New DLC continuing the campaign after Illidan-Arthas battle

I’d love to see them make a campaign out of varian wrynns adventures as lo’gosh. but more than that i would love to see them finish the base game within the timeframe they set out when they let us pre-purchase.


If it is DLC, it needs new models. Otherwise it can be just made in map editor without much effort.

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WoW IS a spin-off. Don‘t know why you try to be sarcastic here.

I think this is an awesome idea!! :slight_smile:


You have custom campaigns and maps in tousands on Hiveworkshop that deal with WoW stories or inbetween stories. Stop asking for “official” things and just start browsing what community has made, you have exacly that in several dosen variations. Just go to the Hiveworkshop website and see for yourself, tousands of models made for Warcraft III, and on it and Epicwar hundreds of tousands of maps, hundreds of campaigns, tools. We dont need blizzard, we didnt need them for so many years, seriously just look around those. They are very often very professionaly made and even have dubbing.


Hum…in the bubble i was put, people treat WoW as some type of holiness.
Good to know of that.

As far as they add campaign missions, which are not related to WoW (trash) lore, i am up for it… and would p(l)ay it even if it costed 100$.
I do play WoW for over 13 years, and i still do, but the WoW lore is beyond trash.
And i strongly believe RTS and MMORPG lore should not be connected nor similar.

Because ruining some characters only because you need players something to loot from, is beyond disrespecting anyone playing this apart from multiplayer.

So if they ever decide for that (which i am 100% sure won’t happen in Reforged, but rather WC4 when they make it) i honestly hope they don’t just blindly make same lore on RTS, since i am not sure who would be dumb enough to play same thing twice.
(Especially when that thing makes 0 sense).

do not confuse fanboys with a55lickers

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This could be a great opportunity for the further development of the game - additional campaigns for events both subsequent and previous. If the “fans” of the game were not so violently opposed to the WoW lore and all that happened to the universe after the release of TFT. And so we are likely to get a game that in six months or a year will be completely forgotten or interesting due to custom maps. And championships, maybe.


(10 minimum char trash site)

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The game is not dead now nor will it be in 6 months.
If you think an RTS game with way better lore than stupid WoW’s needs WoW’s trash lore to stay on life you are wrong.

People who care about lore would rather be in status quo until they decide to make WC4, rather than have this WoW nonsense.
And yes i am WoW player and i say this, so don’t start with: oh if you played wow you would get it.

I am perfectly aware of that lore, and i am perfectly aware of the mutilation they did with certain characters as well, only to make the game more attractive and drop loot.

So i don’t need trash lore which will follow WoW lore, to keep wc3 alive, multiplayer base will keep playing it as it is playing now, and it will rise on full release, even though it’s preety mechanicely difficult game.

So don’t come up here to wc3 forums to talk about how awesome that WoW trash is, you have plenty of forums and threads there to do so.



Blizzard will not simultaneously develop two universes of Warcraft. They have enough problems and with one, just look at what is happening with WoW. There are more than enough strange and absurd plot twists, retcons, fitting the universe plot to gameplay, etc. But at the moment this is the canon of the universe, which includes Warcraft 3. And it will be very naive to believe that Blizzard will create story DLCs or new campaigns for Reforged, the events of which will contradict the events of WoW and books released after Warcraft 3. The game will live of course. Thanks to multiplayer and custom maps. But there will be no plot development. There will be no new stories and events.

to be fair WoW was decent until Cataclysm. It went a bit downhill at MoP and then the lore just got straight up butchered in WoD. Then there comes the massive retcons in Legion; and BFA is a trainwreck.

But still, I think the MMO part could be just adjusted into RTS where in my headcanon, the players are just representations of the actual characters, and then the “raids” or whatevers could be the said characters leading bases or dungeon crawls to the enemies and/or their bases

I’d like to know what example you have in mind

It just keeps going on and on, WoW retconned the Chronicles, WoW retconned Wolfheart, A Good War retconned Before the Storm, WoW retconned Day of the Dragon, Warcraft 3 retconned Warcraft 2, and people still treat the latter as some holy grail of perfect lore; I’m sure the “alternate post-WC3” universe will be fine. Besides, even WoW players are already getting fed of the WoW retcons a breath of fresh air would be so nice.

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I don’t want DLCs. I have already paid 30$ but it seems everything not ready for release. I hope they release as perfect…:disappointed:

Since you want WC3R to be perfect, let us pool all the inconsistencies in the Classic WC3 to be fixed in Reforged:

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You paid 30$ for Warcraft 3 with better grafic and you shall have it.

So you want a new universe or an alternative universe of Warcraft.oh look at that blizz in wow made it clear there are multiple alterative universe. So yeah you can have it but you must accept that is from the WoW lore.

I understand you don’t like the WoW lore neither i like the retcons but is blizzard that decide what is canon and what is not.

Warcraft 3 or for made it clear the old campaign is not canon at 100%. Reforged was a good thing to put the WoW lore into it for made more clear the passage from Wc3 to WoW. The model are from WoW lore, some location will be taken from WoW lore. So you know you should not buy reforged because you will still have something of WoW lore.

For now reforged is Warcraft 3 with reskin taken from WoW lore. So if you don’t like it because is related to WoW lore, ask for a refund.

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I’d like to believe in it. I totally dislike what is happening in WoW, starting with the discharge of Quel’Thas during the Burning Crusade events and ending with the “invasion” of the Legion and the “fourth war”. And I would very much like to see a different development of events that occurred, for example, with Quel’Thas and Lady Vaish after the defeat of Illidan. But do you really believe that Blizzard will launch another, parallel, Warcraft universe, independent of the existing one? This is not just a retcon. I really want to, but I do not believe in it. Not from the current Blizzard, inventing anyhow for the sake of a new addition and reducing the Legion’s invasion to several islands because of the gameplay.

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Perhaps? Maybe not exactly independent but maybe some slight differences and/or lore expansions like why Kael’thas suddenly allied with the Burning Legion, and why the Val’kyr can suddenly raise Night Elves.

It would also be nice to turn the “raids” into base games like a Death Knight campaign where the main character is Darion Mograine builds a Scourge base to destroy Tyr’s Hand, and the last chapter would be building an Argent Crusade base with Horde and Alliance allied bases against Arthas and his Scourge.

As for the Warfronts, maybe make it into another one of their official custom games

As for Legion, maybe we’d have two separate campaigns for Horde + Nightborne against Gul’dan, and Alliance + Army of the Light against Argus’ forces (and please Blizzard move the stupid Vault of the Wardens, the Dream Grove, and the Highmountain somewhere else, but keep Suramar there)

As for WC3R, maybe Blizzard should add a DLC Bonus Campaign showing the effects of the Night Elves losing their immortality and them getting pressured heavily by the Warsong Clan’s continued Harvest Commands in Ashenvale which made them join the Alliance (but please Blizzard re-retcon them back into male Druids and female Sentinels/Wardens or maybe keep male Sentinels a super minority like the suddenly inserted Jarod). The final chapter would be some stupid truce with the Horde to join forces against Ahn’Qiraj

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You should make a topic about it. Maybe blizzard will listen to you.

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Tell it to anasterian and the other map with WoW geografy.


At least I’m not the one that is gloating from scrap content.