More than 1650 people want to get what Blizzard promised to the fans!

Blizzard stop ignoring us. Almost 1700 people want everything that was promised (Expanded campaign, new voice lines, new UI, modern zoom level and better graphics). Blizzard if you listen to feedback provide a game that you promised to us! Delay the game if it necessary. Its better to wait for a good game rather then release unfinished alpha build. Here it the link to the petition:


1700 wow, big number


Totally agree.
Why are you being like this blizzard?
Open your eyes already!


1700 is a very low number but the majority of people don’t even come to the forums. They will never see that petition.
Personally i would be ok with them adding more optional campaign after release, even if I have to pay…


I just hate blizz using Purists as a shield for breaking their own promises


Lol is this a joke ? 1700 people ? Haha.


That’s quite a lot of signatures considering the sampling size.

“But petitions don’t work!”

Mhmm, sure they don’t, sweaty… cough Classic WoW cough.


1700 signatures is nothing really…Dont expect Blizzard to do anything based on that petition. WoW Classic servers was entirely different matter (and much larger audience/demand).

Once Reforged is released at the end of this year (or at the start of 2020), dont except them to do much anything about the game afterwards except some minor improvements in MP side and possibly any bug fixing. Just being realistic here, Blizzard’s main focus is still building new games rather than investing too much time or resources in these old ones.


Hello to WC4 :stuck_out_tongue:


In the Name of Russia, Germany, … : You dont want new Voice Lines, trust me.


Good news, you’re getting what was promised: a game called “Warcraft 3 Reforged.”

That’s literally all they promised at BlizzCon; the details of what that entailed were always subject to change. Welcome to the perils of announcing a game while it’s still in development.


thats a very small number


They never promised an expanded campaign.

Most players don’t want new voice lines either, or even had a problem with old UI(and they did give us this, and it’s terrible)

People just want the game to not look like absolutely crap as it does now

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Fixed that for you.

I support this, but keep in mind that they don’t care

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Is this the right poll to protest against the 300 hours of promised CGI Hollywood level cinematics that have been scrapped? The only reason I wanted to buy this masterful single player game. Disappointing.

he pulled it out of his diapers.

I think blizzard need put DX12 for multi thread like WoW and in the near future Ray tracing for lightning.

More than ten thousand people currently play W3. :expressionless: And that’s just classic.
Imagine how small that 1,700 number really is. :expressionless:

new voice lines? what’s wrong with you? you sound like a baby