Patch 1.34 is now Live

And here we go again. The most obvious and annoying bugs like the “chat defocus bug when someone joins the lobby” that appeared for the first time just recently (patch 1.33) are still existent in the new patch. There are dozens of bug reports about this and other bugs, you ignored them all.
What a disgrace.


Leaderboard still seems to be broken and is not equal to the rank displayed in the versus ranked screen. Cannot open my profile as well. Rest looks very nice. Ty


Hey can you please fix the mission crashes? I keep crashing in the first blood elf campaign mission as soon as i’ve played a bit on the isleand with the gold mine and i’ve tried everything that i can think of.

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Nothing about the stuff in 1.33 that killed maps with custom HD units?

Hi Rafa here,
Thank you for the patch.
May I suggest UI scaling for Windowed mode and fullscreen windowed mode, or a general UI scaling option for all modes. The UI is much too small in windowed mode. I know the UI will adjust depending on resolution, but it scales way way down in windowed mode.


Literally nothing in the interface works the way its suppose to

Did you all even test this patch? If so it was a very very very poor job. The bugs from last patch are not fixed either.

Will we ever get a new map pool rotated in?

UI Scaling would be appreciated, it’s a nice accessibility feature.


All I actually want are new maps😭

It’s been years!!

I actually tested the new patch with the PTS, it I only noticed (besides the awkward performance), the grunts can cut trees across the human wall.

Blizzard’s first priority should be fixing the campaign crashes, then adding back Custom Campaigns. Then, only then should they be focused on adding new stuff.

I cannot gain or lose stats in 3vs3, scoreboard after games still doesnt show, and alot of stuff still not working, for example mute funtion in 1vs1.

… but “thanks” anyway.

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Thanks, big thanks.

Thanks heaps for the update and good work lads! It’s time I do some rofl-stomping with my one-man clan :face_holding_back_tears:


wow it seems most of the promised features are now in the game

who would have thought that :melting_face:


can i say how important this is ? fonts are INCREDIBLY small under high resolutions. we need to be able to scale the UI, drag and stretch, ‘locked/docked’ preferences and bigger fonts.

lobbylinking would also be nice as well as a ‘Tab’ that shows the current games lobby if you are already in a lobby.


They cannot get the fundamentals right. I hate seeing my beloved game burn to the ground.


Blizzard: The game must be burned
WC3 fans: Isn’t that a bit much?

All account Records gone NICE 1

Funny thing is some people would pay for a stat reset. But that’s only when they actually want one. lol


well great. the clan bug is fixed. just 65,438 bugs left to go!

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