New players dont understand all the hate

Seriously, ingame chat they talk about the campaign experience and custom games, Im not saying the game is perfect, and I understand a lot of people have fps and bugs (I don’t, game runs great)

the cutscenes are actually refreshing, sure its not the culling (and I never expected ALL the cutscenes to be as the culling, maybe only the major ones) but there are some changes and improvements , the models looks great and even better zoomed in

the cons are mostly the lightning and shadows, in the demo and trailer it looked better, and some more the justify “reforged” maybe some new dialogs here and there and some mission updates
I understand the hardcore players want solid multiplayer with ladder, but they said it will not come on release, I also want the old-style menu with chats and I think they will bring something like this soon

but basically what were you expecting? the reason I didn’t play this game was the outdated graphics, and now I got it so just be happy with what we got, yeah the bugs will be fixed im sure, and we will all have Warcraft 3 with updated graphics and not old ones who looks like sh!t , so chill down, this game does not deserve 1.1 on Metacritic , and im not defending blizzard here, their lack of communication and under-provide for such a rich company is disgusting and they deserve all the negativity


Yeah i literally haven’t been able to get past the launch screen or play the game at all.

In addition the old game which I bought is unplayable as well.

They literally stole my money, didn’t release a game I can play, and took away a game that I had previously paid for and can no longer play.

I’m a life long warcraft III fan, this was my favorite game.

It 100% deserves the hate, Blizzard ducked up my favorite game as badly as I’ve seen any game launch.

Like literally, i can’t open the game past “An error occurred in handling the request”

You want a 10/10 for that?


just stop responding to the white knight/positive vibes only/feels before reals posts so they get buried.


To maintain access to the WC3 that I’ve been playing since 2002.


They didn’t even give us the same Culling cut-scene as they showed at Blizzcon… That’s false advertising dude…


If it does not deserves 1.1 metacritic, what would you rate it?

Cuz nothing in the game works properly right now, literally nothing.

I remember having bough Tribes 2 on PC in 2002… but wait, the game is not longer existing and the server have been shutdown several years ago. They stole my money ??

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I think you only read what you wanted to read. OhHetItsJim said they can’t play the CURRENT game either.

Weird… because I can play the game just fine…


Tribes 2 was strictly a multi-player platform, and the game can still be played through third party servers. The relevance between that and what’s happened with WC3 classic is none existent.

Yes, but you aren’t one of the thousands who are having the same problem as OhHeyItsJim. I’m able to play the game too, but that doesn’t take away the fact that there’s a huge chunk of the consumers who for some odd reason can’t even access the game because Activision Blizzard didn’t quality assurance check their game before release.

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Ok I’ll let you talk alone with your fellow one. Have fun crying everywhere like it gonna change something. Me, I’ gonna go enjoy the game while you’re crying and need a diaper change.

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These are the real posts, and real peoeple that are real players. I am enjoying the game as well OP. It’s to bad others are so shallow and can’t see past jumping on the latest hate bandwagon. It’s all to common these days with tons of games getting review bombed for stupid non-issues.

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couldnt’t agree more.

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Let me give you a response from the outside view, from someone who has yet to buy the game and who played WCIII for most of his childhood.
Blizzard promised people a REMASTER of WCIII, not a new game, which mainly means a reskin and some updates in terms of UI.
And they more or less failed along everything. There are reports of game braking bugs, shown content not existing, graphics being half a**ed and so forth.
The main reason why people are pissed it because they promised one thing and delivered another. While there are always bugs at launch of most new games they shouldn’t be game braking, they should be minor, as they did have an alpha and a beta release where most if not all of the major bugs should be fixed.

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Again, reading what you only wanna read. Head out your ___, neighbour. Ciao.

Those reports are either false, or they are somewhat rare. The game runs fine on my PC. I have played about half the campaign now and a few custom games without any errors or graphical glitches.

Here is my constructive critique on why i rated this game 0/10

  • No more LAN
  • No more Clans
  • No more offline AI games
  • No more cross chat with D2 players
  • No more cross-region play (NA playing with EU)
  • no /ignore function
  • profanity filter does not work and when it does it crashes ur game, example:
  • No more /commands
  • Removed friend list
  • Removed custom game filter
  • No mmr system
  • classic graphic options do look worse than the original (shadows look worse, some spelleffects are missing or look worse, example: rejuvenation)
  • some models are misisng entirely in new reforged graphics, example:
  • No keybinds menu
  • Removed dryad “i’m so wasted” line and other iconic voiceovers which do not fit SJW policy
  • Cut cutscenes
  • FPS, performance and optimization is bad, even on high end machines
  • Cut english voice acting
  • New foreign dubs which are inferior and compulsory, cannot be changed back, new german voicelines sound especially dumb
  • Cut story content
  • Replays safe function dates the replays in no particular order and the dating is wrong
  • Arthas vs Illidan cutscene looks like a cheap youtube SFM
  • Chat is so broken it cant even autoscroll it self
  • Old client is gone even if you don’t own reforged, your forced into this mess
  • Custom maps now have a report button so blizzard can ban maps like revenge of the [REDACTED], anime arena and caterparty (the creator of which was already banned)
  • 50% of custom games are GONE cuz of new Blizzard ToS
  • all intellectual rights on custommaps now belong to Blizzard
  • And to top it off, it seems as if the Lead Designer is on massive damage control on twitter.
  • Keybinds non existant in replays, cant even edit a dirty .txt file for that
  • microtstuttering in multiplayer, even on high end machines
  • AMD users cant play the game at all for 3 months now and not answered in technical support forums
  • campaign does not work in classic graphics, it auto defeats you on certain mission, example: X__
  • no more safe function in custom games, so certain games are not playable anymore like “Burning Crusade - Raids” or in general all custom games which required you to safe your progress
  • after a certain time it auto kicks you from custom games for no reason, example:
  • no communication at all, 1 blizzard employee named Kaivax for the entire worldwide community
  • random disconects, high ping, servers stability is awfull
  • no leaver penalty
  • unlocking collection portraits is broken, example:
  • no marketing at all
  • all the community third party software does not work anymore
  • bugs and stuff reported in Beta over ~3 month still in the game
  • 30FPS animations in a uncapped FPS game
  • no new UI which was advertised
  • no new content and cutscenes which were advertised
  • outsourced development to Malaysian Studio, game art (models, animations, etc.) is not even made by Blizzard: X___
    and theyre trying to hide this information:
  • radio silence about all this since beta started, 2 days into launch and
  • community manager still ignoring us completly
  • “damage control” bans on forums and twitter for posts like this.

We had a perfectly fine working wc3 for the past 17 years.
They scrapped it. Its gone.
Now every single aspect of the game is broken.


Assuming people are lying because you’re blinded by fanboyism, or are personally unaffected by the problem, isn’t helpful. I was one of the 5 people that Windows ME worked fine for, but that didn’t stop it from being a buggy unoptimised mess for the vast majority of users and if I swarmed the feedback forums calling everyone with problems a liar then I’d have added almost as little to the conversation as you have so far.

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“Runs fine on my PC.” Is not “Runs fine on everyone’s PCs.” Head out your ___, neighbour.

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