Patch 1.35 Coming January 19

We will release patch 1.35 on Thursday, January 19. This patch includes Custom Campaigns, Map Pool updates, Leaderboard fixes, Season Roll updates, and a major balance update.

You can read more about the balance update in our PTR forum here, and if you’d like to test it out before Thursday, switch over to our PTR Test region in the launcher and give it a spin.

We really appreciate all of your testing and feedback!


Happy Friday the 13th doods hope you guys have a great weekend!


Please fix the FPS bug caused by rendering classic GFX on CPU instead of GPU in hybrid laptops in Windows 11

It’s causing mouse lags, I can cooperate for more info if you need

It seems to be due to native fullscreen problem caused by DX update since 1.33 patch

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And again word Like season and patch aint allowed to use in the clan msg of the day …

Alright thanks for informing us Kaivax, looking forward to the gameplay constants editor crash fix and cache bug fix being deployed to live :slight_smile:

For the meanwhile is there no program or script that automatically disables your integrated graphics when you launch war3? else, can you not disable integrated graphics entirely?

(also, report it on the technical support forum)

Please fix Orc vs NE finally! It’s been years since you broke it with 1.30 and it’s still not properly adressed in the PTR! You are reverting all changes that were supposed to help Orc. And Mirror Image change makes it even worse than it it now!
Reduce lvl 1 entangle time, reduce moonwell regen that you buffed in 1.30!

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They specified there is another update coming which is going to be just bug fixing so be sure to make a thread about it if there isn’t one already.

what is the point of a ladder reset when the score is not updated correctly?

I hope the profile not showing bug will be solved.
Also a bug that if you do some of your match placements and you exit the game. The next session will forget all your past match placements… I did more than 5 in total and still not ranked.

L. Gl bringing back players after this patch

Perhaps it starts working now and they decided to reset it and go with a fresh start.

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We finally get Custom Campaign back after three years lol


I wanna reiterate my praise from earlier patches.
having 3 PTR updates and a steady “communication” with the community was really nice!

Hopefully you guys stick around and we can build upon that foundation. please dont make the same mistake as other teams before you become the dad that leaves for cigarettes…again…and again…and again


if this means 4v4 wins are going to be recorded than I am the happiest person on this forum haha

No, it means the leaderboard itself, as seen by clicking the “leaderboard” button in the versus UI.

But another patch is coming after this focused on bug fixes.

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bring back mutefunction in 1on1 and make it easier to use also, like u just need to type “!mute” and its done, no more messages from enemy … forever.

Hey can you please fix crashes like in The Scourge of Lordaeron enchanted i always crash when i destroy the healing eye orb thing right when you’re about to pick up the potion of mana near the fountain of healing there’s the side quest that’d be lovelly if you could fix that. Ps the mission’s name is Ravages of the plauge and it’s just after you’ve saved those footmen there were trying to defend the villiges and before you get to the undead about to sacrifice the villiges to their cauldren of evil.

I love that the game keeps getting updated despite… “constructive criticism”. Reforged started with bugs and removing mechanics from the original game, but it also added new mechanics, so you just had to bring back what was missing (like the custom campaigns option), fix the bugs, and it’s already a great game.
Then all that remains is to continue with the improvements of the campaigns according to the current lore, I have been seeing them and the truth is that I like what you have added.


For anyone wanting to play Lord of the Clans, Day of the Dragon or The Last Guardian immediately: I’m working as hard as I can to release new updates for my 3 campaigns. It will likely take 2-3 weeks from now.

I am also working on new projects. Feel free to join my discord to get exclusive infos ____