Oceanic Servers?

I checked some more and that’s the prices for incoming traffic. There are costs like 2 cents per gb for outgoing traffic in US and EU, 8 cents per gb for Australia and 7 cents per 10k https requests. So let’s suppose that’s one dollar per month per server, which is 6 dollars per month for 6 servers. Unless I’m missing something.

Downside is of course that Amazon doesn’t give a damn about your privacy, but for gaming that’s not that important.

Moot really. It’s all for something that Bliz doesn’t allow with their games.

That’s your last resort “comeback” after being legendarily wrong with server prices? I expected better of you, but in retrospect I wouldn’t know why.

Last resort? I mentioned it several times through out. I even said that I would humor your cloud service push despite it being something that can’t happen.

You then kept running with prices. But since you felt bold enough to point your finger about prices, let me chop you off at around the neck area. A typical round range of http requests are on the order of 20 to 200 per second.

Please, not more of you only seeing what supports you and ignoring that which doesn’t. Or even worse, anything that’s not overly obvious to you, doesn’t exist.

We will see if Actiblizz will ban all the major Western wc3 streamers on twitch from Bnet for playing on those custom servers, or otherwise shut the servers down and most probably shoot themselves in the foot (again) just because Westerners want to have features that Netease has.

We will see.

Make it USD100/month costs then. It’s already funded for a year.

Let’s hope the major streamers, especially those have been partnering with Bliz are smart enough to not bite the hand that feeds them.

Jebus, arcsaber.

  • Estimated average time to reach 10000 requests = 91sec.
  • Multiplied by the average length of a game (difficult to determine because some games will be very short others will be very long. But I’ll use 1200sec) = 131000 requests/game for one player.
  • To keep it simple, I’ll just use 1v1, thus doubled = 262000 requests/game
  • Multiplied by 6000 games a day (your number) = 1572000000 requests/day
  • Multiplied by $0.07 per 10000 requests = $11004/day

… plus all the games are have more than 2 players.

Now you see what kind of backing it takes to run a online game of this magnitude: The backing of a multi billion dollar corporation.

If one would know anything about twitch, it would be foolish to assume that streamers are dependent on games and not otherwise.

So those small pirate servers with, say, 300 matches a day pay USD500/day for their servers? Interesting…

Not sure what you mean, but if you are talking money, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about putting their partnerships in jeopardy.

Not sure how you’re drawing an equivalency there. I only used the numbers you provided from Amazon. Not to mention, who knows how pirate-anythings fund themselves, so they could paying that.

But again, your propensity to clutch to something that Bliz isn’t going to allow is for naught.

I’m talking about the dynamics of twitch and publishers giving money to streamers to play a specific game, not the other way around. Except for exceptionally good players in a specific game, twitch is about personalities streaming there. But apparently you know nothing about gaming.

How did you come up with the http request number for wc3? Those small pirate servers must cost several thousands of dollars per month with your http request logic. Please elaborate.

I just said I wasn’t talking about money. But true to form, you ignored it. And I never said anything about popularity, influencers, personalities, etc or anything about how Twitch runs their operation. But true to form, you pulled that out of thin air as an attempt to make another last ditch gibe.

True to form you ignored that which doesn’t support your position. I can’t be retyping everything over and over for you every time we talk. And like I JUST said, who knows how illicit/illegal entities fund themselves. But, I’ll humor you yet again, but not with spelling it out for you… again. Instead, a slight change to the numbers.

WC3 transmits 12 turns a second. That doesn’t include the other myriad of request types that are constantly going back and forth between clients and servers.

Adjusting the number of requests per game by factoring in 12 per second is still $605/day, a far cry from your $100/month. And again, so that you don’t forget, that’s only the turn requests. Adding in all the other traffic that goes back and forth increases that amount.

Well, you must excuse me if I have to ask for some sources, because even pirate servers are bound to an economical logic, and I don’t consider you trustworthy to just take your word for it.

If you’re going ask what a specific organization specifically does, sorry, but I’m not involved in anything like that. I have no idea.

As for generalities, for example, MMOs’ biggest issues are stolen accounts and stolen credit cards. Essentially scamming and hacking to steal money. And with video game piracy, cheating, etc being a multibillion dollar industry, it’s not inconceivable that $600 a day is doable.

As far as not trusting me, I’m not about to put my MVP status in jeopardy by lying and deceiving.

Okay so your numbers are worthless, because they’re pure speculation. Thanks for nothing.

I based my calculations on replay sizes. Maybe make use of your MVP status and ask someone how much traffic and/or cost a match of wc3 causes.

No you crazy person. The numbers were specifically for the Amazon numbers you gave me. The piracy number is a published figure in various anti-piracy reports out in the real world. And you missed all that… all of it.

You can’t stop yourself, even when called out for it multiple times.

How did you come up with the http request numbers for wc3? It is a simple question.

I so I have to type out it again for you. Par for the course, arcsaber, even when called out for it multiple times. Stop skipping everything that rebuts you.

It was an estimated average of requests per second between clients and hosts. But, since it was indeed an estimate, for you I redid the calculations based off a known number, the turn rate, to produce a low end number that still far more than your leisurely estimate.

You surely will have some form of sources for your claims, just as everything I said is possible to google? It is a technical matter after all, not a matter of opinion.

So is everything I said, and quite easily to boot.

None of it is clandestine or hard to find. But you couldn’t even take the time to find that out. Here’s the searches… on a platter for you. Lots of sources describing things in all sorts of detail. Tweaking the search terms bring up even more.

http requests per second

Piracy multibillion dollar industry

Warcraft 3 turn rate

You assume that the wc3 turnrate is transmitted via tcp/http whereas the udp protocol exists, which is predominantly used in gaming. We apparently have no information how much of the wc3 traffic is tcp and how much udp.

Http carries both.