Oceanic Servers


Will we be getting oceanic servers? I’ve read that Starcraft remastered doesn’t have them but I know SC2 does.


We need OCE servers, since the removal of bots we can’t play any games without having 300ms+… which just ruins it. Blizzard needs to add more servers in other regions.


our group of aus/nz and sg players cant play anymore either. a oceania server would be great otherwise were forced to leave.


Warcraft 3 should’ve had OCE servers a long time ago, but we desperately need OCE servers now during these dark times. If not, I fear this will be the end of AUS/NZ players


i am a bored aussie without any oce servers!


still fighting with 300 ping on ladder :smiley: but definitely hope these is an OCE server, show the US players how we can be equally good if not better when we are eventually down to equal ping


Ive been battling to play with 300+ ping since the bots were removed, ive always loved and played Warcraft 3 with many of my great friends and now we are all struggling to enjoy! We NEED OCE Servers!


we miss playing with our mates bliz :frowning:


Please Blizzard, don’t ball bag us. Give us some tender loving!


What will come first, Oceanic servers in BFA that don’t lag nightly or Pete Stilwell actually answering if we’ll have playable servers for WC3?


Imagine if they added servers in OCE and SA, my suicidal thoughts would be literally 0! Finally I will be able to complain about the game balance like everybody!