Night Elf Archer. Why?

So glad I resigned myself to not pre-order until after I saw the Night Elf Artwork and now that I have there’s no way I’m supporting reforged. What is this Archer? She’s way to covered up. A hood? Face mask? Did you even look at the Warcraft 3 Archer when you designed this?

And what’s with this stupid pink glow? It’s on her bowstring and her eyes. Seriously if this is the standard Archer unit then fix it. You said you weren’t making major changes to the core of the game and this is pretty major. Elune’s magic is white not pink. Night Elve’s eyes glow white. Not pink.

And if this is someone on the Dev team’s stupid OC then just delete her. I don’t even know her name and I can tell she’s going to be the worst thing to happen to Night Elves since War of Thorns if she is someone’s new insert character.

Edit: The male Druid also has pink eyes. How are you this bad at sticking to original concepts?


god man they look amazing stop cry over every god damn shiit. if u want original look play classic


All the other units look prefect updates and still retain there iconic look, but nelf archers, Nope guess not. screw nelves


I’m going to absolutely surprise everyone with a very unique stance that certainly won’t have people come after me with torches and pitchforks.

We don’t know definitively if that is the new Archer or not. Especially since it’s such a drastic difference in design from the original Warcraft 3 (where units have had similar or evolved elements) or anywhere else in Warcraft media as far as I know.

I still subscribe to the tinfoil hat theory that this is going to be the Archer unit:
Since on the playwarcraft3 page where you can pan through the race previews, underneath the “Four Powerful Races” header are the thumbnails of each race, and for each race they seem to be showing off the token/basic units. Footman, Grunt, Ghoul. So that trend leads me to personally believe the last one is the Archer.


I hope you are right, but till then I have to bring the torches, due to the chance that it is the archer


I’m trusting nothing until they either tell us this is their brand new cringe OC in which case still won’t buy it because that goes back on their “We’re not changing the lore.” stance. But it’s no surprise that Blizzard would lie to us.

And if it is the Archer then again I’m still not buying it.


I think they should be more faithful to the original. She should at least, look like the classic archer armor that some night elves use in war of the thorns. Because redesigning a whole race IS NOT nice. Please Blizzard fix it tyvm



You can dress like that in WOW’s current expansion, BFA.


That one is the one they should use.


That’s fair. Wouldn’t be the first to come at me over my point of view, so at least you’d have backup.

It’s such a drastic design difference that my brain just kind of leaps to “maybe this is another iteration at Shandris?” even though we’ve only ever seen most of her official appearances with blue hair. Not the white this bow-wielding character has.

The absolute craziest take I could have for who this hooded character is? Vashj. She has white hair and uses a bow even as a naga. Maybe it’s for a flashback. Who knows?


This post is retar*ed for many reason its not confirmde that is archer in first place so take tht GG

Compare to literally every other group art they have to advertise the other playable factions and tell me why I should believe this isn’t their final design for the Archer? All the other ones are 100% true to their Warcraft 3 origins except the Night Elves.

Should probably expect it though after War of Thorns and the Burning of Teldrassil. Blizzard has never taken Night Elf fans seriously.


That Archer does not look right at all. I don’t mind them giving her a bit more clothing, but that hood and that pink glow both need to go.

Who is this then? There’s only three bare-faced women in the Night Elf army. Archer (and by extension, Hippogryph Archer), Dryad (who doesn’t wear shoulder armour), and the Priestess of the Moon (who has a crown/circlet-type thing).


It can be done well, but they have preferred to do it wrong:

it can’t be, what relationship has the white hair with lady vash? She has black hair on naga form.


Doesn’t she have Snake as hair in Naga form?

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I’m glad you asked.

Granted it’s art from the TCG, so it’s to be taken with a grain of salt. Just like this hooded archer design.

Me thinking it could be Vashj solely for a flashback is also my absolutely-off-my-rocker-and-not-really-too-serious theory.

Well, it’s not even hair. It’s snakes. She’s a gorgon-inspired naga.


White hair… okay, it could be… But with those dresses I can’t imagine her as a lethal killer from a distance who covers her face with a mask, but who knows.

We are here to play :joy:

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I think at one point in the War of the Ancients novels she does absolutely try to murder Tyrande but I think it’s with a knife while Tyrande’s imprisoned in Zin-Aszhari. I think? It’s been more than a few years since I’ve read them.

Though some people have pointed out small details like how the embroidery on the hood matches up more with the Dark Ranger/Sylvanas. Though Shandris’ model came first in Reign of Chaos so I think that might still be the best speculation right now? Dunno. Communication from above would help.

You could’ve ended this statement a lot earlier, here let me fix it for you.