My game is gone?

so i used to own warcraft 3 before the reforged deal and played it after the reforge… now i boot up to find out my game is just gone?

i don’t have the purchase mail in my email anymore…
so is my game really gone? like i PAID for this game now because of blizzard can’t keep there server straight its gone?


You can download WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Thron downloaders Here. You can get your CD keys from your Games and Subscriptions page at the bottom under classic games section Here. If you want to play the classic game offline, that is how you can still do it. If you want to play the standard version of Warcraft III: Reforge, connect to, and the client should update to Reforge with SD graphics only.

Thank you.

thank you for the assistance it is much appreciated

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You need to check your notes. All of the links on that page simply launch or install the app and install the latest version of the game (i.e. Reforged). To install the original versions, users need to source an original installer either from the discs or elsewhere on the internet, as battle net no longer appears to be hosting the classic installers.

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Thanks for that. I’m sorry for the confusion. The past links can be found in this thread Here.

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Well I stand partially corrected then. while not easy to find, they are indeed still hosted on

I can see the CD keys in my account, but trying to install it through Battle.Net shows I do not own the game. Why is this?

this looks like a common issue. here is how it is: if you own the old version but not reforged, will not let you install. if however the game is installed already, it will work. you can find an installer for it online and then use that. you can download it through your profile. then it should work through once it is installed. keep in mind however that you will not be able to use the reforged graphics until you buy reforged.

There’s a workaround for this:

  1. Log out of
  2. At the login screen , click the gear icon to the right and below the logo. Select “Continue without logging in”
  3. you can now install games regardless of ownership. Install the game, then log in again. You should be able to play.

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