Played it. Liked it

Played through the campaign prologue yesterday. The game looks great and the mechanics are still as I remembered them. Blizz did a great job refreshing this title rather than letting it die like WCI and WCII. After all, it is the essential setup for WoW.

I predict that, like SCII, WCIII:Reforged will get multi-player balance and feature updates to bring it into line with WCIII. Panic over missing features is premature.

As for the old client being retired…it needed to be done. It looked like crap on modern systems with an even halfway decent graphics card. Welcome to the family, WCIII:R.


Thank you for taking the time to post your opinion! I love it too and am very hopeful for the future (If the game survives this backlash that is).

If any one else loves it please make a post! That way we can show hoy many of us like it and are having an awesome time.

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You’re welcome. Right now the trolls are looking for their 15 minutes of forum fame. Hopefully the hyperbole will die down, but one can never quite tell here on the forums. There’s always someone wanting to vomit out their latest screed.


I am enjoying the game as well. Nice to see a friendly post in the sea of pessimistic people with nothing better to do.


This game is amazing! Blizz did an amazing job!


Definitely been having a fun time. Got all the way to the second Night Elf campaign and I’m taking a break for now. Really appreciate the work and I’m sure future patches will just make things better.


The game is bad, dude. Some people enjoy Fallout 76 and all the power to them if they do, but it’s fundamentally a bad game just like Reforged is.

The sad thing is that this game is an embarrassment compared to what it could have been and there are still people who defend it.


Imagine hiring this many shills to defend a grossly terribly game that somehow made a good 20 year old game worse in various ways. It’s obvious at this point.


Copy/Pasting the response I just gave in a similar thread…

Here’s the thing…
If you only want this game to replay Warcraft III with updated graphics… it’s a perfectly cromulent game. I was never all that into PVP modes (I dabbled in custom games, but not hugely into them)… Campaign is basically the gist of what I wanted, so I don’t regret preordering, nor have I refunded.
Had Blizzard kept the scope of this game small, presented it as a simple graphical update, and kept people’s expectations reasonable… I don’t think they’d have half the fire they have on their hands right now.
The problem is, they gave the community the rope the community is using to hang them now. They announced a much loftier, more expansive, better-sounding product than they released. And they deserve every bit of bile thrown at them as a result.
It wasn’t the community setting its own expectations too high, this was blizzard setting the community’s expectations high, and not delivering.
But yes, if you only want a basic graphic update, it’s decent enough. I’m enjoying playing the campaign again.


these positive vibes only posts are stunning and brave!


That’s your (subjective) opinion, and you have a right to it. I’m enjoying it, and it has met my expectations. I haven’t run into any bugs, and campaign mode plays as I expected it would. I have no interest in multiplayer modes, so I have no opinion on them.

I will agree with you on Fallout 76 though. I gave it a few months, but it was so inherently flawed that I got bored and frustrated.


I agree with you :ok_hand:


I agree when it works, this is the same great game it was in 2002. However, it rarely works. It rarely worked in beta either, and we all told them it wasn’t ready for release. Somehow it actually works less now than it did two weeks ago.

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Agreed! I also love this game and I don’t miss the old client.

Well done Blizz and thank you for this as WC3 was my first blizz game ever back in the day!


How do you know they’re shills? People legitimately like this game. It has a lot of flaws and a bad launch but if people like the game, let them.


I’ll have to take your word for it. I haven’t had any issues with it yet.

Have you posted to the bug forum?

Of course. Multiple times, and other people posted the bugs I’ve experienced too.

Upgrade your town hall with team colours on, and tell me if it doesn’t change back to your original colour.


Apparently you didn’t really read my posts. I don’t do multi-player, so I’ll have to take your word for it.

all 3 “versus” games i got this “bug”, all 3 were wins i enjoy killling the fanboys lol, they are mostly trash in ladder.

oh no boy you are wrong. its more like YOU want your forum fame by being contrarian