New players dont understand all the hate

Well it’s not just me. Works fine on the hundreds of others in game chat. What you hear about is the loud select few(seeing the same posters in these threads pretty often) going around saying it’s broken. Maybe it is for some people, but it’s also working fine for a lot of people.

If he says it runs fine on his PC, he is a lier.

Let’s say you pre-ordered a new car and paid in full. You were given a date to pick it up, it was delayed but we’ll let that slide.

You go to pick up the new car, you try to start the car but it doesn’t start. While you’re at the dealer they also surprise you and take away your old car which you already bought from them a long time ago so you can’t drive that either.

You bought 2 cars and currently have 0 working cars, the new car was dead on arrival, and your old car is nowhere to be found.

What would you call that?

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And how have you determined that the reports are false? have you been at everyone’s home? Because no offence but this look like a pure white knight response.
Also I forgot to mention the ToS change that will most probably remove most of the custom maps that were what made some of us play WCIII after so many years. Not to mention the fact that now you cant even play WCIII if you don’t buy the remastered.

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Want me to take a video playing through the campaign lol? Yes I am lying… wtf would the point in me lying be? It would accomplish nothing.

Yes do it. At least 50% of the lists issues i just posted affect you aswell and you know that.

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Well that’s the problem. You’d be hard pressed to find ANYONE who was playing it for the graphics. It was the gameplay/custom maps hands down, no question. The thing is, people were very happily playing the game for longer than most overwatch players have been alive. Then out of the blue, those who were not even remotely interested in reforged were forced to update their game, and encounter COUNTLESS bugs and issues. And for what? Just so blizzard can ruin their reputation even more? Even THEY knew this was a plate of garbage. They barely marketed it, and basically just let the game slide out of their bowels on release.

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That’s irrelevant. It is impacting many people, including myself which is the only reason why I even came to the forums today.

I already responded and said maybe it is broken for some, but obviously not everyone. I also said in my first post or it’s somewhat rare. I am sure they will patch those errors and crashes some people are having. Just because a few hundred people are here complaining does not mean the other thousands are not in the game playing…

TLDR x___

You whiteknight sheeps make me sick, your the reason companys treat us like sht, because you swallow every sht, you take every slap in ur face and you will never ever speak up.

Hey Tai, this is a more personal story. maybe it provides some context to you.

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This mentality is disgusting. It’s not just a few hundred people. It’s a MAJORITY of people. You can look anywhere. Google WC3 reforged and you’ll find practically no one is happy with this. Check out the metacritic score, that was 800 reviews when I checked yesterday. Go to twitch, and watch people get mad at the insta defeat bug. And even if it was just a few hundred people, it’s still disgusting. The people who didn’t even ask for this were affected. You can’t break a game that’s been stable for at least 15 years, and expect people to just be okay with it.

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man you can’t be serious… it’s not a few hundred dude… they just realise a GAME NOT FINISHED which is not an ORIGINAL game and manage to make LESS FEATURE than the original one which dates back 18 years ! And THIS FOR 30€/$ or 40€/$. AT what moment you can said it’s “ok their’s just few bugs”…
i get kicked from online game 3 time on 10 games. and Five time i tag a game, the game never launch and i had to restart the game to reenter to the queu…

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ALL online modes or MMO’s suck at launch. Constant disconnects, etc. I have never seen one launch smoothly in over 20 years of my gaming experience(played a lot of MMO’s at launch). Give it a few days for another patch or two and it will get sorted. I have been playing SP and have not seen any issues so far.


I am not sure if it’s a majority or not, and neither are you. All I can see for sure is yes people are mad, and some are having actual issues, but I also see hundreds in game playing as well.

Anyways this is boring I am done with this thread. Back to my campaign :smiley:.

I cant play the game at all nothing works

Most people are complaining because they failed to adjust their settings to “High” and are seeing less then perfect graphics.

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NO man it’s not a launch problems. this bugs are on the beta since the beginning. it’s not a ****ing launch problem.
I already played a lot of games at launch and i can understand that serveurs can have trouble. but this isn’t. it’s just a bug and not a lag or serveurs problem…

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Im not defending blizzard, for a billion dollar company to under-deliver like this is pathetic, Im sure they could have done more but I guess its the lack of investment and old engine limitations (which is used because of ALL those “hardcore” fans crying about how bad the game is now) cus they wanted their trash-looking 17 years old game to stay the same…

im just saying, I played multiplayer in beta , sure it had problems and a lot, but there were rarely any lags and the gameplay was smooth, I remember ladder on classic was full of lags, they improved that (Have not tested it now, but I guess its the same or fixed abit.).

you can rarely see a good release those days, so give em some time and the game will be playable, my only worry is that they will update graphics and meanwhile Im experiencing the campaign with “less” polished graphics :frowning: , but im just enjoying it and I waited so long enough

obv they’ll improve this. but srsly you can’t say it’s ok. they release a game for 30€ that NOT FINISH…
it’s like I’m selling you a full price office furniture and tel you : ok you have the structure. in 4 mounth you’ll get the drawers and in 6 the finishes.

And it’s not only a solo game to do the campagne. it’s an online game focus on social interactions (clan & team matchs / tournaments). And their’s 0 features for that. Only an horrible general chat. 0 features for community and it’s so sad for an online game. Mostly when this features was on the original game.

And their’s no matchmaking, that mean it’s totally random. So new player can match with a guys who play since 10 years and get bash. i’m not an hardcore gamer who camp the ladder but i expect some balance in the matchmaking to make the games interesting for everyone. mostly in war3 who the difference in level is as marked.

They should just assum they didn’t finished it in time and say they need 4 more mounth to finish it…