New PTR is Now Available -- Version 1.32.10 Patch Notes Here


Well now!

Some of these buffs to human are absurd. Msking towering expos the default again is going to make for many autowins by human. Making Siege Tanks OP again is also no fun. Priests are already the best caster there is no need to buff them. With the same logic Blademaster and Demon Hunter should get their agility nerfs reverted, which nobody wants to see.


There was no coronavirus back in 2018-2019… do you even sleep at night?


I only care for the campaign. I played when the game was released and after a few days all my progress was lost. Has this been fixed at all? I would actually like to start the game back up and finish it.


Eh, arguably it was a thing in late 2019.


you are right, maybe by “nature of the world” he means “abysmal low quality of what I see when I look around”… who knows…


So the Custom Campaigns aren’t gonna get (re)implemented, ever?

Has it been officially confirmed?


Question: was this patch ready before the previous team was dissolved and just released late, or is the new team already up to speed? Because the patch notes feel like who wrote them is awkwardly comfortable with previous iterations and intentions…


Wow…you guys still there? Thought you guys have gone for good. :rofl:


Thank you for not having abandoned this amazing game yet. As for the patch notes:
-Buffing human towers will make human tower expo’s too strong (and way too annoying) in my opinion.
-I would hate to see human players “lame” their way to victory again with siege tanks because of this change.
-I think nightelf mountain giants need to be nerfed. Perhaps change them to be able to taunt once instead of twice (which is absolutely ridiculous and anti-micro).
-I personally think beetles need to be nerfed a bit more. They’re still a real pain to fight again and feel too strong to me.
-I like the change to the items but I guess we’ll have to see how it will be on the PTR (oh no wait we won’t because nobody plays on the PTR ever because it takes up way too much GB to install - sorry just had to mention that).
-As an orc player it feels a bit bad to see 0 changes to orcs. For me personally it’s a struggle to keep my burrows alive vs human am + footie haras. Reinforced upgrade is at t2 and sometimes this is already too late for me + it takes a lot of lumber to research. Can it be an option to increase the base defense of burrows? They fall so fast…
-And finally as feedback I would like to add I regret not being able to use air units as much anymore, since they have never received any buffs, unlike a lot of ranged units that got buffed, making it even harder to play with air (from an orc pov).


Honestly my expection is so low I did not expect this.

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit they really are still working on it.
Huh, whelp guess I owe some people money now…

I’m an IT engineer I don’t like to be disrespectful but where are the CLANS AND THE
RANKED LADDER ??? It’s time to wake up !


Thanks for the patch, and welcome to the new Warcraft III support team, whoever you are that made this patch after I was told the team was fired! On the Warcraft III team, you will enjoy:

  • Unreasonably high praise from a small group of people no matter what changes you make
  • Tremendously negative responses from an unreasonably large group of people no matter what changes you make

I hope you can successfully take good care of our game and make great patches. Remember that in order to make balance patches, you will be spending a lot of time in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (“SLK”) files whose format you are not allowed to change/update without community complaints. And, in the meantime, the players have a World Editor that is quicker and better at making balance updates than what you can do in Excel, so no one will respect the work that you do maintaining our game since they could have done it faster themselves.

In general, welcome to Hell. Stay awhile and listen.


What the hell is this patch lmao

bunch of nonsense then they try to blame covid for lack of updates???

is covid somehow preventing blizzard from sitting in a office on a computer and working on this game ???


I must say I’m impressed. I did not expect any updates for this game ever. Even one as simple as this is better than nothing.

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That’s exactly the reason. People are not supposed to be near tobeach other…


Great news and good patch. Bye UD