New PTR is Now Available -- Version 1.32.6 Patch Notes Here

Thank you for testing Version 1.32.6 with us.

Please find the patch notes here in our PTR Discussion and Bug Report forum.


How nice it is to be able to read a rolling patch.

Hopefully one day she finishes fixing the game and we can discuss the valance in the Forum and not about everything that was taken from us.


such tiny changes. Bears need +4 damage back.

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I want to relay couple questions from one of my friends but definetly something many want to know aswell.

Is art design related work over for the time being? Can hope for some wider range overhaul?*

*(to something Reforged should be as depicted by recently uncovered portraits of rifleman, huntress myrmidon and crypt fiend done in original artstyle of Warcraft III)


Debo admitir que es lindo volver a ver notas del desarrollador, asĂ­ se los ve mas comprometidos con la comunidad.


Most of this is pretty good…But a few points:

  1. Taurens and Knights are still a horrible T3 melee unit…Especially compared to MG’s - which should probably receive a minor nerf.

  2. Spellbreakers and magic immune units should all be magic resist percentage and reduce the effect by a certain percentage instead…

  3. Aura-based items should disappear from the item drop list.

  4. Bladestorm was kept at 200 mana, instead of seeing a reduction

  5. No mention of changes to necromancers

  6. Some debuff durations of spells need to be reduced (slow / fairie fire both last way too long), along with increases in the cost of speed scroll and the cool down before it comes re-available.

  7. Coil and Nova are still too strong against too many races - don’t you dare compare bolt / holy light.

  8. The power of too many items as a reliance and a counter to abilities and heroes… Maybe its time to get rid of invulnerability potions ALL TOGETHER from loot tables and shops. Get rid of heal and protection scrolls. Reduce the benefit of boots of speed, but make them cheaper.

  9. Reduce DH’s mana burn effect, but increase the damage slightly from manaburn.


Now separately to the question i have my feedback that echoes majority of people i know in the community centered around Warcraft III and mainly side if custom games.

I would like to point out that Reforged is still wildly inferior to original Warcraft III in terms of features we have and in some regards useability of its interface(specificly menues).

Thats why i would urge entire classic team to focus all their efforts through next months on complete restoration of all features that original warcraft III had including Custom campaigns, save and loading including multiplayer and all other features present in original.

Aside of it menues should be completely redesigned to follow original layout and function which is also part of other thing i would wish for you to undertake as soon as possible including other issues - true classic setting that brings back original 3d backgrounds, menu graphics, loading screens and all other aspects to make it look identical to original.

My general directions would be to have it exacly the same way Starcraft Remastered where it uses pillarbox for classic while hd mode supports widescreen backdrops in menues.

As another thing relating to menues battlenet/multiplayer segment of the game should be separate action in the menues like in original game so it avoids all issue caused by startup logon(to which i was forced back into by being inactive for short period if time in main menu several times) Which also is another part of restorstion if classic functionality and true classic mode in the game.

From other things i would advice on making hd mode assets an optional download for people who dont have Reforged or do not wish to play in HD mode. This will cutdown on unnessesary download.
Original non english dubbing should also be possible to enable for all players without resorting to modding(especially for new more casual players who arent even aware of its existence)

Desyncs lack of crossrealm in custom games and various other instability issues with the game should be resolved as highest priority. It is very undermining for custom players from many more longwinded maps especially in roleplay community which often looses lots of time and due to lack of saves and loading cannot retry without loosing progress.

If there is some chance that there could be a major overhaul of art assets to follow original artstyle in next months or years i would urgue to pursue it. Warcraft deserves to have its artstyle embraced fully featured as the default just rifden or original limitations. New hidden icons prove that art team is capable of doing it properly. Current suite of assets should be relegated as optional graphics for Reforged.

All of the above things if carried out corrently would help regaining lost trust of players and bring some of them back into the game and allow Warcraft III to thrive in proper state it shouldve been by the launch.

Please consider this for sake of the game and our community which was terribly hurt by all this ordeal.


its 2020 why we still have to download the hole game again ??? cant u guys make it that we only patching the game we allready got by switching the server on the blizz client, if we switch back it patches back ?! comon be inovative once in 15years …


Because it’s 2020 and you should have faster internet where it only takes about 5-10 minutes to download the complete PTR…

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they will buff it gradually im sure

I have no idea why, but reading about the buffs or anything on the Pitlord makes me laugh lol

I’m liking the changes on the Crypt Lord! He’d be an exciting prospect for a 3rd hero!

I love how this is getting worked on! Patch updates are exciting from all games and always brings a smile to my face. Keep up the goodwork Devs! :us:


I don’t care about melee at all but some new variables in the Editor are welcome for me


Cuando una unidad sale, de la barraca o un hero del altar, el juego se congela y también la respuesta de la unidades al hacerle click es lento. fix the lag . saludos.

This is definitely the way to go, as long as Blizzard reads the feedback of players playing on the PTR . I like to see this!

As for the proposed changes - nerfing human and buffind undead does not seem the way to go… :frowning:

or they just have to add HP and stuff by the taurents and knights instead of downgrading the MG’s

Don’t make any major changes to balance (unless you build WC4)! WC3 has been balanced through 17 years and TFT was fairly well balanced.

I think that you should concentrate on:

  1. FIX bugs!
  2. Bring back missing FEATURES,
  3. Add new features - achievements etc.


  1. Bring back Classic experience (is it possible to launch game in Reign of Chaos mode in editor?)
  2. Bring back previous voices from 2002 edition! Player should have an option to select previous and current voices.
  3. Add one new unit to each fraction.

After these changes I will be MORE than happy! :slight_smile: And my favourite game will give much fun again. So please hear this opinion.



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Note, that this is optional and after 15 years from TFT expansion pack, Blizzard may give one unit especially for Reforged.

Whether it’s optional or not, how can you on one hand say don’t make any major balance changes and on the other say add an entire new unit to each faction, which it itself is a major balance change?

The game was balanced through many years and there were changes in many aspects. I just don’t want them to balance it again from scratch.

Just like in the Frozen Throne, Blizzard may introduce new unit, or upgrade which has no impact on the gameplay.

But really, this point is secondary and I don’t urge.

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