Mouse lag fix?

Mouse pointer is lagging and skipping around, any advice?

enable reduce mouse lag in options

I had to bypass my dock for video.
Since Low fps after patch 1.36 I have had to play on my laptop (macos) where I was using a dock. Hope this helps

that’s pretty dubious- “since (link to a thread) i have to play on a worse version of the game that some people can’t get to work at all”

the mac version has more problems than the windows version.

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War3 does have reduce mouse lag option but it did not help in my scenario. If you’re using a dock bypass it(at least for video).
Also, validate Hz is as expected in monitor settings. If it is not as expected this points to an issue unrelated to the game.
Good Luck!

What do you mean by dock bypass? I’m on macos too and stuck with VSync on, even though I have it off, it always gives fps of 120 on my 120Hz macbook pro display and 144FPS on my 144Hz external display, it’s a noticable lag

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The OS is overriding the game’s settings, you’ll have to find the relevant settings in the operating system to address this.

But vsync really shouldn’t be causing any meaningful input lag in the first place. Are you sure you’re not just actually lagging, as in, your ping is unusually high? Obviously if you have network lag that will also delay your inputs.

My lag is unrelated to the ping, I’m doing local network and campaign tests, there is something horribly wrong in the MacOS version of the game, there is an input lag, I can’t explain how, but you cannot use mouse and keyboard at the same time, suppose that you press down the “d” until you have money for DK, while holding down the “d” or any other keyboard button that affects the game, the mouse goes to 10FPS while the game is stuck at 120FPS

when holding or pressing any key on the keyboard, mouse freezes, as if the have a single channel input and the constant signal from the keyboard keypress is filling 99% of the bandwidth of the input to the game, leaving 1% for the mouse, so there is a huge huge huge mouse lag, when the keyboard key is released, mouse is 120FPS

the problem here is, I’m not a custom maps player or etc, I’m an active meele ladder player who uses control groups a lot and switch a lot between them, so I need both keypress and mouse movement at the same time, but cant have it happen

about the VSync, I have it off in game, nothing seems to happen, also the Reduce Mouse Lag option does nothing too, I have tried Metal and OpenGL, no difference at all

the menu is like 5-10FPS on a decent 16GB RAM and M2 Pro (12C, 19GC) Macbook Pro of 2023, What trash is this thing

The strange thing is, I have Windows 11 in parallels with WC3 installed on it, My menu in that parallels is 120 Solid FPS running virtually, and my game FPS is capped at the game cap of 300FPS ignoring the VSync, but the native mac game is giving me 120FPS capped in game and 10FPS in menu

but the mouse and keyboard lag is still the same in the parallels win 11 too, running at 300 FPS but the mouse is like 10FPS when holding down a key or pressing a key

Disregard CaptainJack he adds a lot of noise to these forums.
I agree with your point of view,

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At present, this issue can only be fixed by rolling back version 1.35

It is well established that JaFrostscard is a troll, so if anyone should be ignored, it’s him, since he’s also making defamatory comments about others.

At present, this issue can only be fixed by rolling back version 1.35

You don’t fix issues by rolling back patches, you make new patches that fix the issues.

This user literally came out of nowehere after a long absence just to bump every discussion remotely related to framerates and to troll and disparage me at the same time.

Docking station or hub. If you have something between your computer and monitor bypass it for video.

Also, I had to move to Windowed Fullscreen instead of Fullscreen.

should always use windowed fullscreen anyway, there is essentially zero benefit to exclusive fullscreen on modern operating systems. It literally just makes the game hide if you switch apps.

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