MMR Changes

As part of our ongoing work on Warcraft III: Reforged, we’ve just made an update to our matchmaking system. There is now a wider band between the lowest value and the highest tracked values. This allows for player skill to be more accurately represented, especially for very high skill players. With this change, a 5000 matchmaking rating (MMR) should now represent a player who is rated higher than 50% of all players.

Additionally, in the Free for All system, each player’s MMR will now be updated based on their placement in the game. Players in first and second will typically gain matchmaking rating while third and fourth will lose rating. However, the players in second and third will receive notably smaller MMR changes than first and fourth, and it is possible for second place to lose MMR or third place to gain MMR depending on the disparity of MMR between players in the game. This change should help increase matchmaking accuracy for Free for All games.

As this was a change to our internal systems, there will not be a patch for players to download. The update was automatic.

Thank you.


What is the max mmr now?


can u be any more vague? What about AT? does it finally have MMR?

Also i just disconnected again. Can you tell the janitor that works on this game to implement the same feature that was in the 2002 version? Where’s theres that 30 second window to reconnect


Ummmm what? lol

It’s cool to get an update on matchmaking, but I feel like this change is not targeted at the majority of players. Sounds like this is mostly just for Grubby or other pros. Could be wrong but that’s my interpretation.

FFA change might be nice though.

yeah waste of time considering these 5000mmr players are going to stick with pads ladder. Only ppl that play are people that are not good enough for pads ladder… Also competitive players like to play games with low ping. Pads ladder provides that, BNET doesnt…

also thats terrible news for ffa players. Turtling and hiding buildings will be the new go-to strat once u lose a single battle


what an absolute joke


This better affect 2v2 AT…


I c. So 5000 means you’re decent? Looks like I got alot of winning to do

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Great - so there’s an update to the mysterious MMR when there are no player profiles and no ladder. Can you please add the content back in the game that was in place for 18 years?


holy CRAP I got 5000 MMR :d


Thank you for paying attention to FFA. We have a thriving scene and the WC3 FFA gametype is one of the longest lasting, richest strategic experiences in video gaming. I’ve been playing it since 2006 and have been Rank 1 many times. That being said, can you please bring back anonymous matchmaking to FFA?

That was a key ingredient that created fair games, and now players will immediately team up vs a player they recognize or who beat them before, and the quality of games has gone down significantly. Anonymous matchmaking FFA is considered the holy grail of the FFA gametype!

Also, we hope that this change to MMR will not affect search times significantly. Back in the days, high level FFA players had to wait up to 10-12 hours to find a single game. It’s so refreshing that with Reforged, we can find games instantaneously!


@Kaivax can you explain, or point me to a previous explanation, on how 2v2 RT MMR works? I understand each game mode has their own MMR, and each race has their own MMR inside each game mode.

I understand that you start at 1500MMR, or at least used to, and I understand that Pad’s w3booster profiles may not be 100% accurate. But with roughly 61% win percentage and over 100 games, how is my Human 2v2 RT MMR sitting around 1290?

w3booster profile:

After playing more than 250 games with an average win percentage of 62%, I’m lost trying to figure out how my Human MMR for 2v2 RT is sub 1300, and my Night Elf MMR for 2v2 RT is sub 1350.

Not only that, the quality of the games is absolutely atrocious. I can go into one game where all players in the game are very decent and it is a good game, then on to the next where 1, 2, or 3 of the players in the game look like they have never played an RTS before, let alone WC3. I understand some people might troll RT, and you may get some new players starting at 1500MMR that could be matched. But to have zero consistency from game to game makes absolutely zero sense.

I know no one from Blizzard is likely to read this message, let alone reply to it, so I’m not sure why I’m bothering to type any of this out, but this is absolutely ridiculous that it has been over two months since ‘release’, and we don’t have any meaningful patches or updates on progress from the team other than a tweak to the FFA MMR system


nice, thankyou!

Yeah you guys this rocks! Also Blizzard wittingly/unwittingly gave away official positions and power- scaling of rankings in MMR now. In theorem of a calculation, if you reside in 5000 and over, you’re better than 50% of the population. If you reach 7500 MMR, you’ve become better than 75%, and if you achieve 9000-10’000 MMR, that’s when I’ll be able to vs the likes of Grubby, Moon and Happy :d. they’re gunna get clapped

This calls for a celebration. I’m gonna go get some coke and doritoes and bunker down for the day and absorb alot of MMR and tears. In all seriousness though, we do need our own servers or better severs aka :australia:Oceanic servers :australia:. Alot of us like to take this MMR business pretty seriously.

GJ Devs/Director! :tornado:

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Keep up the great work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the update, Kaivax!

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Hi @Kaivax, thanks for addressing FFA as well as solo. A common issue in FFA is that in longer games people drop (desync) from the games quite frequently. Will your team do anything to address that? It is very demoralizing to be in a long FFA only to dropped from it before the end.


I can’t tell if this an April Fool’s joke or not.


It’s real, check ur MMR bank account.

Well now I will be able to face one-handed at my level.
Is there any place where I can tell you your MMR level?