New PTR is Now Available -- Version 1.32.9 Patch Notes Here

still no ladder? profiles? clans?
Don’t care


If that last number (1.32.X) is the only thing that changes, don’t expect anything big like added features.

Unless I see the other numbers change, like 1.33, 1.4, etc, I’m not going to click it with any real expectations.


Another disapointing patch


Why are the old working functions like SetMapMusic do not work, if they did not changed the old engine? Did they optimise them and screwed up the code?

Give us back the 1gig classic game, K THX!


YES ! Our monthly troll is here !


If you mean 1.27b please go this way: Classic Warcraft III --- Official Installers - Official Patches
If you rather want 1.31.1 back please go this way: Bring back Patch 1.31. Now


Well considering that this is version 1.32.9, the patch after this has a good chance of being 1.33, unless they’re actually going to go the route of something like 1.32.91 or 1.32.9b. That would be kind of sad.

I’d expect there being 1 more bug fix patch before 1.33, after all they’ve been posting blog posts about every missing feature and they’re missing making a blog post about clans and custom campaigns (which could be 1 or two more blog posts, ideally one), they also said next few months so I’d say maybe november or december release?

There’s no reason to assume that Clans and Custom Campaigns will be added at at the same time as Ladder and Profiles. Most likely it will be after. So I don’t think it’s really relevant whether they mention them or not before 1.33, but they could mention them this month.

Also next few months could mean October since that was said in August. Maybe unlikely or hard to believe considering what we’ve seen so far, but that’s the earliest by those words. Or maybe they’ll just go to 1.33 without adding any big features.

there is 0 chance they do not add clans on 1.33, custom campaigns maybe not but honestly, I doubt they leave them there, after all it would generate even more months of people complaining about that still missing.

I honestly think that they just want to be done with the missing features so that they can start selling cosmetics for melee and such.

Also no, 1.33 isn’t gonna come “without any big features”.

If they’re going to add clans and custom campaigns at the same time as ladder and profiles, why did they not even mention or hint at them in the past blogs? They were supposedly going to give us a road map on important features. If they’re planning on releasing other big features at the same time, then that’s something important to mention or hint at for the next blog. Especially given how long they take to do things. But since they haven’t, they could be a ways off. Some people think clans and custom campaigns aren’t coming until December or 2021.

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because they have been mentioning 1 feature per blog post, hence why I said that there’s still 1 or 2 more blog posts remaining, and the update will come out in november or december

Guys are 3 months away. If so far we have nothing. Hopefully we will have the scale.
The other is clearly going to be for next year.

I doubt they will release a patch that is basically the entire Game. (Although who knows, maybe they send us all to shut up)

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I didn’t mean go into detail on multiple things per blog post, I meant something like mentioning at the end “In our next blog we will talk about Clans” or “We are planning on bringing back other big features at the same time which we will talk about in our upcoming blogs” so players know that more is to come sooner. If all the big missing features are being added in the next big patch, that is absolutely something that players should know quickly, not drip fed to them over the course of a few or several months. They can still blog about the details of each feature one at a time.

Also it’s unnecessary to wait until all the features are ready before releasing any of them. You’re just making people wait that much longer for features that you could have already released. Ladder and Profiles go hand in hand but Clans and Custom Campaigns don’t depend on the other features. It’d be better to release them whenever they’re ready.

The reason why they want to release everything together is to have a sort of soft relaunch of the game to bring back players who left on the buggy launch. You have to remember that after all more players = more people to buy cosmetics.


It makes sense what you say. But for now they are only going to launch the scale. and with that it is not a re-release.
You have to have everything they promised to keep interest at a minimum.

I’ve made more progress than this on pet projects that nobody is paying me for. Are you kidding me? Spending more than a week on implementing something as basic as !@#$ing player profiles is laughable.

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Yeah maybe they will release a new campaign in a DLC and update all the rest with it. Or maybe I am a clown hoping for better


That sound logic