Please ban the bots in 4v4 RT

Pretty simple, 4v4 RT has a lot of level 1 bots that simply afk and/or leave at the start of a game. Many have names like ‘afkbot90’. If a blizzard mod could simply disable the cdkeys of some of the abusers, they’d be small enough in number to stamp it out entirely. They’ll run out of cdkeys quickly. From what I can see on azeroth there’s only a handful of them, but they flood the queue so most games have 1+ of them, ruining it.

They aren’t even set up to abuse 4v4 to win by matching a specific human player and leaving to imbalance the teams- they’re just trying to ruin the game for everyone.

If any blizzard classic games team is actually interested in stopping them and need help identifying the obvious abusers- not just people who have done it once or twice or made someone mad at them, but the 0-100 botted accounts- it would be pretty easy to get some people in the community to point them out.


the afk/leavers is a serious issue.
Please add a penalty for those who leave games early

penalizing through game losses or any other account-based strategy wouldn’t work vs the account spam from the botters. Cdkey bans would. Games like dota have a more comprehensive method of low-priority matchmaking as a punishment and restriction combined, but that would take significant coding effort and balancing to make sure it isn’t getting false positives.

Just have a mod go through and manually ban a few cdkeys of accounts like this;

even if the game is set up to detect and ban an account after a certain number of afk games- or just fail to find matches with anyone as equally low ELL- it won’t do anything to someone who makes new accounts

I got desynced couple times in 4v4 too. It is wc3 fault.

if you named your account ‘afkbot90’ and went afk in 10 games in a row, I don’t think anyone would mistake it for being a glitch or desync or accidentally forgetting you were searching

penalty could be if you leave 2 or more games early (in a row) then you cant search for another game for 10-15 minutes, if you repeat the same action the penalty is increased to 20-30 minutes, and so on

that way if it only happens once in a while (or accidentally) those people wont be punished too much

Oh look its clan-iraq, haven’t seen you in a while. We should mass acos sometime.

There are a lot of low level bots flooding 4v4 RT and they should be banned outright(maybe go for IP bans too since this is about stacking wins/games)
It will be really bad for release if they’re still in existence.

make it happen!

why does blizzard allow this? tk, afk, loss-bots, are ruining games