Patch 1.35 Coming January 19

There are still drops in FPS in the game and also using the editor, this is sure because there is still a lack of optimization of the game, if it would improve the performance of the game it would be on a par with Starcraft 2 which is more fluid and does not sacrifice much ram. Although this does not happen much in classic graphics, surely the incompatibility of certain models in version maps collide in the current ones or data is deleted, hopefully in the future this will be solved for the WE editor.

Thanks for the update.

Please consider doing something for the dreadlord, abomination and necromancer units in the future.

Thank you for the update.

Thanks for the heads up, it really helps for us to prepare for the patch.

What is the Warcraft III development team goals after this patch?

Another patch will come after focused on bugfixes as stated by them in the PTR section

They didnt state that at all. They said the balance portion is final and they are now working on bug fixing. They never said another patch is coming after the fact that addresses bug fixes. This should be all encompassing in 1.35.

Considering this patch’s contents is final, that is in fact what they stated. I don’t think we’re going to see more than what’s listed until another patch.

It says the balance iteration is final and they are now working on bug fixing. Nowhere does it say they are working on another patch. Will it eventually happen? Most likely, but I wouldn’t expect anything after this patch anytime soon outside of some hot fixes if something is really broken, but we thought that before…

It doesn’t say "we’re working on bug fixing FOR THIS PATCH. The way they worded it and the time remaining before the patch release tells me there’s going to be a SEPERATE PATCH focused on bug fixes. Not more bug fixes in the next 6 days- Which is unrealistic given the amount of time this patch has already been cooking.

Once again, nowhere does it say they are, or will be, actively working on another patch. You are definitely the insufferable and unaware clown of these forums. Congrats.


Having problems inviting people to clan, says can’t invite anyone. Others encountered this?

fix the random disconnects

Once again, nowhere does it say they are, or will be, actively working on another patch.

You’re welcome to whatever opinion you’d like to have, but that doesn’t make you right. it doesn’t say they’re NOT working on another patch either, and since there isn’t sufficient time for them to put a bunch of new bug fixes into the already existing patch, my OPINION is that there will be another one.

Ultimately, the dev post is vague and declaring it to definitively be one way or the other is wrong. Clarification is needed that we likely won’t get. I admit I’m riding on an assumption here, but so are you.

And kindly don’t namecall. I just post a lot so I’m a target. I’m also not 100% anti-blizzard (doesn’t mean I’m a happy camper either though) so I get hate for that too.

trash patch my stats lose all

The patch isn’t out yet, but yes, we will all lose our stats as the ladder will reset with the release of this patch.
As far as if you played on the PTR, it is seperate from the live game and your stats do not carry over. But until the patch comes out, they still exist on the live version.

Why do so many people not understand that the PTR is entirely seperate?

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You cannot disable Intel Card on Laptop if using External monitor, since it is attached to it

I have made tons of issues about FPS and Mouse Lag in technical forum, no response, you can search for FPS in forum

Why in the world would a laptop be designed with only the integrated video being able to output to the external monitor port. I mean, I sympathize with your situation, but that’s flat out bad design.

It’s a Blizzard laptop… :wink:

I lost NE 400 wins in one game, how can I be compensated?????tell me

I lost NE 400 wins in one game, how can I be compensated?