Come down from your high horse of PRIDE, Blizzard

You have NO honor, no care and no respect Blizzard.

• The Culling Of Warcraft 3

Warcraft 3 over the past 18 years has been kept alive by its community, with the help of Host bots such as ENT and MMH. a niche community with its own audience, passionate, small in number but extremely loyal and dedicated. for the longest of times Blizzard completely abandoned this game to ROT.

Sites like The Hive Workshop standing strong, as thousands of content makers, from Model designers, to Icon artists, terrain makers and map creators. while homes such as Back2Warcraft tries as hard as possible to keep the dedicated Pro Melee playerbase active. i can go on and on with soo many examples.

We were starting to get new features such as reconnect thanks to ENT, advanced commands in every hosted custom game.

Enter Blizzards project with Warcraft 3 Reforged.
Patch 1.29 Base launches with countless amount of issues and problems, fixes need to be made, broken things and bug reports start piling up.
Patch 1.29.2 stabilizes the game again, things go back to normal for a while, but it came with a cost.

Blizzard killed ENT and MMH. The outright massive ENT community rises in revolt of Blizzards actions, where am i here ? oh… i’m Defending Blizzard and how they finally brought in Dedicated servers. and the ability to filter custom games. for the longest of time the regions of Warcraft 3 were all merged, all custom games across the board that’s hosted could be seen by everyone from everywhere.
I defended blizzards massive connection issues, claiming they would fix it eventually and that they would not make the same mistake again.

Patch 1.30 base hits live, same cycle, an utter disaster at launch, it was such a big disaster that even in the now gone 1.31.1 patch it wasn’t completely fixed. massive desync issues. broken custom maps, you name it. Where am i ? Still defending Blizzard. the situation was fixed with patch 1.30.4 and beyond. Editor issues were still coming, bug reports still flowing but the state of the game was okay.

Reforged was announced, with golden promises of crosscompatibility and crossplayability, massive campaign overhauls, redoing of ingame cutscenes, new models and art slowly unveiled from the shadows.
Where was i ? not defending blizzard anymore, any active and dedicated custom map maker could see right through the crap of Blizzard back in 2018. the difference was, we still had high hopes that Blizzard would fix and attend to most issues, our concerns and complaints were always treated with waves of Its just a beta guys CHILL. people like me knew that what we saw in the 2018 Demo was just bad, and even for the sake of getting money and being on the good side of their Pro melee players, that Blizzard would not make what was shown a reality at final release, and right we were, we raised our concerns on how a more traditional remaster in terms of visuals and art would have been overwhelmingly better compared to over the top busy and high poly models. but everyone praised them for something that didn’t fit in a Real, Time, Strategy, Game. :slight_smile:

Over the time a new wave of people started emerging, a new form of complaint as a large group of people started creating threads that the content promised and showed in the 2018 Demo, aka the new ingame cutscenes and wow voiceovers alongside massive terrain and landscape redesigns on top of the newly designed UI were all getting scrapped.

Where was i ? well, Blizzard didn’t really care for people like me, or the existing classic community at large, but for their own shortcomings, they used us as an excuse to cut back on all of those. and people like me defended them in this instance saying that the classic story was fine, the 2018 cutscenes were not good for wc3, we didn’t need new voices, old UI is better. how fool was i to think Blizzard changed their plans not because what our outcry was, but because of their own shortcomings and loss for time.

During a big part of Reforged development they spent needless time on downgrading the 2018 graphics too look saturated as hell when they knew the core problem was the over the top models. they did very minor changes with models. the entire format of Reforged art was entirely different from traditional warcraft art, aka Stylish Cartoony that got blizzard big in the first place and made everyone love them, VS over the top realistic models trying to look like a movie. while being a video game.

I’ll only mention this once despite it being critical, but Blizzards complete lack of proper communication was felt across the board. only tech related issues were slightly addressed.

Enter the Reforged Beta, i’ll not spend too much time here but it was give or less very mixed reactions from the people at large as they hotfixed several issues that was completely unacceptable.

Its worth to point out the dedicated people who spent time reporting bugs from the World Editor, some were fixed and addressed, others left abandoned.

Warcraft 3 Reforged officially released today, and with the massive backlash of its current state and the huuuuuuuuge amount of existing issues. and unveiling of several things that everyone expected but didn’t come to pass, i now write my final statement agaisn’t Reforged.

Blizzard, Warcraft 3 was a small dedicated hardcore loyal fanbase of a game you made 18 years ago. a game we the community kept alive, PeteStillwell up on the stage in 2018 spoke highly about giving BACK to the community what we gave back to them over these years.

Its worth to mention, and i kid you not, i know amazing community members that are terrain designers, that would have done an astronomically better job then Blizzard, in redesigning good looking terrain for their Campaigns, a lot of people like to talk about how terrain looks worse then in 2018 demo in terms of graphics, but next to no one mentions the actual crafting and layout of the terrains were just UNTOUCHED in the MAJORITY if the campaign missions while STILL charging consumers for 30-40$ of false advertising and SCAM.

Its also worth to mention how they ruined a year and half of Balancing the melee and are only now trying to fix things BACK to how they were, to even begin to move forward, so a restart of balancing. sorry you paid 30$ to wait for them to balance moving forward. because their previous attempts were bad.

But finally, what did we get back in return ?
You took away our clan system
You took away advanced filtering option menu in custom games lobby and only left a search bar.
You brought back region locking
You took away our LAN
You took away our old animated portraits for winning ladder
You took away the custom campaign button
You took away the old background and menus for people who didn’t own Reforged. nor did care to have the new ones.
You broke how Classic Wc3 looks, alongside sound issues.
You created map crashing problems with using imported models and spell effects that worked perfectly fine before.

You are intentionally ruining the glory of Classic Wc3 TFT to sale your Reforged for money, based upon lies, you made Warcraft 3 classic models made by the community that worked for all these years to have problems and issues and you made them look worse so that you sale your broken product.

You intentionally try to sell Classic as an inferior product, i saw the Scourge of Lordearons first mission and how the footman gathered behind uther and played their victory animation, why was this not transitioned to Classic hmm ? Classic footman have their own victory animation. why not play that hmmmm ?hmmmm blizzard ??? hmmmmmmmm ?

You have no soul anymore, servants of activision.
you are nameless.

go back to the shadows of your glorious past, and give us back what you took away without a single moment of thought of its value.

stop treating Warcraft 3 classic with utter disrespect, stop ruining the legacy of what the community built for themselves after you abandoned them. stop … harassing us.

I am tired of hearing you trying to fix things, you’ve been fixing things since early 2018, i am tired of hearing you trying to fix things. its been too long. 2 years has passed, and i’m still here as more people keep saying they’re going to fix it. i’m disappointed for the utter lack of care and quality control. my limit for waiting for you to FIX THINGS has elapsed.


seconded :confused: It feels like I just got diagnosed something terrible and then someone came laughed at me and spit on me

Just spent the last 2 and a half months working on a project and now I don’t even want to anymore, with the current state of the game.


i can honestly only agree.


I feel the same, Just give back classic game and leave us alone. Nothing to add here.


Remember to blame Activision for this. Not Blizzard.


Really sorry to read how this went down from the eyes of someone that played the original WC3 during the development of Reforged.

I can only say that I’m extremely disappointed by them not delivering a proper ladder with profiles, seasons and tournaments. Things like a reconnect functionality would have been the cherry on top but a proper ladder is the bare minimum I expect from a RTS game.
For me RTS is THE competitive game category. I’m really really disappointed about their immense lack of judgement on this part, especially after the failed launch of Starcraft: Remastered.

Edit: One more thing - I don’t expect anything to be fixed or added now. Starcraft:Remastered is still a hot mess and nothing worth mentioning has been done to revitalize it after the failed launch.


Activision IS Blizzard. They are one and the same.


Activision and Blizzard are literally the same company, that argument works for Bungie maybe but not here.


Wrong. They merged but their departments are still seperate to a degree. Activision is notorious for being a for-profit company. Do your research before spouting nonsense lol. Activision-Blizzard is a parent company.

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To make things extra confusing Activision and Blizzard are both subsidiaries of Activision-Blizzard, the parent company. People can’t even blame Activision because they aren’t part of the decision making either.

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just give us back the damn tft client,

let us play caterparty,

and leave us alone.

you had your chance with this great community, which enabled you to gather those billions of $ from WoW. and you blew it.



I agree, wc3 is one of the games that made e sports popular, created the genre we know as MOBAS today and now we have nothing to show for it. just give us back the old game we loved for over a decade and leave wc3 alone.


I’m having the same feelings my man, its like a sickness. its like the feeling when your dedication is rewarded with a 10 feet steel stick being very kindly emailed up your very respectful backside.


Where was i ? well, Blizzard didn’t really care for people like me, or the existing classic community at large, but for their own shortcomings, they used us as an excuse to cut back on all of those. and people like me defended them in this instance saying that the classic story was fine, the 2018 cutscenes were not good for wc3, we didn’t need new voices, old UI is better. how fool was i to think Blizzard changed their plans not because what our outcry was, but because of their own shortcomings and loss for time.

Why are you even complaining then? The bugs will be patched out eventually. I’d understood if you were unhappy on release due to the false advertisement and scrapped content promises. But you had it coming. Man you sound like a schizo.

eso no se hace blizzard, devuelte el juego

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Not True.

The parent company is “Activision-blizzard” and the only reason that name is like that is because of the way the acquisition of blizzard from vivendi occured.

Blizzard entertainment is a subsidiary. They are the same company but only in the sense that one controls the other. Blizzard entertainment is just the developers, producers and such. Activision-blizzard are the executives. The paper pushers, the ones that are sucking he last ebbs of life out of blizzard entertainment.

I am not making excuses for this colossal failure that is reforged however the distinction is important and its important to not generalise and appropriate blame accordingly. Witch hunts are never good.

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Embodied in Blizzard employees like Ion Hazzikostas, the mob lawyer with the fecal-consuming grin.

Let’s not delude ourselves: It’s Activision people in the higher echelons of Blizzard now. The founders are long gone, because what they created no longer exists. It’s not Blizzard anymore.


great thx to this now i cant acces the classic audio, i am spanish and the new voices are trash and now my only option to hear again the arthas i know is youtube gg bllizard

No honor because they took away their game from you, nice joke.

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If you get this reference. its how i’m feeling :C

Where is the horse and the rider?
Where is the horn that was blowing?
They have passed like rain on the mountains,
like wind in the meadow.
The days have gone down in the West,
Behind the hills… into Shadow.
How did it come to this?

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