campaign and then drop it, after all pre-purchases and promises?
Sorry but this is EPIC FAIL, Blizzard.