Patch 1.34 is now Live

Patch notes updated here.


what about the leaderboard? we all lost our stats. Rank 1 4v4 player with 10k mmr : 0 win and 0 loss


Can’t invite 90% of my friends for the clan via Battle Tag or “Invite” function. Says they are already in a clan.

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More servers for better ping condition.

Something vs leavers/team killers.

Disable W3Champions so the community is not divided.

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Why would you ever recommend disabling w3c? Do you honestly think Blizzard will ever be competent enough to continuously update this game and care about it in the way w3c does? I get not wanting the community split, but forcing players to play on Bnet when a better option is out there is not the answer.


They have very biased admin team, something Blizzard will never have.

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Yeah, there admins are biased, but the product is infinitely better.


It feels kinda like they just want to tick the box of restoring features. But it doesn’t really matter if they don’t work.

This could have been an oppertunity to really right wrongs to the community, but instead they’ve done the bare minimum, if you can even call it that.


Now i’m the first to say we shouldn’t really need W3C and it shouldn’t be expected of a new player to go hunt for mods to make the game more playable. But until they do make amends with the community properly, it needs to exist.

No, we SHOULDN’T need it, but the reality is we do need it.

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Agree. If Blizzard can do the same or better job than W3C community, I would prefer to go back. And people are getting used to using W3C, it will also take time.

Well despite claims of improving match processing, it still can’t handle the load after an update brings an influx of games played.

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Blizzard your patch sucks like every other one you made in the past years. Ok understand that. I get a minus -mmr in 2vs2 even though I won, it says victory but -minus mmr. You are making the game impossible to play, it feels like you are forcing people to not want to play anymore, ok no problem. Shut down the server please. You devs or I would say “dev” are a joke.


We really are going to continue with the non-adjustable columns with data spilling over from one to the next?

Sincerely, nice layout.
Now, maybe a test run of your numerous settings might be good QC practices.

Haha just tried campain after the update and it crashs to desktop every time….nice, worst then before

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how is it even possible that the MMR displayed on versus, leaderboard, and profile sections are all different from each other?

how can you release something so obviously broken YET AGAIN? such a gd joke honestly


oh boy :smiley: I guess this means that they finally fixed the issue where if you’re offline, then you will actually get an option to PLAY offline, instead of an error saying ‘cannot resolve issue’ and then being forced to turn your wifi on to then restart the game and make it idk be online for a minute to then just turn it offline again… also I guess that this means they fixed the campaign issue where the Blood elves just crashes on every single mission :smiley: AND I’m guessing that this means they’ve also fixed the constant update loop for the Blizzard client :smiley: AND I guess this means that they’ve fixed… hah, nothing. I guarantee nothing has changed at all. Let me go play for a while and find out.

Woo, I’m excited to hop on and play tomorrow!

win with -mmr stupid patch

Added Join-by-Name functionality

How about adding functionality to join game by friends list? Also old when a friend joined a game it would say the game name in chat which was also extremely helpful and functionality I miss, please return this also.

Also Oceanic servers when Blizzard?? You have the money and infrastructure.