More than 1650 people want to get what Blizzard promised to the fans!

They were never gonna add much maybe a new mission for Sylvanas and Jaina (why?), most of what they scrapped were retcons to current missions.

Why would you want them to redo the voice lines? What’s wrong with the old ones? Its not like graphics where there’s been clear advancements in tech. Plus they’d only replace the voice actors with WoW ones, have you heard Arthas’ WoW voice?

They were never going to redo all the cinematics in CGI just the intro one. The rest were going to be redone in-engine. I’m kind of glad they’ve scrapped them based on how much they screwed up the Purging of Stratholme. No rain, no Arthas standing on a hill looking down on Uther, they completely ruined the atmosphere.

Can you verify all of those people actually have access to the beta?..

You don’t find it strange out of 1,700 people who supposedly purchased the game, there’s only like 10 people on the beta forum voicing their concerns about the graphics?

Of all those people so concerned about the game they signed a petition, less than 1% of them thought it would be a good idea to actually go to the one place where this stuff is actually being discussed?



What got classic working was someone at Blizz finding a cost effective solution to port back the game using more modern infrastructure. If not for that, Classic would continue to be dead in the water.

It was never an issue of wanting to do it or not. Its a matter of business. Same reason why WC4 hasn’t been made. Not a lack of demand or developer passion, but a matter of business.

Not in my name.

I like a lot of the new voices.
Sure some are horrible but most are fine.

Expanded campaign worth more than anything to fan since it cost nothing… even 3rd party can make great campaign this days… BUT WE WANT YOUR PROMISE ! personally, I careless about the voice and UI since we can custom that later with 3rd party… major wanted is EXPANDED CAMPAIGN !


Bring the promised content even if that needs get a long time to come, but please come with that!

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Get more time to the game bring the content!

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Most of the people that only care about the campaign and its extension (like me) are silent readers and don’t participate in all the rants on this forum.

Remember how old this game is and its original players. I’m way too slow to enjoy playing competitively now and I don’t have enough time to “get gud” again anyway.

I’m going to enjoy the campaign and with it the 100% achievement stuff. Probably the occasional custom game too.

The suits at Blizzard forget that the old gamers have deep pockets and are willing to pay more to fuel the nostalgia. Hell I’d pay 100$ now just to get what was promised.
On the other hand stubbornness comes with age. I’m really pissed about the cuts and I already thought about refunding but I won’t. I just won’t preorder their products anymore or buy anything without a discount, if at all.

I’d rather buy some Microsoft games now because those guys do everything right at the moment. Who would have thought!


Reforged with improviments to Campaign is essentialy for the game history! Please don’t scrap things and do the promised things! :hearts:

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Yes, please do more details to the campaign! Keep with the Reforged Cutscenes style! Please don’t scrap that! Keep the already made Reforged Cutscenes and the content already made for the campaign! Please!

All this made sense a few months ago. They won’t delay the release for the second time, the date was named and a map was drawn with the release time of the game in every place on the planet.

Just all humble yourself. Not always everything develops as you want.
I myself waited terribly and was disappointed that they were in such a hurry to finish everything and left the concept of Reforged and go to Reskin. There will be no global changes in the campaign, there will be no cinematic cutscenes, still no radically new functionality for the map editor (I hope that in the future there will be), while no tools from the developers themselves for convenient editing of models, mb in future.
Nevertheless, this is the return of Warcraft 3, will be support for the game and support for the map editor. A lot of cool things can wait for us ahead. It takes only patience and understanding.

Please bring the promised content! Even if needs really more time to do it, but do! Please!

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Hope they choose the Early Access format

So many games still updating in the Early Access format!

Where are the gorgeous graphics from the 2018 demo? Where are the Reforged Cutscenes from the 2018 demo? Where are the 4hours of Reforged Cutscenes? Where are the New UI?


its too late

See, I’m a purist, but I wouldn’t have cared if Reforged alone were changed. That’s why I didn’t buy it after all.

But to see that they haven’t followed through with any of their promises at all is very disappointing.

This belong here. 1400 is a number too I guess.