No spring sale for WC3...sad

id buy this game on sale. but im not dropping full price on this at this point. come on, Blizz. what gives.


The reason WC3 is excluded from all the sales is because they’re still offering no questions asked refunds on it, so it’s to prevent abuse.

It was recently suggested that Blizzard has a person/people on this project again (the original team was fired last year), and if that does come to fruition and an update comes down the pipeline, they might start featuring it in sales. Until then though, yeah

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oh thats really interesting! I did not know that they still offered refunds. do people buy it and play through it still, and then get a refund? yikes!

hopefully they update it and make all the needed changes.

thanks for the info!

It’s not on sale because Blizzard would prefer everyone forget this game ever existed.

It has nothing to do with the refund policy. CaptainJack is making up stories again.

One of the reasons why the game has no discount is because Warcraft III is still popular and because Blizzard still can easily sell it at full price. If you check the store’s home page, you can see that Warcraft III is in the “Trending Now” category. Even if Reforged is in a terrible situation, players are forced to buy it to play Classic multiplayer, so Blizzard took advantange of that.

The refund part seems to be true. There is no reason to put on sale something that you can play and refund anyway.

I’m not making up stories. You’re welcome to believe what you want but that doesn’t automatically make you right and everyone else wrong.

It is factual that they are applying a different refund policy specifically to WC3R. If it were as you said, there still wouldn’t be any reason not to include it in sales. If they wanted to simply forget it existed, they’d just pull it from sale entirely.

Although people certainly still play WC3, it’s not that popular and Activision sells far, far more popular games.

I am not denying there is a different refund policy for this game, I am denying that’s the reason it’s not on sale. You are just straight up making that up, unless you can show me where Blizz confirms that?

It’s not "making things up, it’s logical deduction. No, there is no official confirmation, I’m just saying it because it makes logical sense, as well as other people having made that point.

Nowhere did I say that I was 100% certain I was correct, or that I was stating a provable fact. I believe that it is the most probable reason, because it makes sense. They don’t want to encourage people to buy it only to end up refunding it, and if the price changes frequently because of sales, it could potentially be abusable.

The only thing I’m asserting as fact is the special refund policy.

Blizz hasn’t promoted this game in years, since shortly after launch. Why would they promote it now?

Your “logical deductions” continue to be nonsense

Because literally every other game on is on sale, even games like starcraft that are older than WC3 is. That’s why.
These sales aren’t about promoting any one single product, they’re to drive sales across the entire A-B catalog."
You opining that something is nonsense does not make it so.
Case in point-
Heroes of the Storm content is on sale in all of these events, and HOTS has been mostly forgotten/ignored for at least a couple years now. It’s definitely one of Blizzard’s least popular games aside from WC3. Yet its content is on sale. If your logic held true, it really shouldn’t be, because it’s not popular and they haven’t been promoting it at all for years now as well.

You are hopeless.

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Again, you having an opinion doesn’t make it fact.

The fact that you can’t even respond to the argument and just call people names proves you don’t have a point.

Answer the HOTS point, or stop posting. HOTS Is about as hot and popular as ice in a blizzard, much like WC3, and yet it is on sale. So why is WC3 not on sale when your logic is because it’s unpopular and they haven’t been promoting it? HOTS is unpopular and they haven’t been promoting it, but it’s on sale.

Logic dictates there must be a different reason.

Blizzard will not promote this game until they have a chance to finish it (which is possibly never going to happen). It is bad for their brand to sell the game in this state. They can’t completely pull the game because it’s already been released, so they just don’t promote it.

This is obvious to everyone, which is why I don’t feel the need to spell it out for the one person on the forum who doesn’t get it. Try and keep up Captain.

HOTS is “finished,” in so far as they’re not adding major new content to it and it has all the core features it will ever have. It’s on sale. So sorry, but I don’t buy that argument.

They don’t pull the plug on it because it’s already been released and has its small dedicated community that has given them money. Just like WC3.

If your point proves anything, it only proves the reason why the special refund policy is in place. But it’s that refund policy which is the reason why it’s not included in sales. Not its lack of popularity or unifnished state. Lots of unfinished games get promoted.

Really? I don’t see one person here that’s sharing your opinion on this. And few other people have chimed in. So your argument that I’m the only one who “doesn’t get it” is provably false, as you haven’t spoken to everyone on the forum nor has everyone on the forum commented on this thread. It’s mostly just me making logical arguments and you flaming me.


This person makes the exact opposite of your argument, that in fact the game is popular. Soooo, If I don’t “get it”, it sure doesn’t look like I’m the only one.

Check metacritic user reviews to see how popular it is with fans.

Did you like just start following this game or something?

You clearly didn’t read my post, because I’m not making that argument.

The point of that post was there is clearly greater than 1 other person here who doesn’t agree with you, where you’re trying to argue that I’m the only one in this entire forum who doesn’t. Their logic is different from mine (Again, I never claimed this game was popular), but also different from yours.

I think you should consult this article so you hopefully understand why your brand of arguing is not effective.

This seems like the most likely reason for this game never getting any sales.

Too bad there will always be new threads made by people who don’t frakking read the already-existing threads about this subject.

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